3 reasons to keep your your children away from technology

by RobertKeith

Kids as young as 2 can now download apps onto iPhones...Here is why you should keep them from them.

Timber toys for kids will help your children play without the use of technology, and there are many different toys you may choose from. This article explains how the wooden toys ensure the kids are learning more without using any technology. This article explains how the kids will learn quite a lot while using these toys, and it shows why they should not be on technology every day.

#1: Why Wooden Toys?

There are many kids who like being on technology, and they must be kept off technology as much as possible. Someone who wishes to learn more about keeping their kids off technology will find that their children learn more when they are given wooden toys that force them to use their imaginations. These kids are learning to solve problems while they are using these toys, and they will begin to feel much better about the play they are doing because there are no technology gaps. Timber toys for kids work all the time, and the kids may take them anywhere.

#2: Fine Motor Skills

The fine motor skills that your kids learn from these toys will change their lives because they begin to feel different about how they manipulate their world. They will learn how to read and write faster, and they will teach themselves how to fix things that they have broken. These children learn how to control their own world, and they have multiple opportunities to learn about their toys as they use their fine motor skills to play with them.

#3: Imagination Play

There are many kids who begin to imagine new worlds because they are using wooden toys, and they feel much better about their play because they can do anything they want. They feel much better about their play because they can do whatever it is they like, and they may share their fantasy worlds with their parents. They will have a much richer thought life that could change the way they perform in school, and they will go back to these toys every day because they want to revisit the imaginary world they have created.

#4: Kids Remain Focused

Kids remain focused when they have used the right toys to play, and they will teach themselves what to do to get through a hard problem. These kids tend to do better in school because they are focused, and they have many opportunities in school because they are capable of maintaining their focus. Each kid who has played without technology knows that they cannot get anything instantly, and they will be much more confident in their own abilities because they know that they must do all the work on their own. 

Getting wooden toys for kids helps them ensure that they are learning more. They will get off their devices that cause them focus problems, and they will learn how to get around issues they have while they are learning. You may keep your kids away from technology, and they should play with wooden toys more often.

Updated: 06/20/2017, RobertKeith
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frankbeswick on 06/23/2017

Wisely said.

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