5 Reasons To Buy A Kindle

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The best reasons to buy a Kindle for reading ebooks and why you should care for the future of e-reading technology with the latest versions of the Amazon Kindle.

Why Should You Buy A Kindle?

Best Reasons To Buy An Amazon Kindle

The Kindle has been a top bestseller on Amazon since they released the first Kindle ereader version to the public back in late 2007 just before Christmas and the Kindle has seen many changes in it's short life span with newer versions becoming more and more compact and streamlined like the top mobile phones and so with that in mind lets reveal the first reason why you should purchase an Amazon Kindle.

1. Lighter - The Kindles now are lighter at 170 grams apparently so with the new design you can comfortably hold the Kindle with it's easy 5 way navigation for reading ebooks and with a smaller design this Kindle actually fits in your pocket depending on your pocket size though. There are other versions of the Kindle however that are larger with a built in keyboard which I personally prefer as they have larger storage capacity at 1.25GB for storing more ebook content.

2. Wi-Fi enabled - To connect and buy or access free ebooks within 60 seconds through Wi-Fi hotspots which you will be able to find in Internet cafes, some Libraries and Hotels and other places. Of course the 60 seconds is the connection time average depending on the locations Internet connectivity.

A Kindle that has built in Wi-Fi is a great solution to access digital ebook content and the fact of buying ebooks to read at a convenient time just seems like a practical way of doing things if you are super busy.

3. Functions -  Easier to use as it has ever been with page turning buttons on both sides of the Kindle that help you with your reading flow with faster page loads to help as well. Amazon have created this new Kindle based on some simple factors of ergonomic design such as the soft touch back which has a textured surface that is comfortable to hold for long periods and the best thing is the Kindle won't get hot like ipads do.

4. Reading - With up to 8 font sizes you can enlarge the text to aid tired eyes, although tired eyes usually mean it's time for bed, but if you really need to read something there is that font size selection there. Also there are 3 Font styles to choose from just to add something different in there and the words and letters are displayed using E-ink Pearl which is a certain type of technology that helps avoid eye strain by providing clear paper like pages even in Sunlight you can still read youe ebooks as there is no annoying backlight.

Built in PDF reader which is a massive help if you want to send them wirelessly to your Kindle to read and annotate certain stuff.

5. More Than Ebooks - Magazines and newspapers are also available as Amazon are aiming for the goal of having any book ever written to be available on Kindle that can be accessed from anywhere in the world which sounds cool. New releases of actual printed books are being converted to the Kindle format and there are lots available for you to choose from now more than ever.

The Kindle doesn't need any software to install and it's ready to use out of the box and that's another great feature in itself as there's no messing around with discs and having the right computer to install software and all that annoying stuff.

The only Downside....

There are always downsides to any product no matter how many features it has and one of the drawbacks is that you have to buy the charger separately which is an annoyance as this should be included even on the standard Kindle. But it's a good job that the charger isn't expensive so that's a plus.

Of course there are other features that different people may find important but these are the top 5 that I thought I would list.

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Top Reasons To Buy A Kindle

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/06/2023

The first paragraph alerts us to Kindle being around ... since 2007!

This can be considered somewhat related in that it's about Kindle, but somewhat not directly related because it's about collecting and servicing.

Such groundbreadking technology as the Kindle cries for collecting every release. Is it possible that there's some archive or center or library or museum that culls each model?

A problem in collecting may be servicing. Might an older or the oldest Kindle model not be serviceable because of the changing, leaping, streamlining technology?

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