Drawing A Wicked Witch's Face

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How to draw a witch's face video drawing tutorials.

Learn how to draw a wicked looking classic Witch's face with this three part video drawing tutorial. Plus see how to draw variations of a Witch's face to really help you draw the head of a Witch.

How To Draw Witch Face

Draw Witch's Faces

Witch's have that distinctive look. That repulsive but classic style of design, such as the green skin tone and the jet black hair that looks greasy and straggly and also wearing a black crumpled hat too. Here we will draw a Witch that looks quite wicked with those basic design elements in mind. As usual, I have arranged this tutorial into two sections. The first is the three part drawing video series in which we will draw a Witch's head from scratch and ink and color it. The second is a complimentary section in which we draw another Witch face example but in greater detail with step by step photos that you can follow along and draw yourself.

Drawing Witches has always been fun for me and I hope it's fun for you too. Watch the first drawing video tutorial on sketching that Witch face and I'll see you in the next two videos below.

Draw A Witch's Face In Pencil Video One

Drawing Witch's Face

Inking The Witch Head Drawing

Witch Face Inking

When it came to the inking stage on this Witch drawing I decided to not add much shading at all as the Crayola colors would help determine a lot of the dark and light areas. So with a fine line gel ink pen I started to ink the Witch's face and slightly improve the pencil drawing structure. The key with inking is to find that perfect balance between not adding too much detail or too little detail. I wanted to capture the basic essence of this Goblin like Witch face with simple line art that describes the face simply rather than with a mess of unnecessary detail.

Something I'll be doing in future drawing tutorials is to mix in thick ink pens with fine point ink liner pens to show you the contrasting effects you can get away with with inking your drawings that way.

Inking The Witch Face Pencil Drawing

Inking techniques

Coloring The Witch Head

Coloring With Crayolas

When it came to the coloring stage of this Witch's head drawing I wanted to color it the classic colors of green face with a black hat. And with The Crayola color pencils it made sense to use them to color and blend the skin tone with a dark green and a light green. The Witch even has at the end of it some lipstick on it which was created with Red and white pencil which blended together nicely to make a soft pink color.

Whenever you color with coloring pencils try and use ones that aren't too waxy as those types are no good for coloring at all. The types of pencils I mean are the ones that scratch the papers surface and render it useless to blend over with other colors. Crayolas and Prismacolors are great as they work well together for light and in depth color work.

A good tip with darker colors, but also some lighter colors is to smooth off the color with a White pencil. This helps to get rid of the grainy texture of the pencils. Try and draw a Witch's face just like this one or the one below!

Crayola Colored Pencil Witch Face Video

Coloring With Crayolas

How To Draw A Witch Face Step By Step Alternative

See The Steps Of A Different Witch Face Drawing Tutorial

Here I decided to draw another example in a few steps you could follow to draw your own Witch's head. There is a coloring stage to follow.

Sketching And Inking A Wicked Witch's Head Step By Step

Draw Witch Head
Draw an oval shape for the head.
Draw an oval shape for the head.
Draw nose and eyes.
Draw nose and eyes.
Draw in detail around the nose and then sketch in the mouth and hat line.
Draw in detail around the nose and th...
Define the chin and sketch in lines for the teeth.
Define the chin and sketch in lines f...
Straighten up the nose and loosely sketch the rest of the hat.
Straighten up the nose and loosely sk...
Draw a curved ear against the backdrop of some black hair.
Draw a curved ear against the backdro...
Draw dark eye brows and detail on the eyes.
Draw dark eye brows and detail on the...
Start to darken the pencil lines now.
Start to darken the pencil lines now.
Start to ink your witch drawing now.
Start to ink your witch drawing now.
Ink the lines you want to keep.
Ink the lines you want to keep.
Dark ink on the hair...nearly done.
Dark ink on the hair...nearly done.
Cross hatching ink technique.
Cross hatching ink technique.
Now just add signature.
Now just add signature.

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Draw A Witch's Face

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/02/2023

The third sentence under that first subheading, How To Draw Witch Face Draw Witch's Faces, describes black-, dirty-, straggly-haired, green-skinned witches as black-, crumpled-hatted.

The wicked witch in the filmed Wizard of Oz does not have a crumpled hat. A crumpled hat perhaps realistically goes poorly with broomstick rides that generate quite a bit of wind.

Your drawing is effective in the evil whole that it presents. How might that evil be affected by an MGM-styled, photogenic hat?

What might be needed to be added to affirm that evil whole should one follow all your directions except regarding a crumpled hat?

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