5 reasons you should never invest in cheap SEO

by RobertKeith

We all get them.The daily emails from oversea's companies promising to rank our websites on the 1st page of Google for $99 - $299/mo.

While it may be tempting to give these cheap SEO offers a try, more often than not they do more long term damage to your site than you'd expect. From permenant penalties to ruining your reputation online, the damage far exceeds losing a few hundred dollars up from. In this article you'll discovery 5 more reasons to avoid these cheap offers

Why You Should Never Go Cheap With Your Affordable Search Engine Optimization

"You get what you pay for".

This is an old saying. It applies, though. It may seem appealing to go cheap for your SEO. It is appealing especially for those on a budget. I can give you 5 reasons why you should never go cheap with your SEO.

The "gotcha scenario" with affordable SEO

1) Money makes the world go around. You cannot do anything unless you have the money to make it work. Same rules apply with SEO and their services. There are only two things you can accomplish on a cheap SEO plan. You will have both time constraints and be very capital dependent. Two items that are very dependent on money are content and backlinks. 

Everything costs money these days. You will not get far with anything, especially the keyword search. Most of us depend on having a "no-limits" criteria with our SEO. The only way you would not rely on this is when you live in a cave. 

2) Cheap SEO is not going to get you far. Think of it like buying a ring for your partner. You would not skimp on a ring, would you? Those who do are not going to last long in the marriage. Wives have divorced their partners for much less. This is the same thing. Your future partner is not going to be very happy with you. She may even give you a divorce. Do yourself a favor and avoid buying cheap. 

3) Your content and backlinks are assets to you and your business. Think of it like a marriage. You want to go into the marriage protecting your assets. When there is nothing in value, why would the person stay? Same here with the content and backlinks. You going cheap is going to hurt you and your business in the long run.

4) Your clients need to have access to your company and work. No client is going to want to use the "cookie cutter" approach. This is when they have to "scale" your walls to see what you have to offer. I do not know a single person who wants to put that much effort into acquiring something. When you are not accessible to your traffic, they will walk away. Cheap SEO offers the "cookie cutter" approach. This may seem ideal in the short-term. It will have devastating consequences in the long run.

It is seen as "low-quality and spammy". Is this something you want?

5) The experience you offer is not something that can be bought. When you go cheap, it is often times seen as being "inexperienced". You have to put out the money to be seen as someone who knows what they are doing. The more money you put out, the more likely a customer is willing to take a chance on your company. 

Updated: 04/24/2017, RobertKeith
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