15 best casual games ever

by Wizmaster

Lots of people play flash and casual games every day. Each day hundreds of new games are published on thousands of gaming sites worldwide. Where to play the best ones?

The reality is that 90% of casual games are not worth playing. It is true that everyone has different tastes but more than 90 % of these new creations represent a copy of a popular game, already created by someone else. This is why I decided to compile a list of 15 best casual genuine games.

Game 1: Bubble Struggle

Many people think that a good game needs to be fancy, e.g. great design, nice features, etc. But it is not true. A student from Eastern Europe needed money to pay for his studies and he created a flash game called Bubble Struggle (sometimes known under the name of Bubble Trouble, which is actually the first game of this series). This game is not fancy at all - plain design and no story. But it is funny and entertaining (and also has  50 levels, so it takes quite a bit of time to complete it). What makes this game difficult to play is the fact that the hero cannot jump over the balls. In fact he is stuck to the ground and may only move left or right.

Game screenshots (click on the image to play the game)

Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble




Bubble Struggle 2

Bubble Trouble 2


Bubble Struggle 3


Game 2: Snail Bob

Snail Bob is a popular game series (two instalments have been released so far). The players are to help Bob get back home (or to his grandfather's home in the second instalment). It is not so easy as the snail has to deal with many obstacles, such as traps, electric cables, spikes or evil snails. Both games feature great design and lots of entertainment.

Game screenshots (click on the image to play the game)

Snail Bob

Snail Bob









Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob 2

Game 3: Battle Beavers

If you like strategy games you will love Battle Beavers. The story begins in the Land of Beavers. Those peaceful and hardworking creatures were attacked by an evil Beaver Magician who enslaved them. Luckily there is one hero (you) to free his friends and kill the Magician. Kill enemy beavers, improve your stats and buy new weapons and armor after completion of each level.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Battle Beavers

Game 4: Dead Zed

If you like zombie games, you should definitely check out Dead Zed. Your task is easy - just survive 40 days (nights) before the army comes to save you. Every night zombies come out of their graves and will be trying to kill you. Destroy them before they penetrate your house and bite you.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Dead Zed

Game 5: Earn To Die

This game features a very special way of zombie killing. You will be able to purchase a car and use it to roll over zombies. The further you go the more money you will earn and the better upgrades you will be able to get.

Earn To Die

Game 6: Magic Safari

In this game you will have to go over obstacles. Use items made available to you to fill the holes and bridge the gaps so that your car journey is safe. You can also use magic but only after completing level 10.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Magic Safari

Game 7: Flight

If you like flying a paper airplane, check out this game. Your task is to make your paper plane fly as far as possible. Earn money to buy new upgrades and add extra power to your plane. Can you break the record?

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)


Game 8: Sticks

Bob really loves money. Help him collect all the money using items made available to you. This is a great physics game for both children and adults.

Game Screenshot (click on the image to play the game)


Game 9: Tropical Fish Shop

If you like match 3 games, you should certainly check out this one. It has a great story and many special features, such as multiplayer mode and many different species of sea food and plants. Unlike many other connect three games, this one comes with no cost and can be played for free.

Game Screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Tropical Fish Shop

Game 10: Moto Trial Fest

If you like riding a motorbike, try out this great game. You will be driving your bike in a desert. Try to reach the finish line as fast as possible without having an accident.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Moto Trial Fest

Game 11: Undead Hunter

If you like Atomic Bomberman games, check out this great clone. Your task is to get to the other end of the maze by killing all zombies and undead creatures. Plant bombs and kill the bad guys before they get you.

Game Screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Undead Hunter

Game 12: Fly Zombie Fly

How far can a zombie fly? Check out this game to see. Your task is to launch the zombie and make it fly as far as possible. Try to collect items, which increase your speed and avoid items which slow you down.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Fly Zombie Fly

Game 13: Baseball Smash

When one plays baseball he or she normally wants to score points without damaging any buildings, cars or members of the audience. In this game you will only earn points for window breaking, dustbin smashing or vehicle destruction (except the police vehicle).Can you score enough points to advance to the next level?

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

Baseball Smash


Game 14: The Saddest Zombie

This game is certainly one of the best difference games I have ever seen. It features scary pictures and a great story. Search for differences between each pair of pictures and learn how the story ends by finding them all.

Game screenshot (click on the image to play the game)

The Saddest Zombie

Game 15: Dragon Tomb Escape

Escape games are very popular. Your task is to escape from a Dragon Tomb by finding all the clues. If you get stuck use hints to get help. Experienced gamers completed this game in 15 minutes. How long will you take?

Dragon Tomb Escape

What is your favorite casual game site?

Updated: 04/17/2012, Wizmaster
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Morten on 04/30/2012

Nice list of games. I would also add a game called Cover Orange to your list. It is a great game featuring protection of oranges and apples agains deathly rain.

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