4 Easy Ways To Clean Blinds

by RobertKeith

Are your blinds covered in dust and dirt? We have compiled a resource listing 4 easy ways of cleaning the notorious blinds.

Horizontal blinds look great in any household. They are easy to use, look great, and give you control of the amount of light that comes in. However they can easily collect dust and debris and aren’t exactly the easiest household item to clean.
This is why we have put together the 4 easiest ways to not just keep your blinds clean but also maintain them in a beautiful, fashionable condition at all times.

Filthy Blinds
Filthy Blinds

The methods below are relevant for owners of venetian blinds, mini blinds and vertical blinds.

The Quick Dusting (light cleaning/ maintenance)

Simply use a feather duster if you blinds only require a light clean. This mean that if your blinds have just a thin layer of dust, a feather duster will be all it takes to clean them.

To lightly clean your blinds, simply open the blinds and run a feather duster between each one. This will pick up all the dust on both sides of the blinds.

However be sure to vacuum the floor once you’re done because a feather duster will just move the dust off the blinds and instead onto your floor.

The Old Glove or Sock Technique (medium duty clean, every 3 month clean)

If you’re blinds are looking like they need a harder clean because they have a thick level of dust, some black marks and stains from insects or dirty fingerprints, it means using the glove/sock technique is right for you.

To give a harder clean on your blinds all you need is something to cover your hands with like a glove or an old sock, and then spray your blinds with windex or for a natural approach a bucket filled with half water and half white vinegar.

Now simply run your covered hands between the blinds to pick up all dust. This method is great for reaching hard corners on your blinds 

Alternatively if you don’t have much time, simply run over the blinds with your covered hand by running your fingers along the length of the blind to collect all the dust on both sides at the same time.

Cleaning blinds
Cleaning blinds

The Washing Technique (heavy duty clean/ once a year clean)

If you find that your blinds are looking really dirty, then you may need to find yourself washing them with a damp sponge.

This process is so simple and does a really do a good job cleaning them. This method required you to fill a bucket with warm soapy water and then run your damp cloth along the length of every blind. Once you have done one side of the blinds, turn them the opposite direction and repeat technique.

The Heavy Duty Technique

If you find that you are working with extra intense dirty blinds then you will be required to pull them down and take them outside for a more heavier clean.

You will need to gather a bucket with warm soapy water, a sponge, a hose and a towel.

Simply use a tough sponge to scrub the blinds on both side and then use a garden hose to rinse the blinds. Then you have two options to dry them, either hang them on “s” hooks and allow them to air dry or alternatively dry them down with a towel.


These tips were brought to you by the blinds experts at Total Shade Solutions

Updated: 10/22/2014, RobertKeith
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CountrySunshine on 03/05/2015

I love my mini-blinds, but I don't like cleaning them. If they get too dirty, I simply place them in the bathtub, run water, and give them a scrub!

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