5 Benefits Of Filtered Water

by RobertKeith

If you’re health conscious then it’s likely you’ve spared a thought for the water you’re consuming as well as the foods you eat.

If you’re health conscious then it’s likely you’ve spared a thought for the water you’re consuming as well as the foods you eat. Water constitutes up of 60-65% of our bodies and is essential to our survival, so why spend big bucks on organic fruit and veges when you’re washing them down with dubious tap water? Understanding this, we need to consider the health benefits (or detriments) of tap water, bottled water and water filtration devices. With so many choices at our fingertips, which is the best option for our bodies and our families?

Bottled water is convenient, but also expensive and negatively impacts the environment during extraction and disposal.  The PET packaging is derived from crude oil and although recyclable, often ends up as litter or landfill.  Tap water is cheap and easily accessible, but can be tainted with additives at water treatment plants as well as other nasties picked up on the journey to your home.  A water filtration solution for the home or on-the-go is the most cost effective way to ensure the quality of your drinking water.  Here are 5 benefits of swapping your bottle or tap for filtered water.

1. Removes Nasties

A quality water filter will remove chemicals, aesthetic additives like chlorine, bacteria, viruses and dissolved solids.  Water treatment facilities in Australia disinfect water with chlorine and have been fluoridating since the 1960’s and 70’s.  Some studies link fluoride with potential side-effects including thyroid problems and lower intelligence.  Chlorine is something we associate with stinky swimming pools that sting our eyes, not fresh drinking water.  If your water has a metallic tang, think about how old the pipes are in your house and the kinds of degrading metals that could be finding their way into your drinking water.  Rather than reaching for bottled spring water, invest in a reusable water filter bottle or jug to keep on hand and look after your health and the environment.

2. Is Better for You

Water filtration takes out the nasties and leaves in the good.  Water contains beneficial minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium which are not affected by the filtration process and allow you to enjoy your water as nature intended.  Keeping hydrated also assists your digestive system which requires a lot of water to function correctly and regulate your metabolism.

3. Tastes and Smells Better

If Most of today’s superfood juices don’t tickle your tastebuds or smell like roses, but one of the most un-scientific benefits of filtering your water is that it will taste and smell better.  Say goodbye to pongy pool chlorine and the metallic tang of your plumbing.  Better tasting water will help you to enjoy drinking it and make it easier for you to get your recommended 8-10 glasses a day.

4. Convenient

There are a lot of water filtrations solutions that can be installed on your kitchen taps, kept in jugs in your fridge or reusable bottles to take with you on-the-go.  These aren’t disposable litter bugs like bottled water and allow you the flexibility to filter your water at many different points of consumption.

5. Cost-Effective

It is said that the next wars we fight will be over water not oil and bottled water, litre for litre, is already more costly than the petrol we put in our cars.  It is also estimated that 25% of the bottled water we purchase is only filtered tap water and not spring water anyway.  However, investing in a water filter device will give you years of fresh, clean drinking water with a few filter replacements down the track.  Weighed on this scale, even the most expensive water filters are more economical than bottled water. 

Updated: 10/15/2015, RobertKeith
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vincent.jefferson on 05/22/2016

Of course, you are right. Filtered water has many benefits. Because I don't trust my tap water, I install a RO system to get filtered water for cooking, drinking and even washing.

Veronica on 10/17/2015

I use filtered water in all my drinking and cooking and have done for years. I have an under the sink filter and change it every three months .

The difference in smell and taste as Wendy comments are both noticeable and remarkable.

wendy on 10/17/2015

Yes. You are right. I installed an undersink water filter and drink filtered water everyday. The taste and smell are great. Higly recommend to drinking filtered water.

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