Writing Tips: Coming Up with Valuable Writing Ideas

by AlexandriaIngham

Are you struggling to come up with writing ideas? In this article, I share my own writing tips to create ideas regularly to help your writing income.

When writing on Wizzley and similar websites, you constantly need to come up with new ideas and topics to write about. For some, this is the easiest job in the world. They never run out of ideas and can create three or four pieces per day to have published quickly. For others, the process of coming up with writing ideas is slow. They need writing tips to help them do it quicker so they can make money online.

I have created these writing tips based on experience. I personally struggled when I started writing for revenue share in 2010. Trying to find new topics that were going to help me make money was difficult. Since then, I’ve been able to create almost 40 Wizzles, over 100 bubbles of Bubblews and over 50 hubs on HubPages, plus many of my own blog posts on various websites. Here are my tips for coming up with new and refreshing writing ideas.

Write About Something You Love

I never focus on a topic that is going to make me money. Yes, I would love to make thousands from this form of writing but if I make a little doing something that I love then I’ll find it rewarding. Finding topics about something you enjoy makes it much easier to come up with new ideas. You won’t stare at a blank screen ever again.

It also makes your writing much more interesting. Readers will see that you’re passionate about the topic and they’ll enjoy your posts more. You’ll tell a story with your words, which makes it much more valuable and you will become an authority on the topic. People will want to know what you’re going to say next and will keep an eye out for your posts.

Find the Answers to Your Questions

Do you have questions about things? Maybe you want to know more about search engine optimisation or you’re looking into the best type of loan. Once you gather all your information, you can use it to create your own post and write the content in a way that would help you and others in a similar situation to you.

You do need to be careful with this though as it can become spammy. You also need to make sure you research all the statistics and facts that you are including. You don’t want to lead someone in the wrong direction. I always include a line about it being for informational purposes and not advice because I’m not trained in the subject. It’s just the information I’ve found after searching lots of different sources.

Include all the sources you use at the bottom. This will allow your readers to go back and look at the information you pulled. It means your readers can check the sources for themselves—they may read it in another way or need it for another purpose.

Split a Big Topic Into Pieces

You don’t want a post to be too long. Depending on the subject, any more than around 1000 words and people will start to get bored. The only time I write over 1000 words is when I’m writing about history or where I can break up content easily so readers don't feel like they are reading a lot. As you get longer, it’s better to split your pieces into separate posts and make them easier for your reader.

This is a create way with coming up with more posts. You will soon find that one of your writing ideas turns into two, three and maybe four.

Think About What People Need to Know

When you’re writing about a topic you love or know a lot about, think about the types of things that people want to know. What did you need to know when starting out? What do you need to learn now, even as an expert? These are all things that people are searching for on the internet and may not have a place to go. You can become that person to turn to.

This should be really easy to do. After all, you are using your own information. However, some people find it hard to take a step back and go to the beginning of their training. Spend some time looking through old notes or take a look through books for beginners to remember where you were before.

It is also worth taking a look on forums. What types of questions do people ask the most? Is there a post about that somewhere else online and, if so, can you do something better? Create ideas based around the questions that others have in forums. You will find a lot of people are grateful for your efforts.

Use a Travel Journal to Help with Writing Ideas

Look at What Others Are Writing About

Do a Google search or check out books within your niche. What are people currently writing about? No; this is not about copying! This writing tip is all about getting the writing ideas! You want to do what others do but much better. You just need to look at the titles to get an idea and tell the story in your own words.

For example, there are many people writing about the execution of Anne Boleyn but I’ve written about it here and on HubPages. My aim is to tell the story the way that I see. I want to look at it from all sides. Was she guilty? Maybe. Did Thomas Cromwell have a lot to do with the conviction? Of course! Would she have been found guilty in a court of law today? Definitely not! I take all the information I’ve learnt elsewhere and create my own pieces and add my own thoughts and believes that are completely different to others out there!

Keep a Notebook for Your Writing Ideas

I used to never go anywhere without a notebook and pen. Now I have my phone and Evernote. Always have a notebook with you so you can make a note of all your writing ideas; even keep one beside your bed! You never know when an idea will strike and your brain won’t remember it forever. You will be lucky if your brain remembers it a few minutes later.

It is also worth creating a mind map for  your ideas. This works similarly to your brain. As you come up with ideas around a topic, you can branch out further with the map and see where different niches can join together. You will soon find that coming up with writing ideas isn’t the problem but doing something with them all becomes a pain!

Finally, Do Your Keyword Research

Keyword research is the last of my writing tips for creating ideas for topics. Do keyword research into a niche that you want to write on and then look at the list of words that come up. Some can be very vague but others will give you the ability to create specific topics and the writing ideas will flow.

For example, I was looking for keyword phrases to do with Anne Boleyn. A few came up such as Anne Boleyn execution and Anne Boleyn downfall. Ideas started to flow about ways that I could use those keyword phrases in my content and they weren’t the typical ideas of writing about the execution and stages in the downfall. It’s amazing how the brain works when you just take three or four word phrases.

Good luck with coming up with your writing ideas. With the tips above you’ll find that it is much easier than you believed in the past. Get into a habit of writing daily and you’ll soon find all the writing ideas flow.

Updated: 08/06/2013, AlexandriaIngham
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KathleenDuffy on 10/13/2013

Thanks for these valuable tips!

ologsinquito on 08/06/2013

Great article. These are all excellent ideas.

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