5 benefits of a hiring a professional painter

by RobertKeith

5 reasons to hire a house painter for the next time you want to renovate or remodel your home.

ou desperately want to make a statement and have the latest home decor to suit your personality. You go ahead and watch plenty of do-it-yourself (DIY) videos and articles and feel you like you are capable of undertaking a painting project at home. However, one thing you might not know is that one out of every five homeowners who attempt to take up house painting projects end up hiring a professional to complete the job for them. And that's for a very good reason. There are many benefits that comes with hiring professional painting services. Below are some major benefits you may be missing on:

Time Saving

Undertaking a painting project requires time for every step of the way. This includes preparing the walls to be painted, moving and protecting the furniture in the specific rooms, removing the decorations from walls, taping the wall edges and using the right technique to apply the paint. Buying supplies needed may also consume your time as you may forget things. With the help of a professional painting services, everything from moving and decorate each room as needed will be taken care of. 

Quality Work

A professional painter is equipped with tools such as rollers, brushes and electrical spray guns to get a proper coating on the walls. In the course of doing prep work, the professional painter may help you identify any rotting and structural defects that may need repairing before the painting starts. Further advice gathered from years of experience can be provided on remodeling and renovations that may fit your house.

New Painting Ideas

A professional painter goes beyond helping you select the color for both interior and exterior walls. He seeks to bring value through capturing the feel and bring out the desired function of the room. A professional painter is adapt to new technologies and colors and can advise on home design that suits your location.

Health and Safety

Painters face a few hazards when they are commissioned to paint houses and buildings. These dangers include exposure to toxic substances: including the paint itself, lifting heavy objects, working at heights, standing for extended periods of time and risk of falling or tripping over objects. A professional painter takes preventative measures by using good general safe work practices. They may include: using personal protective equipment, working with ladders and using asbestos contained products instead of lead. 

License and Insurance

Hiring a professional painter with a permit relieves the stress of the procedure to undertake in the case of dissatisfaction with the job. If a dispute occurs, the state licensing board can help resolve the issue as it has leverage over the painter. The board also makes sure that there is money in case you file a claim against the painter. 
Licensed painters are required to have a liability and workers’ compensation insurance. In the case an accident occurs at your home, the medical bills associated with the accident will not fall on you.

In conclusion, hiring a professional painter will not only relieve stress and time but also get you the quality paint job delivered at a good price.

Updated: 06/15/2017, RobertKeith
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