The 10 (Cat) Commandements

by Sam

The ten commandments as given by cats to their owners. Obey or be scratched!

If you take your Christian or Jewish faith deadly seriously, please leave now.

If you have a sense of humor and consider laughter a gift God has given us, continue reading.

If you are somewhere in between, use common sense to make a decision ;-)

1. I am the cat and you are my human. You shall have no other animals beside me.

2. You shall make no photos of me that make me look stupid and especially don't post them online for everybody to see.

3. You shall not call me if you don't have a treat for me.

4. You shall not disturb my sleep and allow me to sleep wherever I want, that includes your bed, your wardrobe – or the toilet.

5. Honor and remember all the cats you have ever met.

6. You shall not mistreat, abandon or neglect me, but you shall allow me to die when my time has come. Do not prolong my life -and suffering- artificially just to save yourself the pain of saying Good-Bye.

7. You shall not put anybody above me, nor human, nor other animals and especially not a dog.

8. You shall not hide my toys or treats. Keep the fridge always open and play with me often.

9. You shall never blame me. Not for things I would never do, nor for things I might have done and surely not for things I have done.

10. You shall not show envy if I like other humans also.

Keep these commandments and I shall live in the house of you, my slave, forever and ever. Remember for thousands of years cats have been venerated as gods – and I have not forgotten it! Signed, Your cat Bastet

PS Click images for larger versions and to read the captions with more ease ;-)

What do you mean by 'we are getting a dog soon???
What do you mean by 'we are getting a...
Yes, it's comfy! Thanks for asking!
Yes, it's comfy! Thanks for asking!
It's called 'feline yoga'!
It's called 'feline yoga'!
Indoor cat, chases what is available!
Indoor cat, chases what is available!

A Cats Prayer ;-)

Share your cats favorite commandment!

Does your cat agree with these selection? Would he or she like to add something? What is your opinion? Feel free to share your favorite cat moment or story in a comment, here is mine:

"You shall not laugh about me!"

One day, our cat at the time, that was a 100% indoor cat, had 'caught' something and carried it in her mouth to us. Turned out it was a piece of fur she had found in the sewing basket ... We laughed so hard and couldn't stop giggling. Unfortunately the cat was quite offended and never touched that particular piece of fur again - cats really don't like when you laugh about them!

What's your story?

Some more serious cat articles by me ;-)

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My parents always used to say that I was born with the word “Why?” on my lips. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do cats purr?” And now it is “Why is milk suddenly bad for cats?”
Updated: 07/02/2012, Sam
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Sam on 07/01/2013

Lol, I know a cat like that! Every time he gets a tummy tickle he is so much in heaven, that he falls of the couch! SY

Wournos on 06/24/2013

Oh the lives of slaves. I'm one too. ;)
My current cat has no control over his body, which makes him fall from the armrest of the sofa into the sofa when cuddled. But he seems to have no sense of feeling embarrassed about it - or anything else for that matter. He just stares at me wondering what just happened.

Sam on 07/06/2012

Sounds like a good idea to me ;-) Oscar, our cat, has been barfed for a long time, now he is to old and lazy and we are back to quality cat food! Thanks for your kind words, my native language is German, but being married to a Brit has improved my English considerably ;-) SY

ChrisHugh on 07/06/2012

Haha, cute. My cats approve. What is your native language? I wouldn't have guessed it wasn't English. I feel like writing a set of Cat Commandments now too. I'll want to take on the barf issue, which looms large in our household.

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