How To Draw Spawn

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Drawing the popular comic book character Spawn

How to draw Spawn a comic book character step by step. Breaking down the drawing process into easy to follow steps that make it even easier to find some inspiration and ideas to draw Spawn. Video drawing tutorials on drawing spawn.

Drawing The Spawn

Learn To Draw Spawn

With the first drawing video on drawing the full Spawn figure It was a first attempt after many years of not wanting to draw Spawn as I usually draw my own types of art. But I took this as a personal challenge to myself and wanted to draw it, just to see if I could do a half decent drawing of the character from the popular comic book. 

First, I sketched a rough draft of the basic figure broken down into an easy to manage form sort of like a wire frame for me to build all of the muscles and other design elements on to it. Then I actually begun to develop the figure changing the hands several times whilst sketching the Spawn character and also deciding on the placement of certain design elements on the costume such as the spikes and chains etc.

I wanted this pencil sketch to show the M emblem on the chest of Spawn as that was the mark of Malbolgia which is the Devil in the comic book and also I wanted to show the Spawn in an almost action like pose so that when I eventually come to color this I can draw the green power emanating from his clawed hands.

Watch the video and see if you can draw Spawn too.

Spawn Drawing Video

Drawing Spawn Video Tutorial Demonstration

Drawing Spawns Face

Spawn Character Face Drawing

Drawing Spawns face unmasked. I drew this with a 5B pencil which creates a nice dark pencil line ideal for shading. The Spawn face drawn here is sketched in lightly with a popper pencil which I use more than any other with 5B leads and when I have sketched all of the main areas I draw darker with the pencil to create finished pencil lines to create a nice shadowed version of the face drawing.


How To Draw Spawns Face Unmasked

Drawing Spawn Face Drawing Tutorial

Draw Spawns Face Masked Step By Step

Draw Spawn Head

How to draw a Spawn face step by step now and if you want to see the drawing video which you can pause at any moment you like. Then check that out here - Drawing Spawns Face


Ink The Spawn Pencil Drawing

Inking Tutorial

When inking any type of drawing I always opt for the easier ink pens like either the gel ink pens or my current favorite which is the fine liner range from Berol which are usually meant for handwriting with these pens but I always use them for inking over my drawings as the ink seems to flow well on most paper even printer paper too. In this case I used the Berol ink pen with it's superior flexible plastic nib which makes it easier to ink over pencil graphite.

In the following art video you can see how I layered in the ink through subtle uses of cross hatching which help to show shadow on characters such as Spawn. Cross hatching is a term used for comic book inking or often pen and ink drawings which require a dark black image or series of images such as pages to be drawn dark for them to be printed.

Certainly creating a thicker ink line in places helps to add some nice contrast to your finished drawings but for this one I mainly tried to keep all of the ink lines tight and focused as one so that the whole Spawn drawing looks roughly the same throughout. Ideally when inking you want to separate the different areas of the body and the other elements such as the costume and you can do this with filling in darker areas on the character. This way of inking is particularly useful when you come to ink different textures as you can easily differentiate between the differing contours of multiple textures such as fur, hair, folds in clothes and skin.

Watch the video below and I hope you pick up some ideas and some valuable insights into the inking technique.

How To Ink The Spawn

Spawn Inking Video Tutorial
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Spawn Art Tutorial

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The second subheading, Drawing Spawns Face Spawn Character Face Drawing Drawing Spawns face unmasked, describes popper pencil as something that "I use more than any other with 5B leads."

Why is it that 5B leads call for a popper pencil? What might be an alternative to a popper pencil?

onepagearticles on 07/26/2012

Thanks for the comments Katie and Brenda. The fun thing about these articles is that I love drawing anyway and if I can help others with drawing or even as simple as becoming inspired to draw something, then it's all a good thing! cheers now!

BrendaReeves on 07/26/2012

Thanks for the article. I'm a realistic artist, and I'd like to break away and do something different. I try but can't seem to break old habits.

katiem2 on 07/26/2012

This spawn tutorial is totally sick, you are one skillful artist and to be able to define the procedure as you do it is fabulous, you make learning how to draw simplified and possible. Thanks :)K My artist daughter loves your work. Def gonna tweet about this

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