3 foods that raise your metabolism

by calorific

An article highlighting 3 foods that can help to raise your metabolism. Find out how calorie counting, certain foods and exercise can boost your metabolism

Millions of people suffer from a slow metabolism, many because of their diet and lifestyle. It really is possible to kick start your metabolism if you are willing to put in the effort, and starting off by adding these 3 foods that can help raise your metabolism to your diet, is a step in the right direction.

A slow metabolism can be overcome

A slow metabolism is not something at the top of anybody's wish list, however it is something that effects millions of people. Despite many believing that a naturally slow metabolism is something that they are cursed with, there is always the chance to take a hold of it and give it a jump start. This is going to take a little effort, but then anything that is worth having in life never comes for free does it? One of the best ways to kick start that metabolism is to consume foods that boost your metabolism. This article is going to highlight 3 foods that raise metabolism for you, and how they coincide with various other factors such as exercise and calorie counting, in order to help you lose weight and make your metabolism work for you.

So if you are fed up with how easily you put on weight, and want to speed up your metabolism, it is time to make some serious changes in your lifestyle and your diet, here are some great metabolism boosting foods to start off with.

Cayenne peppers
Cayenne peppers

Turn up the heat with peppers

Burning calories when you consume food is something that will happen automatically. In order for the body to chew, digest, process the food, absorb it's nutrients, metabolize it and then eject that which is not needed, requires calories to be burned. However, some foods require more calories to be burned than others, and a prime example of this comes in the shape of peppers such as cayenne and jalapeno peppers. They cause what is known as a thermogenic effect in that they raise the body's temperature and cause more calories to be burned to deal with. These are definitely a food that can raise metabolism that you should be introducing into your diet.

2. Catch a beauty of a food that boosts your metabolism

There are various fish that will help your metabolism by giving it a healthy boost, and one brilliant example is wild salmon. This is crammed with omega 3 fatty acids which both boost your metabolism and also help your energy levels, keeping you energized. Other examples of fish that aid the metabolism are tuna and sardines, all three of these examples are foods that can be easily implemented into a main meal or a snack.

King salmon
King salmon

Egg-cellent idea

Eggs are a wonderful food for the metabolism due to the amount of protein that they contain. Whereby it is not really advisable to exceed a couple of eggs a day due to their cholesterol content, they are something that are good for you due to the many nutrients that they provide. The protein in eggs can help to keep you feeling full for longer, and thus reduce the chance of you picking at other foods in between mealtimes and taking on extra calories that you don't need.

The action you need to take

It would be wonderful if eating these three foods alone would be able to whip your metabolism into shape, but unfortunately it is just not that simple. They play a key role in what is going to need to be a combined effort. Losing weight and maintaining a metabolism where the weight stays off involves other factors such as exercise, and strict diet, there is no magic wand that can be waved, it is all about getting yourself in a routine. Exercise doesn't have to be heavy gym sessions seven days a week, or running a marathon, simple exercise such as a walk each day, or 20 minutes on an exercise bike will do you all the good in the world. Exercise, foods that boost your metabolism, and calorie counting, are a powerful combination when it comes to increasing the metabolism.

Before you do anything you need to be in the right frame of mind, and that is that you are willing to put the effort in when it comes to raising your metabolism. The first port of call is ascertaining what your calorific intake should be each day, if you were to just maintain your weight. This can easily be done by putting a few details into one of the hundreds of metabolic rate calculators that you will find on the internet. You have to be aware that this is now going to be the maximum amount of calories you can consume in a day, if you really have any serious intent of raising your metabolism. Including the 3 foods that raise metabolism which I have highlighted in this article is a great start, but finding out about the many other foods that boost the metabolism is a good plan, as this will provide you with needed variation. Furthermore you have to commit to getting some form of regular exercise, in order to keep your metabolism stimulated, and of course that is going to contribute to burning calories. The effect that these contributors can have together really is one that you will be pleased with in the long run.

Updated: 07/06/2012, calorific
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calorific on 07/11/2012

Hi guys and thanks for your comments. I am just a few months from the big 30 Dusty and starting to eat better as I know that will help keep the metabolism in check :) Steve

dustytoes on 07/09/2012

I eat all this stuff, so I am on the right track. As I age it gets harder and harder. I was a toothpick until I turned 30 and that was quite a while ago.. ;)

katiem2 on 07/06/2012

Always happy to learn about foods that raise the metabolism and get you going. Thanks :)K

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