7 Essential Things To Pack On Your Next Trip

by RobertKeith

What to pack when traveling overseas? These 7 essential items will save you in more ways than you can imagine.

Traveling is one of life’s joys. It teaches you more about the world and life, and it helps you grow in more ways than words can describe. To ensure your next trip goes smoothly here are the 7 often forgotten, yet essential items you need to pack for your next trip.
Not only will they help make your trip run smoothly but it will also save you time, money and increase your comfort.
Below are the 7 essential items you should pack for your next trip:

Multi Board Power Adapters

Whether you need extra sockets to charge your phone or laptop, a multi board power adapter will be a big asset. Not to mention you can charge more than one item at a time and you’re less likely to leave a charger or the power board behind. Traveling overseas? Bring your own power board and a travel adapter, saving you the need to purchase more than one power adapter.

Wet Wipes

When you’re traveling you’re touching all sorts of germs, which is why having some wet wipes to sanitize your hands is a great why to maintain good hygiene. Not to mention if you’re eating on the go, they are great to clean hands and face with too. You could use them as a refreshing face cloth after a day spent in transit.
Microfiber Towels

The best thing about packing a microfiber towels are they dry quicker, absorb water faster, are light weight, and nice and compact to pack. They are great for drying yourself with, cleaning your sunglasses, and cleaning your hands with. Plus microfiber travel towels are a great way to go green.

Filtered Water Bottle

One of the biggest advantages of packing a filtered water bottle for your next trip is the money you will save from buying water out. Make certain that the filter bottle can filter out virus and bacteria such as Giardia, such as the Fill2Pure travel filter bottle. As an added bonus, you will be a greener traveler, saving the environment from added landfill of the many plastic bottles you would otherwise purchase. You will have the freedom of filling your bottle with water from any water source and have it safe to drink. Using a quality filter bottle is especially important when traveling in Asia and Africa as most of the water is contaminated, giving travelers not used to the contamination upset stomachs.

Fill2Pure Travel Bottle
Fill2Pure Travel Bottle

Travel Mug
Travel mugs are great for more than just consuming hot beverages, they can also be used to protect your sunglasses or reading glasses during transport and it can be used as a secret hiding spot for valuables such as jewellery or money.

Safety Pins

You might be thinking what good is a safety pin? Let me tell you, you would be very surprised. A safety pin is a multifunction traveling tool. You can use it to secure your bag pack, making it harder for thief’s to unzip your bag when you’re unaware, they could be used as a substitute for a missing button, a zipper pull, used to mend a wardrobe malfunction or to get out any annoying blisters.

Tote Bag

Packing a tote bag for your next trip will be worth it because you just don’t know whether some countries will make you pay extra for plastic bags. These little costs can add up and if you can avoid it you will be grateful because every cent counts. An expandable tote bag is perfect for the farmers markets, purchasing food at a local supermarket, using as a beach bag, using it to carry dirty laundry inside your suitcase or even as extra carry on for your flights.

Updated: 11/16/2014, RobertKeith
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