3 Ways to Add Some Fun When Cooking with Children

by MelanieB

Cooking with children can be a fun experience for both you and your child if you take the time to plan and work together while you learn. This article share 3 ways you can try.

Cooking with Children
Cooking with Children

If you have children who are interested in learning how to cook, you may wonder what it is that they can get started on. Some parents feel that their children are too young to peel vegetables or to cut them up and often do not know what to do with them to help them learn.

Baking and Singing are Great Ways to Pass the Time

I have always loved to bake. I find that baking is one of the best ways to get your child used to certain techniques and rules in the kitchen. You can teach them about fractions and measurements, explain why you need to mix the dry ingredients separate from the wet before blending it all together, and then finally let them have a go with the mixer on a low speed. If you are baking cookies or cake, you can also let them express their creativity with the decorating aspect of it.

You could make up songs to sing with rhyming ingredients. Or you can make up a type of trivia game before you get started with your recipe. This helps your children to retain the information they need to know in regards to cooking so that they can not only learn it in words but also in practice. You can have candies or other treats for prizes, or even use pennies if you prefer. This often is a perfect choice to make when trying to teach more than one child how to prepare food and work in the kitchen.

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Use Child Safe Tools in the Kitchen for Easy Learning

There are also child safe knives like the Curious Chef brand. Letting your child practice with real tools that are meant for cutting is the best way for your child to really master the skill of dicing, paring, and cutting julienne style. When cooking with children, the more you let them do, the more fun they will have and the more they will want to keep on pursuing the art of cooking.

Smiles and Praise Go A Long Way

Always be sure to smile and praise your child when they learn a new skill or produce a great dish. This will work wonders on their personal growth for motivation and self-esteem.  If you choose simple recipes that they will be able to do a good majority of the preparations themselves, they will feel capable of accomplishing more.  Take advantage of tools like the food processor over things like vegetable peelers or slicers. Not only is it more fun to use, the blades are also enclosed and safe from little fingers.

If your children enjoy spending time with you in the kitchen mixing up new dishes, chances are they will strive to learn as many new skills as they can so that eventually they will be cooking like a real pro. With proper organization and thought on your side, cooking with children can be a rewarding time instead of stressful.

Updated: 07/22/2011, MelanieB
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MelanieB on 07/27/2011

Since cooking and baking are some of my favorite things to do, I like to make it fun and make memories with my kids so that they too will learn to enjoy food and what they can do with it.

Charlotte on 07/27/2011

i imagine it must be such fun cooking and baking with you!

These are just great ideas! thank you for sharing them with us!

MelanieB on 07/23/2011

yes, we cannot forget the cleanup. Anything we can do to make that more fun is always a plus if it gets the willing to do it without complaint. Most things in life people will be willing to do if there is an element of fun attached to it I find.

mivvy on 07/23/2011

Baking and singing such a good idea. Singing and doing the washing-up also go well together (at least when my children were young and we had no diswasher)

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