Stuck for Internet Marketing Ideas? Here's 50 Top Quality Niche Ideas

by brettb

50 niche ideas for your next niche website!

Hi, I'm Brett and I've been building money making websites for over ten years now.

I've own websites in quite a number of niches. And coming up with niches is usually the major problem for wannabe Internet Marketing folk.

Have no fear though - I've used a remarkable keyword research tool to come up with some cracking niche ideas for small niche sites. I don't think it would be too difficult to make a $100 a month site from any of these niches.

An A-Z List of Some Nice Looking Niches

People are always wanting to hire stuff. Either the item is big and bulky, or they only need the item for a party or one off event. So why not build a niche site to allow someone to:

  1. Hire an Actor
  2. Hire an Accountant
  3. Hire a Bodyguard
  4. Hire a Celebrity
  5. Hire a Cook
  6. Hire a Dance Act
  7. Hire a Fire Truck
  8. Hire a Ghostwriter
  9. Hire a Graffiti Artist
  10. Hire a Guitar Player
  11. Hire an Ice Cream Van
  12. Hire a Kitchen Designer
  13. Hire a Leaf Blower
  14. Hire a Lookalike
  15. Hire a Magician
  16. Hire a Nanny for a Day
  17. Hire an Open Top Bus
  18. Hire a Rapper
  19. Hire an RV
  20. Hire a Singer
  21. Hire a String Quartet
  22. Hire a Translator
  23. Hire an Underwater Camera
  24. Hire a Vibrating Exercise Machine
  25. Hire a Xerox Machine

People are also interesting in renting stuff. So a niche site could help folk who want to:

  1. Rent an Airplane
  2. Rent a Bus
  3. Rent a Dance Floor
  4. Rent an Evening Gown
  5. Rent an Exotic Car
  6. Rent an Excavator
  7. Rent a Floor Sander
  8. Rent a Food Truck
  9. Rent a Garage
  10. Rent a Generator
  11. Rent a Gym
  12. Rent a Helicopter
  13. Rent an Island
  14. Rent a Nanny
  15. Rent a Juke Box
  16. Rent a Karaoke Machine
  17. Rent a Nail Gun
  18. Rent an Overhead Projector
  19. Rent a Prom Dress
  20. Rent a Rug Doctor
  21. Rent a Snow Machine
  22. Rent a Tent
  23. Rent a Wedding Arch
  24. Rent a Yatch
  25. Rent a Zebra

See any Niches You Like Here?

Why Are These Niches Good?

I like these niches because most are evergreen, they're not too seasonal, and there's always going to be a demand for these goods and services.

Take wedding arch hire - people will always spend money on weddings.

There's also a steady stream of advertisers who are desperate for customers to visit their sites. And these adverts convert into sales leads like crazy. So advertisers aren't afraid to bid decent amounts to get paying customers.

Researching These Niches

Once you've chosen a niche from the list (or a related niche), then you need to search for the item in Google or Bing. If you see lots of adverts on the side of the results page, then this indicates it's a good niche! If you see adverts for the actual item (e.g. a wedding arch), then so much the better. What really makes me excited is seeing adverts with the item being advertised or sale or hire in my local area.

While I did do keyword targeting for a while, now I like to theme my sites based on what I think people would need to know about for a particular topic. The Keyword Researcher Tool is fantastic for this (link at the bottom of this article). Build your own FAQ list for the niche, then build a site based around this list.

For hiring of items, people need to know prices, hire lengths, deposit requirements, how the item is delivered etc. etc..

Building a Niche Website

Here's a top tip - if you think a niche has potential, build a couple of HubPages, or a Squidoo Lens or two, or a Wizzley Wizz. If the pages get visitors and (better still), make a few dollars, then it's worth building them out into a separate website.

For most of these keywords, if I thought I had a chance of ranking for them then I'd build a 50 page website. I'd look for a domain name like or If the niche was quite competitive and all the good names were taken, then I'd use "the" or "center" as a prefix or suffix respectively. Even if is taken then I'm sure you could find something like

As far as building the website, I'd use a decent, paid for, Wordpress theme. I'd write all the content myself, and add any photos of the items I'd actually taken.

I'd also pull in some content from other sites, especially videos from YouTube.

I'd not shy away from linking to sites in the niche. Don't worry, because although you'll lose a few visitors who click on the links, it's more than compensated by search engines rewarding you for giving your visitors links to good resources.

I'd also approach businesses with websites in this niche and ask for content (articles, photos) in exchange for links. Few people actually do this with their niche sites, but it can work very well indeed, especially once your site is ranking well and pulling in visitors.

How to Add Value to Keywords

For a lot of these keywords you'd expect small businesses to rank well for these keyword terms. Sure, you can boost your own site by buying a domain like But why should your site deserve to rank above the long established suit hire businesses?

A way to counter this and build a site for long term success is to add value to the keywords you target. Write about how you chose a particular business when you wanted to hire a children's entertainer. Write about problems you encountered (clown wasn't funny, children got bored). Upload your own YouTube videos and make people empathise with your own experiences. At the end of the day, someone hiring a clown will be more interested in your own good or bad experiences than what the clown will write on their own website!

Finally, why not start your own business based on these keywords? Making money online through advertising revenue alone is a bit of a wasted opportunity! Why rely on a website making $3 a day from advertising dog walking services? If you actually offered your own dog walking service then you could be making $60 a day!

Hire businesses are also quite easy to set up. Usually you only need phone and a diary. I eam, how difficult is it to set up a celebrities for hire website? All you need to do is phone up a few agents, see what the celebs charge and what sort of bookings they'll take. Celebs (and their agents!) need to work just like the rest of us do, and they'll gladly do business with you if you can put some gigs their way.

How I Found These Niche Ideas

To find all these niches I used a nice tool called the Keyword Researcher. I bought it when it first came out, thanks to a recommendation from Splork.

The tool works differently to Market Samurai, Micro Niche Finder and the Google Keyword Tool. I won't bore you with the details - just the good news! Use Keyword Researcher and you'll find a whole lot of other keywords that you'll never see with the traditional keyword research favorites. It's also fantastic for pulling out the long tail queries that people need answering about any niche you can think of.

Here's the tool:

Have fun building niche sites. And if you're interested, is only $9.99 on GoDaddy!

Are These Niches any Good?

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Updated: 03/19/2012, brettb
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