5 Advantages Of Building Inspection On Pre Purchase Phase

by RobertKeith

Building Inspection On Pre Purchase Phase And How It Will Help You With Choosing Your First House.

When preparing to purchase a new home, buyers can greatly benefit from having a pre-purchase inspection completed. The inspection conducted before the sale of a property includes a visual and physical examination of the property and building by a qualified professional inspector. This will be completed before the formal inspection is completed by the state. The fundamental features of a home are going to be reported on and their current conditions. This inspection is more visual in nature and will not include invasive deconstruction, drilling, or digging.

Goals Of Pre-Purchase Inspections


You might be wondering if paying to have a pre-purchase inspection is worth the cost. The main goal of the inspection is to clearly find any existing or potential defects a property may have that can greatly affect the decision a buyer has to make. Below are some benefits of pre-purchase Melbourne building inspections to consider.


1. Full Inspection


One great benefit of having a pre-purchase inspection completed is that you will have certain things inspected that normally wouldn't be inspected such as the air conditioning unit, the tiles, the driveway, any pool, plumbing, windows, and alarm systems. These often need to be specified in the report to be included in the inspection.


2. Peace Of Mind


Another advantage of getting the inspection before the purchase of a home is that it can give buyers peace of mind. Most potential home buyers stress about what potential issues there may be lurking within a home they are interested in purchasing. The pre-purchase inspection will allow homebuyers the ability to get fully aware of any problems with a property before going forward with the purchase.


3. Interact With Experts


The third benefit of having an inspection before the state inspects the property is that it gives you the benefit of interacting with experts to help you with your decision-making process. Any questions or concerns you may have can be addressed to the inspector early on in the process of buying a home.


4. Get Recommendations


The inspection report will give you recommendations to take before you sign on the dotted line. The inspector may also suggest further inspections be completed before you purchase the property. This may be included in the report if the inspector finds evidence of water damage, pest issues, or structural problems. For these, the inspector may recommend a consult with a pest control company, structural engineer, or water supply authority for further help.


5. No Surprises


No one wants to buy a home and then get surprised by things about the property they were not expecting. The pre-purchase inspection allows home buyers the option to go into the purchase of a new home without any costly surprises.


Selecting a Home Inspection Company For the Pre-Purchase Phase


Buying a new home is an important process. It is a huge investment that needs to be taken seriously. It is crucial to go into the process carefully, and selecting the right home inspection company is an important part of it. There are many things to look for in the right inspection company, and below are some key characteristics of a professional home inspector.


•Experience- Look for how many years an inspector has been in business. How many inspections do they perform each year? An inspector that stays busy is often an indicator they are highly recommended.


•Exclusivity- Find an inspector that specializes in home inspections exclusively. Companies that offer inspections for businesses and other types of properties may not always be the best choice.


•Reputable Company- Be wary of building inspection companies that do work on the side. A reputable company should be offering their services full-time to their customers and be able to devote their full time and attention to you until services are complete.


•Reporting- When comparing different companies, find out what type of reporting they offer. Will it be written, officially issued, oral, or a combination of both?


•Insurance- Depending on where you live, consider whether a building inspector has the correct insurance and certifications to legally offer their services. This can help protect you as a buyer if something is missed during an inspection and you proceed with buying the property.


It is important to have the pre-purchase inspection done soon before the buying process. Many lenders have deadlines that need to be met before the selling process can commence.



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