5 Reasons to Buy Audio Stories to Share with Your Kids

by MelanieB

If you haven't thought of buying audio stories for your little ones yet, this post will share 5 top reasons why you should.

audio stories for kids
audio stories for kids

Audio stories are slowly starting to gain popularity in todays busy society. With all the people on the go, and the ability to bring along an audio file that will either share a funny story for your child or even a self help audio for mom, audio stories can entertain, teach and enrich our lives in many ways.

Here are 5 reasons why you may want to buy audio stories to share with your kids:

1. You can take them wherever you need to go. Got a long ride ahead of you? Audio stories are an excellent way to pass the time. You can either let your child listen to them personally with a headset or you can pop a cd into the car player and everyone can get in on the fun.

2. Audio stories inspire your child to play and imagine. When they listen to the narrator describe the events and characters in the story, he can learn to act it out and expand on the story if he so chooses. He can ask you questions to increase his knowledge or even exchange ideas with other children who may be listening.

3. Audio stories will help your child to develop better listening skills. Too often when children are watching tv or even reading, they are only using part of their senses and do not often take in important parts. When your child listens to an audio story, she needs to listen hard and learn to focus or she will get lost and lose out on the story and fun. She will also learn how to pronounce words correctly, and grow her vocabulary.

4. Audio stories are usually affordable and will last a long time if used correctly. If purchasing an mp3 audio file, you may want to keep an extra copy somewhere in case your little one somehow learns how to erase or delete the file on the ipod or digital device he is using. If you purchase a cd, it can last for years of repeat play providing it is cleaned properly, and not scratched or knicked. You may want to insert the disc into the cd player or computer for your child if they are too young
to know the correct way to handle the disc.

5. Audio stories will never go out of season. Even when your children get too old for the stories, they can either save them for their own children or you can pass them along to another child who will enjoy them just as much. The great thing about sharing adventures and characters in digital format is that the story can live on for a life time.

Updated: 10/09/2011, MelanieB
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