10 More Ways to Successful Meditation

by avorodisa

To succeed meditation, it is important to keep in mind several things. They will improve your meditation skills, especially if you are a beginner. Good luck and study well!

Many people who want to master meditation may have difficulty at the beginning. Because meditation requires the presence of certain conditions, especially at the beginning of practice, it may be useful to follow some advice.

What is meditation?

Multi-beneficial practice

Meditation is your way to freedom from the continuous whining of thoughts and worries to inner force, calm, the feeling of benediction, to the higher levels of meditation - spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Meditation is more than just a way to have rest for the body. It plays an important role in religions and spiritual practices but in reality it is not related to any religion. It is practiced all around the world since ancient times till now. 

meditationThere are lots of methods and forms of meditation. It is practiced for many reasons: inner calm, spiritual growth and awakening, rest, health, success, development of psychic and inner capacities.  Meditation calms body and mind, diminishes stress and anxiety, normalizes blood pressure and cures the body. It improves the work of your mind, contributes to concentration and improves intuition. Regular practice of meditation shortens the flow of disturbing thoughts, it brings emotional calm, joy, felicity and enlightenment. 

For meditation to take effect, it is important to practice it every day, at least one time a day, or, better, two times, and for at least 15 minutes. But you can also start with 10 minutes. 

There are two types of meditation. The first type is about concentration on some activity, for example, breathing, on an object, on a psychic image, words or thoughts, another type supposes inner silence, inner concentration or emptiness. The second kind of meditation can only be experienced when you have significant experience in the first kind. 

Meditation tips

What makes meditation effective
  1. Meditate every day.
  2. Positive attitude, patience and open-mindedness will be of great help. 
  3. If you are tired, you'd rather not meditate.
  4. Find a solitary place for yourself.
  5. Stay in a comfortable position, with straight back. 
  6. Inhale slowly and deeply - several times.
  7. Pay attention to something positive in your memory. Enjoy this souvenir for several minutes.  
  8. Think during some time about the benefit of meditation, how it will improve your health, your concentration, how it will calm your mind and relieve stress and tension. 
  9. Tell yourself that all your thoughts stop now and cease to disturb your mind. 
  10. Meditate calmly but very attentively. The more your attention is concentrated, the easier you are able to overcome the stream of thoughts and other disturbing factors. Start with something simple: pay attention to your breath and ignore all the incoming thoughts. Think of some inspiring quotation. 

mountain meditation


Mind calming spiritual meditation

Other articles about meditation

Why meditate? Yantra meditation. Reasons to meditate. We are all magicians!

Why meditate?
When it comes to perception of emotional information and stressful situations, people who meditate demonstrate less involvement in the process of mental analysis of the situation. They perceive everything in a detached manner, and they associate themselves less with affective scenarios. They also better control their attention.

Contemplating Shri Yantra
Shri yantra meditation is all about concentration of your eyes on the image. First, your eyes are fixed on one of the angles of the external square. Then, you move them slowly along the line of the border in a clockwise manner. As you get to the initial point, you pass over to the inner circle. After you pass around the circle, you go over to the petals’ ring. Then - to another ring. After that you circle around four rings of triangles and, finally, stop in the middle point. There your eyes rest for 15-20 minutes. Then you close your eyes and look at the remaining image for some time. You keep watching it till it disappears.

4 Reasons to Meditate
Meditation is the art of mind’s silence. When mind is silent, our concentration increases, and we experience inner peace in the turmoil of life. This elusive inner silence brings a lot of people to start meditating, and every person can reap the benefit from meditation practice.

Meditating on the four elements
We are all a little magicians! It all started during the time when inside the proto-universe the first sound was heard... The sound that is a Word. The Word that is God. God that is Universe. Universe that is Octave. Manas is a mysterious element of mind. It gave birth to the initial still space - ether. Its symbol is a human face, deep, slow inhalation.

Read about meditation

Music also helps
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