6 Tips For Surviving the Coming Global Cataclysm

by Sarandipity

Some believe the cataclysmic events which are expected to radically change the Earth and uplift consciousness are fast approaching, and many believe there is a way to survive them.

Some believe the cataclysmic events which are expected to radically change the Earth and uplift consciousness are fast approaching, and many believe that there is a way to survive the catastrophes and enter the Age of Enlightenment. In fact the spiritual era has already begun in 2012 according to the Maya - a new cycle of higher consciousness which demands that people raise their personal vibration levels, or perish.

With the announcement by NASA about the massive solar storm due to hit the Earth "with the force of 100 million hydrogen bombs" in the near future (the window for global cataclysm is 2012 to 2016 according to the Maya), the Mayan prediction of 2012 is being taken more seriously. Acclaimed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku says that we are unprepared for such a solar storm which is imminent. Some researchers say that a solar storm of this magnitude could cause a reversal of the poles.

According to the History Channel series "Mayan Prophecies of 2012," the Maya prophesy that the Earth is going to be rocked by cataclysms which will destroy most of its creatures. In the fourth episode is the prediction: "For half there will be food, for others, misfortunes."

It is my belief that even if we go underground as many are preparing to, we cannot survive unless we are enlightened, or at least working towards this state. Mantras and magic are not going to help. The only way to transform ourselves is by realising and manifesting the divinity each one of us possesses. Drunvalo Melchizadek, a spokesman for the National Mayan Council for Indigenous Elders, says that the Maya call this "Unity Consciousness."

Here are the spiritual insights I have gained from a spiritual path that prefers anonymity. I offer them to all seekers of the light.

How We Create Fresh Negative Karma

We sow the fresh seeds of karma every time we react to situations and people in an extreme manner. This doesn't mean we allow others to run rough shod over us. It is not about being "good." For instance, if you are cheated, you can make your feelings known, but it all depends on what motivates us to react.

If I react with anger and hatred, I will certainly create fresh karma, for the person at the receiving end will also react in a negative way. However, if we just say what has to be said without emotion and attachment, the person will understand and there will be harmony.

1. Realize the Purpose of Your Life

Most people think that the purpose of their life is to fulfill some sort of role: mother, father, wife, writer, etc. Few realize that the reason why we are born in the first place is because of our past actions ion other lives (karma). Some believe that our purpose is to resolve the problems thus created and refrain from creating fresh karma. In other words, the purpose of human life is enlightenment. There is no time to be lost.

Enlightenment is Not Something Out There

Each one of us possesses the enlightened self – the True Self. The False Self is our identity, our character. It's the image the world knows us by as do we. The enlightened being is just waiting to manifest itself.

2. Be Vegetarian

You will only cause fresh karma to accumulate if you eat the flesh of any living creature. Like begets like. If you cause suffering, you will suffer. This is the Universal law of Cause and Effect.

3. Be Chaste

Ever wondered why chastity or celibacy is so important for the priesthood no matter what the religion or spiritual path? It's believed that in order to realize our divinity, we must become pure like the children we once were. Without desire.

The Buddha knew sensual pleasure in his sheltered life before he abandoned it to seek the solutions to human suffering. After a bout of pleasure (he was always surrounded by beautiful women), he noted the ugliness of the women he had made love to. He realized the transience of beauty and pleasure and how they delude us.

This brings to mind Franz Kafka who held that sex is the price one pays for love. Sex ties us down to the material, to the gross. It is time to rise beyond the sensual indulgence, be it gluttony or lust.

4. Do Not Smoke or Drink Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are not conducive to purity of mind and body. The stimulate the production of adrenaline which creates the opposite of serenity. Taoists believe tobacco destroys wisdom and "burns the way to heaven" while alcohol leads to delusion. In Japan they refer to alcohol as "crazy water."

The Buddha prohibited alcohol and tobacco for monks. It's time for everyone to be a true monk. The Hindus regard these substances as "tamasic" – causing harm to the body and mind, leading to premature ageing, disease, self-centredness, anger and mood swings.

Tamasic foods include meat, garlic and onions. Research has revealed that onions and garlic destroy red blood cells and can cause anemia. These foods can also affect our organs in a negative way. According to the Taoists as well as Hindus, onions and garlic arouse lust and anger.

5. Realise that You Alone Create Your World

As we said earlier, like begets like. The world we see is our mirror. The miseries and joys we experience are created by us in previous lives as well as the current one. Our thoughts create our world. Therefore, we cannot blame others for our difficulties. Rough times and the people we dislike are to be appreciated as they are here to help us cut our karma and learn the lessons we're here to learn.

6. Attain the State of Nothingness

Nothingness is not a difficult concept to understand. A simple example will make it clear. You may have read about the "Tsunami Baby" or Abhilash Jeyaraj in Sri Lanka who survived the waves as a two-month-old baby. If he had fought the waves as most adults would tend to, he would not have survived.

This pure baby heart is the state of nothingness - where there is no fear or anxiety, no future or past. It's the simple acceptance of reality. This is the challenge of 2012. We can apply this example to any challenge we face in life.

What to Do When Darkness Descends

According to one spiritual source who sought to remain anonymous, the darkness will last for 49 days and our days will get longer. The time of darkness is a time to pray. Do not meditate, unless you are enlightened. You will only attract entities with a similar vibratory level and some believe that this can be dangerous.

Many believe that the darkness already exists within us and so does the light; all we have to do is shine our light into the darkness and dispel it.

Drunvalo Melchizadek says that the Maya predict 30-70 hours of prolonged darkness. The head of the council, Grandfather Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj encourages people to remain calm.

Some like Padre Pio have prophesied that at least half to three quarters of the world's population will perish from fear and despair in the three days of darkness predicted by the Bible.

Some believe that the New Age of Enlightenment will bring with it eternal spring when the axis of the earth assumes a perpendicular position after the days of darkness following the polar reversal.

Change in Human DNA from Cosmic Rays

Some say that during the galactic alignment, light rays from Cygnus will transform human DNA so that a giant leap in spiritual evolution takes place. Scientists support the theory that cosmic light rays affect the DNA. Such a study has been reported on November 6, 2006 (see sources below).

Some say that in the new world there will be no religion, money, violence, hunger, politics or poverty. But to enter this golden age, I believe (as do the Maya) that we need to make enlightenment our goal. If we do, and work towards it every moment, we will discover the right connections.

And even if these predictions don't come true, we will have realized our true enlightened nature – the greatest attainment of all.

Unity Consciousness - The Kyudo Ceremony

This ancient ceremony goes back at least 5000 years and the "heart-to-heart" initiation was only available to the enlightened like Confucius, Bodhi Dharma - the inventor of Zen and The Buddha. But today because of the dark age we're in (the Kaliyuga), the initiation is available to all. It entails the opening of the "Door of Atman" - the third eye. The Kyudo is not a religion.

The ceremony's purpose is to reconnect us to the divinity within. Before we're born we're connected to the Source but we lose the connection when we take our first breath. The Kyudo also provides protection from disasters and burns away our 'karma' so that the difficult circumstances we face in life are significantly mitigated.

The Kyudo is known as "the short cut to enlightenment." There are temples around the world where this ceremony is performed due to the blessings of the Maitreya or the Laughing Buddha who is in charge of this era. His mission is unity consciousness.

Temples exist in Bangalore, Brazil and Illinois. with headquarters in Nagoya, Japan. It is expected that thousands of people will undergo this "baptism by fire" predicted in the Bible before 2012. It is the hope of this writer that the reader is one of them. If he is, he just has to make a small effort towards enlightenment. The DNA changes in store will do the rest.








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