5 Amazing Ways To Use Lighting In Your Home

by RobertKeith

Light is one of the most important parts of any room plan. Natural lighting makes it easy to see things clearly and brings the outdoors inside. It also makes any home comforting an

Other types of lighting also add color, comfort and make it easy to do everything from prepare meals to help a child prepare for school in the morning. Each homeowner should think about the kind of lighting they use in all areas of their home very carefully. Lighting can show off a home's best features and help keep attention away from the home's less desirable ares. Fortunately, today's homeowners have more choices than ever before when it comes to using lighting. These tricks are known well to professional designers. They are easy to use but very effective. All homeowners should follow the lead of the professional and use lighting to create spaces with warmth, character and a wonderful sense of personality.

Use Multiple Lamps at the Same Time

As many designers know well, in many cases it's the more the merrier especially when it comes to having lots of light in the room. Multiple lights in a single space make it easy to see things and adjust the lighting to your specifications. For one thing, they add lots of layers of light. For another, they also add a great deal of character. There are many ways to use this principle in all areas. In the kitchen, hang several pendant lights on the top of the ceiling. That will create a lively focal point and bring the eye to all areas of the room. Think about using the same design but with subtle alternations. For example, each lamp may be in a slightly different shade of blue and green or slightly different in shape. This adds tremendous visual interest. 

Take Advantage of Dimmers

Dimmers are a fabulous invention that all homeowners can use with ease. Mood lighting is one way to create many different feelings in a single space. For example, turn up the dimmers on bright at night to make it easier to see as you make dinner. Bring them down later in the dining room for an intimate and romantic dinner just for the two of you at home. 


Look to the Outdoors for Inspiration

Mother nature knows how to use natural light well. Follow in her lead. As many landscapers know, lighting is part of a beautiful landscape. Lighting outdoors shows off many areas of the garden and makes it easy to enjoy them even late at night. Traditional forms of lighting like lanterns can be used in other parts of the house. Place a large lantern on the coffee table. Surround it with flowers to create an arresting centerpiece. Other, smaller lanterns can also be used to great effect to add lots of detail and make the rooms feel brighter. Use fairy lights on the walls to create a sense of childlike delight and make any room in the home feel like an escape from the ordinary. If you have a collection of indoor plants, place small lights in the pots to show off the flowers and bring attention to colorful layers of green plants. 

Incorporate Varied Types of Lighting

Varied types of lighting are one way to make each room feel special. For example, LED lights for indoors can be used in the kitchen to make it easier to cook and find things. Uplights are lights that are specially designed to direct light upwards. These lights are ideal for use in room where the goal is drama and a sense of theater. Place them in corners and they'll show off high ceilings and lovely wood beams. Look for lamps in varied types sizes and shapes. Smaller lamps like those that have been specially designed to fit on a desk. can be set on top of a desk in a home office to make it easier to concentrate on work. Larger lamps are ideal for use in both smaller and larger rooms. Use them in a large living room to help make sure each corner of the room has enough lighting for any task you have in mind. They're also idea as the single lamp in a small room that needs just enough lighting to read or watch television

Go Outside the Standard Lighting Box

Lighting is one aspect of home decor where the homeowner can get creative and think in new and innovative ways. This is a great place to experiment and have fun. There's no need to adhere to conventions when it comes to this form of decor. For example, just about anything from an old bucket to used flower pots to your favorite pieces of heirloom depression glass can be turned into an original and arresting lampshade. Drape your favorite fabric across lots of lights to add easy color and patterns you love. Take candles and use them to provide color. Candles can be added to sconces to add an air of old fashioned style. Take a group of small lights and place them so they face different directions on the wall. Add lighting in unexpected places like underneath curtains or below the dining room table. Have fun and use this an opportunity to make something of your own in your home. 

Close attention to detail can really pay off. Today's homeowners should take full advantage of the techniques designers have developed. Lighting can make any kitchen easier to work in, add pizzazz to all the home's delightfully cozy corners and bring in a much needed glow even in the darkest of rooms. Any homeowner should develop a plan that lets them make use of classic and modern ideas. In doing so, they'll find that the rooms in their home look even better. They'll also find that the home is more useful and easier to live in every single day.
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Updated: 10/31/2018, RobertKeith
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