4 Simple But Effective Romantic Things To Do When You Have A Very Busy Life

by treasuresabound

Are you a busy partner or lover who would like to bring a little romance into your relationship but can't seem to find time, here are some surprisingly easy ways to achieve that

Who says it has to be Valentine before you do something romantic or special for your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend or partner? Showing romance and being romantic to your sweetheart has to be a part of your everyday thinking, it has to be a way of life really.

But a lot of times the worries and challenges that life throws us do not even give us the privilege to think about these things as often as we should. I know because I find myself in such position, I am guilty of neglecting these important aspects of a relationship.

I have got so many great ideas of how I’d love my marriage to be (but who doesn’t), how I’d love to show my husband some sweet romantic gestures but many a times, I get distracted with so many other things that equally need my attention. Top on this list is taking care of the kids which seem to be my number 1 “official duty”. Others involve trying to keep up with the house chores, running errands and most recently trying to write online.

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A Romantic Evening Together Watching The Sun Set

Romantic Things To Do For Your Husband

So, if I am not superwoman, how on earth am I going to be able to juggle 3 young children, a household, my hobbies, personal interests and still have time to add spice and romance into my relationship? I realized that because I wait for a convenient time to show romance, I never get to it most of the time therefore I had to come up with ideas of how to tell my husband that I do appreciate him even though I do not show it so very often.

Here on this page, you will find some of the simple but effective things I do that will sure help you keep your relationship as exciting as can be. I hope you find these everyday romantic gestures useful and effective.

If you’ve got young kids, it is very easy to neglect yourself because you are basically spending most of your time taking care of the young ones. But if I must say here, try as much as you can to ALWAYS dress up, put on make up and always smell nice. Men love women who look good and if they don’t see it in you, they’d look elsewhere.


How Often Do You Initiate Romance With Your Partner?

Romantic Gestures That Can Take 5 Minutes Or Less To Accomplish

If You've Got 5 Minutes, You Can Do Something Romantic

If you’ve got 5 minutes a day and your partner is not close by for you to show some romantic gestures, you can write something sweet on post it notes. You don’t have to be a poet to tell your partner how much you love them.

Place the notes where he/she will find them and this little gesture which has taken you less than 5 minutes can actually earn you a reward.

Most people have a phone with a voice/video recorder and that can be a very useful tool when you are so busy with children and house keeping. If you’ve got 2 minutes then you can make a video of yourself saying one beautiful romantic thing about your partner. Why you think he/she is the best and why you are glad you’re with him/her. Then send it to your partner when you’re not with them.


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Most Romantic Things To Do

Romantic Things Anyone Can Do Easily And Effectively

A foot massage always does wonders and would cost nothing to give. When you finally get the chance to take a break from your busy life, go sit beside your partner, grab his foot gently and give it a good rub. He would really appreciate it. A five to ten minutes foot massage while you are sitting down would really be received well and wouldn’t even cost you much.


There are so many more romantic gestures you can work with but these ones are quick, easy and can be achieved with the least amount of spare time. I hope these simple tips will give you ideas for more simple romantic gestures that you can easily apply in your relationship in order to keep that magical flame burning. And while these ideas seem to be intended for women with children and busy lives, the men can also exploit and modify these ideas and use as appropriate.  



Updated: 07/25/2013, treasuresabound
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How Do You Manage To Find Time For Romance Inspite Of Your Busy Schedule?

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Rose on 03/02/2014

Sometimes simple acts of kindness show that you care, even if they are not overtly romantic.

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