15 Healty Beauty Tips for Millennials

by RobertKeith

Millennials are always on the go--whether it be school, work, or running errands.

Millennials are always on the go--whether it be school, work, or running errands. Keeping this in mind, sometimes it's difficult to look naturally good and healthy while going about the day, especially with stressful environments and day-to-day difficulties. Here are a 15 tips to healthy beauty on the go.

#1: Pick a Low-Maintenance Hair Style

A great way to keep your hair healthy and let your natural beauty shine through is by keeping a low-maintenance hair style that suits your natural hair type. We love shag cuts because of their easy, edgy style and their versatility with all different hair types. 

#2: Use Natural Hair Treatments

Instead of using harsh hair masks to soften hair and/or straighten it, try some more natural products to achieve the same results; for example, you can use avocado and honey in your hair to help with fizz and fly-aways. Here are some DIY treatment recipes to try

#3: Try a DIY Face Mask

Like hair treatments, you can also DIY face masks. Not only does this save money and keep more plastic packaging from entering landfills, but DIY face masks can be easy and fun to make and can keep well for long periods of time. Try these recipes if you are unsure where to start

Beautyful Woman
Beautyful Woman

#4: Activated Charcoal Instead of Chemical Teeth Whiteners

You can also try homemade toothpaste using activated charcoal. Instead of harsh chemicals, the charcoal whitens your teeth naturally and is far less abrasive than toothpastes and over the counter whitening kits. If you want to try this daily, here's a toothpaste formula

#5: DIY Acne Remedies

Many over the counter acne treatments contain salicylic acid, which can dry out skin to the point of peeling and bleeding. To avoid this nasty side effect, try a homemade remedy instead, such as using apple cider vinegar or witch hazel. Just apply a little to a cotton ball and swab over unwanted acne after washing your face. 

#6: Substitute with Coconut Oil

We love substituting coconut oil for a ton of different beauty products, like frizz-spray. Coconut oil also works great for a DIY cleanser, and can work as lotion too! In fact, it has so many uses that we couldn't even name them all here. But, here's an article with over 100 other ideas to try

#7: Try Natural Dyeing Products Instead of Box Dye

Applying boxed dye to your scalp can be extremely abrasive and can hurt your hair's natural abilities to grow and in some cases can even cause hair to fall out. Instead of using harsh dyes, try using more natural dyes that won't harm your hair and can brighten your natural color, like beet dye or cinnamon, as this source suggests

#8: Juice and Smoothie Blends That Will Strengthen Health Naturally

Another great tip to strengthening your natural beauty is to try juice and smoothie blends. Making a smoothie or juice run every day can greatly impact the strength of your hair and nails and can actually keep your overall body healthier from all of the nutrients and minerals in fruits and vegetables. 

#9: DIY Your Own Lipstick

Making homemade makeup is a fun activity, either by yourself or with friends, that can also benefit your health. Instead of using drugstore products, you can try making your own lipstick using some recipes like this one, which uses recycled crayons to pigment the product. 

#10: And... DIY Your Own Eyeliner

Using the same source as our DIY lipstick, we also found that you can make homemade eyeliner! There are many different ways to do this, including using activated charcoal, aloe vera, and coconut oil, that will have a long shelf life and keep your beauty routine healthy. 

#11: Try Making an All-Natural Deodorant

You can also make all-natural and eco-friendly deodorant that is chemical free using ingredients like baking soda and beeswax. Learn more about some different ways to make it here

#12: All-Natural DIY Soap

Like deodorant, you can also make homemade soap. This really cool recipe uses recycled coffee grounds to make a textured soap. 

#13: Jojoba Oil and Argon Oil For Frizzy, Curly Hair

Another way to look at your beauty from a natural, healthy angle is to use natural oils like jojoba oil adn argon oil instead of harsh hair products. These two oils specifically work well for taming naturally curly hair. Oils can be added to your shampoo and conditioner, or you can apply after washing hair to keep it looking great. 

#14: Recycle Old Makeup Containers

When you can, instead of throwing out old makeup containers, try recycling them. You can use previous containers to hold DIY makeup recipes, like the ones we've listed above, or you can try finding a recycling site that will take old makeup bottles. 

#15: Invest in a Reusable Razor

Another great way to healthy beauty is to use reusable razors. While this may not seem like a big one, shaving is an every day thing for women and many women don't realize the impact it makes on our environment as disposable razors can take over 10 years to decompose. Try using a reusable razor instead or investing in a tool like the epilady

While there are many beauty tips and tricks to being beautiful while still being healthy and eco-conscious, these are just a few of our favorites. Let us know if any of these worked for you!

Updated: 05/19/2018, RobertKeith
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