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by nickupton

Welcome to the biggest collection of t-shirts featuring the Jedi Master Yoda on the internet.

Want to be a Jedi do you? Well, I cannot promise to train you in the ways of "The Force" but I can present this collection of Yoda t-shirts so that you can spend the summer wearing your favorite Jedi Master on your chest.

I have been a fan of Star Wars since seeing the first movie in the late 1970s as a child, with my parents. On seeing the second movie I was an instant fan of Yoda, the funny little green Jedi Master who speaks in a strange way. Like many adult fans of the movies, when Yoda returned in the prequel trilogy I was excited to see him engaged in light saber battles.

This page collects together the many Yoda shirts that I have been able to find on the internet. I had fun looking at them all and I hope that you do to and perhaps you may find the t-shirt you have been looking for.

Yoda Makes His First Appearance In The Empire Strikes Back

Train You I Will - Yoda T-Shirt

The image on this shirt is based on the version of Yoda seen in the video clip above. This is old-school Yoda and it creates a retro style t-shirt. This is my top choice of Yoda shirts.

This t-shirt features a picture of the puppet Yoda from Episodes V and VI and has one of the character's earliest quotes, "train you I will" and it also contains a joke, referencing the fact that Luke Skywalker becomes a Jedi, capable of defeating Darth Vader, after the viewer witnessing just three lessons.

This shirt features Yoda but is also fairly low-key, suiting older Star Wars fans who do not want to wear bright, showy t-shirts but still love Yoda.

Puppet Yoda Photo Shirt

Here is another t-shirt featuring Yoda from the original trilogy. To me this looks like a scene from "The Return of the Jedi" but if you disagree let me know in the comments section at the end.

This black t-shirt is decorated with  photograph of Yoda from one of the Star Wars movies. For those people who prefer the puppet Yoda to the CGI version will enjoy wearing this shirt.

As Yoda is a character that is popular across a wide range of ages, this shirt is available in sizes from small to XX large to fit all sizes and ages of fans.

Trust Me A Jedi I Am T Shirt

Another shirt featuring a classic Yoda using his stick for support. This illustration is based on an image from the movies he appears in.

A green t-shirt is, perhaps, fitting considering the color of the character's skin. This another old-school style shirt which older Star Wars fans will probably enjoy wearing and as well as featuring the Jedi Master himself, it has a caption which is displayed in the manner that Yoda speaks - "Trust Me, A Jedi I Am".

There are aonly a few of these left and they are only available in small sizes.

Little Rebel T-Shirt

A classic, puppet Yoda, t-shirt but this time it is for kids. I think the image is from the movie "Phantom Menace"

Adults who loved the Star Wars movies when they were young may want to dress their babies in a Yoda t-shirt to start them off at the youngest age! If you wanted a puppet Yoda image for your child this is the answer as most of the shirts on this page that are in toddler sizes feature the CGI version of the character.

This comes in three sizes to fit children of 12, 18 and 24 months.

Is Yoda Your Favorite Jedi?

Yoda Gets Scary In Empire Strikes Back

I can remember being quite disturbed as a child when watching this scene and as Yoda was a new character I was a little confused as to whether he was good or evil; I guess that is exactly what George Lucas intended.

The Yoda puppet was the cutting edge of creating monsters and aliens for movies at the time and many people still prefer this Yoda to the one created by computers.

Yoda was a highlight of the Empire Strikes Back and fans of the movie saw an ancient Jedi and not a stupid puppet and this scene was probably very influential in that.

This Yoda shirt features a three quarter face of the Jedi Master, featuring one of his more thoughtful and creepy expressions. Using a partial view of the character makes this quite a stylish shirt and the addition of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker engaged in a light saber battle makes this cool for Jedi fans.

This t-shirt is available in three different sizes.

This shirt, with the caption "Yoda-Man" on it, features a creepy style Yoda, from the early movies, wandering through the swamps of the Degobah system. The colors of Yoda's skin, clothing and stick are all captured authentically too.

For those people who like wearing brightly-colored t-shirts this is a nice option, with this pale yellow shirt.

Here is another t-shirt with a creepy looking illustration of Jedi Master Yoda on the front. Fittingly, for the character, it is on a green background and in fact it uses part of the same illustration as the t-shirt above. Actually, I am not sure I like this picture, I don't remember Yoda having quite such long locks of hair or looking this sinister. My guess is that this is from some early artwork when the character was being developed.

Learn A Little More About Jedi Master Yoda

Yoda - The Wookiepedia entry for the Jedi Master, including a huge biography and information on his appearances in movies.

Learn To Talk Like Yoda - To speak like Yoda this fun webpage will help you. Just type in your text and converted into Yoda-speak it will be. 

Yoda, Size Matters Not - The official Star Wars website's page on the character; information, photos and video clips.

LEGO Yoda - The Brickpedia entry on this Jedi. Includes information on all the LEGO sets the Yoda mini figure is included in.

The CGI Version Of Yoda In The Movies

A puppet version of Yoda was used in the movies "The Empire Strikes Back", "The Return of the Jedi" and for most of "The Phantom Menace". However, at the end of "Phantom Menace" the CGI version of the Jedi Master appears for the first time and in the subsequent movies "The Attack of the Clones" and "Revenge of the Sith" this is what is used to portray this characters.

The puppets were great but the CGI version is very well done and allowed the creators of the movies to give us scenes like the one below.


