5 Great Ways To Promote Your Facebook Page

by onepagearticles

Top five ways to promote your Facebook page whether it's for business or to strengthen your Websites online presence.

How to best promote your Facebook page so that it gets a lot more traffic and Facebook Likes on your page and also promotes your website and brand.

Promoting Your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages And How To Promote Them 5 Ways

Facebook currently at the top of the Social media marketing circle originally created to keep School and College students in touch is a now a worldwide social media empire that has a great feature called Facebook Pages which you can use to promote your website or online business or even your own hobby interests. Facebook allows you to do this as they see it as another revenue stream particularly if you sign up for Facebook ads which is another way of paying for likes and views to your Facebook Pages, much like Google Adwords if you've used that in the past.

But to promote a Facebook Page you really need to do some work to get your Page seen and that's without paying any money to start with.

Optimize Your FB Page

1. The first great way seems rather obvious but it's the very basic and one you need to get out of the way first and that is to optimize your page with all the things that will help you to get views from your target audience that you want. With any site you have an account and you have the option to add a photo and a description that will help get your FB page noticed in a basic search through Facebook and even in the search engines and the right keywords have to be in your page description.

To start off with add some photo images to your page and tag your photos again with your main keywords and any other relevant tags that matter to your pages content. Then as you continue to add more photos you do the same to everyone that you upload. This helps with getting eyeballs to your Facebook Page.

By making sure that everything on your page is filled out including your website url if you have one you are making sure your FB page has a purpose and one that simply functions as a marketing tool.

Remember that you can link to posts or pages on your site if they of course are relevant to your pages topic and they should be really anyway as that is the purpose of your page

Link To Your Facebook Page

2. On your website or any other social media profile or account you could promote your Facebook page by linking to it. This works on so many levels as you can collect all your posts and pages or even just your best ones and post them on your site, so a backlink to your Facebook page comes in useful as it's yet another point of contact or for people to find you and your site through your FB page.

You'll find that your page will have good search engine rankings for your chosen keyword term if you post to it quite regularly and it doesn't matter if you are competing with your own site, because your page leads to your site, so you are winning anyway.

There is a section in your Resources which is under your page settings when you click Edit Info were there is an option to link your page to Twitter and that can be a great way of promoting some of your pages content posts that you create such as status updates which mention either your site or industry news etc.

Look For Advice From Facebook Itself

3. Facebook has a marketing section which you can sign up for to learn some very useful information about Facebook marketing and you can find that link here - Facebook Marketing Success it's a very basic 4 page PDF guide which gives you some pointers on the principles of success with Facebook Marketing Also check out the link that reads Best Practices Guides To Make Your Page Engaging

Add Facebook Markup Language To Your Page

4. This is a great way of adding a sign up form or something eye catching to your Pages front end which is your landing page and if it does catch your visitors eye then they'll sign up and like your page in the process. The best thing about this method is that you can create  an email follow up through Aweber which is an Autoresponder and provide extra content to them on a regular basis and yes you can sell to them occasionally too. Here is an article I found Which shows you how to to add HTML into your FB Page using Iframes which walks you through the process. Additionally if you locate the FBML tab link within your settings you can add html code there if you have some created and prepared earlier.

Making your Facebook Page stand out is the key thing here as others may simply have them looking like the older Facebook Profiles before they introduced the Timeline feature without a huge image at the top which is a great feature they have implemented.

View Your Insights And See What Is Popular

5. Your Facebook insight is your account stats for your page and it can tell you all sorts of information to how many likes your page had in a given timeframe and also comments and views from each status update you posted and how many people you reached with them. This is great information to look at and use for future posts within your page as you can use the stats data and then ask for feedback from your followers through adding questions on your page to survey your FB buddies who have liked your page.

This not only gathers more information for your page to develop you can also interact with other people and build a small community right on your page. This can provide networking opportunities for other things like guest blogging on your blog or finding out if any other Facebook followers provide a service that could benefit your page or even you could be the talented one and also provide a service to others that helps them.

Promoting anything whether it's online or offline you really do have to network and get your page(s) in the face of interested people and then help each other as much as possible to build a relationship for a proper business development.

Go and build a Facebook Page and make it count!

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Marketing Your Facebook Pages

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/06/2023

The first paragraph to the first subheading, Promoting Your Facebook Page Facebook Pages And How To Promote Them 5 Ways, addresses Facebook Pages with and without ads.

Some Facebook participants have private pages. Is it possible for them to have Facebook ads? Is it possible for them to have "pay me the cost of a cup of coffee" options?

Jo_Murphy on 12/01/2023

This is a useful article thank you!

onepagearticles on 03/05/2012

Cheers yeah I'll definitely need to update this as they have changed it with the timeline feature....so will do that!

Shaz on 03/04/2012

fb can be a little hard to keep up with considering all the changes that take place on a regular basis. There's some great info here. I'll be starting to put some of your ideas into practice later today. Thanks.

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