5 Moving Tips From Professional Removalists

by RobertKeith

Get these awesome tips from Professional Removalists that will surely help you in moving home.

Moving home is a very challenging task. Everything could be stressful from packing to hiring a mover. You want it to be stress-free and successful? Why not check out this article. These tips will save you more money and time. This Brisbane based removalist shares very helpful tips in moving home. Check this out!

You have decided to move. You can hire a professional removalist to help you. Or you can do it yourself — who would not want to save some money? To make the moving day successful, you need to have in place the necessary plans. You need to understand what the whole process entails. A Brisbane based removalist shares the following tips:

Make Packing Plans 

You will have to get crates, boxes, tissue paper and masking tape among other things. What do you need tissue paper for? You can use it to wrap delicate items so that they will not break in transit.

You can save some money if you use boxes where you would have used crates. It is time to call that friend of yours down at the local supermarket. Ask him if you could take all those empty boxes off their hands. Alternatively, talk to your other friends or people on social media where you are active. Ask if they have boxes they do not need. The chances are you will get enough boxes to pack all your belongings.

It is Time to Pack

Start the packing process as early as you can. Do it progressively, one room after the other, over several weeks. The idea is to have everything ready when the day to move finally arrives. You do not want to be packing a few last items in a hurry the morning you should be loading up your van. 

Declutter your home so that you can reduce your workload. Why carry items you no longer need to the new home? 

As you pack, you need to inventory everything. At the end of the packing process, you should know what each box contains. The labelling process can be cumbersome, but you will be glad you did it once you reach your destination. It will be easy to find things as you start organising your new home.

Draw a Floor Plan

Draw a precise floor plan of the new home. Decide where you will place every item. Will the fridge fit into that small space? You need to have accurate measurements of areas. Things will be easier for you when it is time to arrange your items. You will save time as you will not have to think where the furniture or the fridge will go. 

Get the Right Equipment and a Van

The Brisbane based professional mover reminds us, ‘you will need to hire a van big enough to carry all your belongings. Such thoughtfulness will eliminate the risk of having to make several trips.' The mover adds, ‘you can also borrow a friend's van; you will save some money. If you can't, consider working with pros like us.' 

Get 3–4 quotes from different movers to ensure you get a fair deal. 

You will also have to get suitable equipment to help you move large, bulky items such as fridges. Be careful when moving such big objects; you can easily hurt yourself. 

Hire a Professional Mover

Why hire a professional removalist when you have decided to do it yourself? It has taken you several years to buy all the belongings you are moving. Some of those items are quite expensive while others are of sentimental value to you and your family. You do not want any of your valuables getting damaged or broken. 

For safe handling during packing, hauling and unpacking, use a professional removalist. Removalists have been moving people for years and have built up enough experience. You may pay a little more but think about the peace of mind you will enjoy.

Moving house has never been without challenges. Hiring professionals can save you time and allow you to relax as you contemplate life in your new home. You can always DIY, but meticulous planning is of the essence.

Updated: 12/07/2017, RobertKeith
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