Yey, Yoda in action! The picture on the front of this t-shirt shows us that moment many Star Wars fans were excited to see; Yoda engaged in a light saber fight. The Star Wars logo helps to make up a nice graphic on this black shirt and as a bonus there is Darth Vader looming in the background too.

This image shows us the best of the CGI version of our favorite Jedi, something that fans thought they would never see back in the 1980s.

The picture of Yoda on this shirt seems to be from the movie "Revenge of the Sith" when the character is engaged in a fight with Darth Sidious. The word "justice" is included as this is one of the things that Yoda and the Jedis stand for, although it is not in keeping with their ideals to promote themselves like this :)

 This t-shirt is currently available in four sizes.

Well, if you wanted to see your favorite Jedi in action then this is the t-shirt for you. The illustration on this black t-shirt is of Yoda wielding his light saber and all the shadowed images in the background give the impression of movement. Not only that, but this picture glows in the dark!

Youngsters who like Star Wars are going to find this novelty t-shirt fun to wear - it is available in two sizes.

Yoda - The Clone Wars Version

In the video clip below you can see a trailer for "The Clone Wars" animated series in which stars the animated version of Yoda that appears in this series.

Many Star Wars fans are not keen on this version of Yoda but he does have one great advantage over the puppet version; this one can be involved in exciting light saber battles.

Although some people may think that this series should never have happened, it is in fact rather good, and exactly the sort of thing that the original movies were - exciting, good stories, cool heroes, evil villains and most of the episodes contain a moral tale and are ideal viewing for families.

This is my pick of the Clone Wars Yoda t-shirts that are available. I like the subtle color scheme with the images of Yoda blended into each other with, of course, his name and the Star Wars logo included in the design. The image of Yoda wielding his light saber, which is the main feature, is really cool.

This t-shirt is available in six sizes to fit youngsters.

The image on this shirt is really cool and young fans of the Clone Wars will love it. Yoda leads an army of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and a Clone Trooper and the colors of the Jedi's light sabers really stand out on this black background.

You can choose from four different sizes for young Star Wars fans with this shirt.

Another Clone Wars Yoda shirt for youngsters - are the adults jealous? A light saber wielding Yoda is pictured with a determined look in his eyes. A caption is included, "Epic Are My Jedi Skills" which is a fun example of Yoda-speak for the young wearer of this shirt.

Currently this one is only available in two youth sizes which probably means that stocks are low.

This is another children's t-shirt featuring the Clone Wars style Yoda. On this shirt the Jedi Master is using "The Force" to move something with one hand while holding his green light saber in the other, demonstrating that this version of the character is formidable warrior.

Available in two sizes for youngsters the graphic also displays two planets and a spacecraft as well as "The Clone Wars" title.

If you have your own little Jedi who needs something to wear then here it is; "Jedi in Training" t-shirt with a little, mini Yoda and light saber for decoration. This shirt comes in two sizes for toddlers who will look cute wearing this green Star Wars t-shirt.

Remember, don't wait until they are too old before you start training them to be a Jedi!


When I was a youngster I loved playing with LEGO but unluckily for me Star Wars LEGO was only available in a galaxy far far away.

Kids these days are luckier with a whole range of Star Wars characters available as LEGO mini figures and the Yoda figure is one of the most frequently occurring in sets, reflecting his popularity and importance in the story.

So popular is the LEGO version of this character that he now even has his own series of short animations, collected together in the "Yoda Chronicles". You can see the trailer for this series below and most (if not all)  of the episodes can be found on Youtube.

The following t-shirts all feature graphics with Yoda in his LEGO incarnation. All of these t-shirts are available in children's sizes only which seems rather unfair on us adults who still love LEGO and Star Wars.

This is my favorite of the Yoda LEGO t-shirts. The graphic of the Jedi Master mini figure is really cool with him at the ready with his light saber. The design in the background is really nice too as it adds to the color scheme and, of course, the LEGO logo is included too.

Boys who love playing with Star wars LEGO are going to love this t-shirt.

Choose from three sizes for young children with this Star Wars LEGO shirt. Yoda is the lead character displayed on the front with R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in the background, recreating one of the scenes from "The Empire Strikes Back".

Little boys will love wearing this shirt which also has both the Star Wars and LEGO logos on it.

Which Version Of Jedi Master Yoda Do You Prefer?

Yoda's Quotes

Yoda is well-known and loved for the unusual way that he speaks and for the wise things he says. Quotes such as  “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.” are what Star Wars fans love Yoda for as well as the mysterious and sometimes dark way he delivers them.

Fortunately for fans there are some t-shirts which carry some of these Yoda quotes.

This shirt is available in five different colors and the graphic consists of just simple text. However, the quote from Yoda that is featured on this is one of his most famous and protracted, beginning with "Fear is the path to the dark side" and continuing from there. You can read the full quote on the products page just by selecting the t-shirt image on the left.

This is an amusing option for those fans that do not actually want a picture on their t-shirt.

This is one of my favorite quotes from Yoda, "Do, or do not. There is no try." It is quite a good philosophy for life but on this t-shirt it is a bit of fun that all Star Wars fans will understand if they see you wearing it.

The good news is that this shirt is available in no less than nine different colors (although perhaps green is most appropriate) and a variety of sizes.

This shirt is sized for youngsters only and carries another of Yoda's famous quotes which begins "Judge me by my size do you?" and is presented in the fashion of the memorable opening credits of all the Star Wars movies.

For small fans of Jedis this quote is an appropriate one to wear on a t-shirt.

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