Why Do People Turn To Games Like Second Life?

by Seelyon

I'll admit that games like Second Life is a game genre that I don't touch upon but I've always been interested in why people get hooked on these games. I've never found these games

I'll admit that games like Second Life is a game genre that I don't touch upon but I've always been interested in why people get hooked on these games. I've never found these games interesting but I was intrigued into why people play these sorts of games so I thought I would check it out and create a page on it.

Having heard of a few friends and family members that got enjoyment from Second Life I'm hoping to open my eyes and that of other people who aren't quite sold on the second life of Second Life.

If you've got feedback I'd love to hear it in the duel and comment sections on the page.

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Have You Played Second Life Before?

Or Games Like Second Life?


A Brief History Of Second Life & Games Like Second Life

Second Life started it's life as an online virtual world in 2003. The game is all about content creation with tools that let you take the reins in creation and shaping of this world. The real selling point of Second Life though is the Linden Dollar, the game currency of Second Life (learn how to get free Linden Dollars to get you started here)

So what makes this currency so special? The fact that you can withdraw it from the game for cold hard cash, yes real money. This enables skilful people that can crate stuff within the virtual world can be rewarded by making real money, there is even a small number of people that have created this element into a living. 


The Ability To Recreate Yourself

Playing Games Like Second Life To Recreate

The number one reason that people play virtual world games in my opinion is the ability to recreate themselves. From the way you look to your job and the way you act all of this can be changed to what you really want to be.

While I'm a fan of chasing what you want in real life not everybody has this same drive so if they have to turn to a virtual world to get this same thrill then I can't blame them. Everybody at one stage in their life has wanted to change some element about themselves and games like Second Life allow people to achieve this.


Endless People To Meet

Playing Games Like Second Life For Friends

You can't deny that the internet allows you to connect with people that you would never had the opportunity to meet in real life. That is a big attractive to the online world in general and virtual world games like Second Life are not an exception to this rule, they truly are a great way to meet people of all backgrounds.

If you are the kind of person that loves to meet people just for the sake of communication and learning about another persons life then virtual worlds have a huge appeal to you. Especially in Second Life where the game is so modelled on real life that your dealings with people do feel realistic.


Making Money In Second Life

Playing Games Like Second Life For Money

Everybody loves making some extra cash for doing something they love and Second Life has that in spades. if you love creating things the fact that you can make a living off the Second Life universe makes it a very attractive option.

Either as a creator, working or getting into the real estate market there is money to be made. A lot of people that get started in this role are already doing this sort of thing in other games so by moving to Second Life you can capitalise on your talents.

Updated: 07/24/2015, Seelyon
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Do You Play Virtual World Games Like Second Life?


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