7 Great Ways to Make Meditating Fun & Easy

by Guided-Imagery

Ever feel like it's too hard to meditate every day or you think it's too boring? Try these fun and easy techniques, from guided meditation to using a timer.

Ready to abandon your stress and give in to your inner wisdom? Meditation has more health benefits than most people believe and studies show it can do everything from reducing anxiety and pain sensitivity to helping you lose weight and even making you smarter! "Traditional" meditation isn't for everyone, although there are plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of meditation by trying a style that fits your personality. Here are some ideas, from guided meditation to hand movement meditation.

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1. 100 Breaths Technique

This idea comes from Goddess Leonie of Tiny Buddha. If you know how great meditation is for you, but you have trouble actually doing it, this method might help. It's also really easy and gives you a clear goal to make meditating seem less like a chore. Simply take 100 slow breaths and count each one, doing your best to think of nothing else. Your mind has something to do and you'll find yourself slipping into meditation with little effort.

2. Use a Mantra

Some people also find meditation is more fun and uplifting with a personal mantra, which also keeps you focused. This mantra can be anything you like, whether it's as simple as "let go" or something with deeper meaning, like "I am loved." Just don't over-think it, pick something you like and get started.

3. Try Loving-Kindness Meditation

Want something a bit more structured? There are many types of loving-kindness meditation, although this one is especially easy and pleasant. Begin with yourself and think, "May I be happy, may I be healthy, may I be free." Next, think of someone you love dearly like your spouse or best friend and repeat the phrase in your mind, replacing "I" with their name. Now think of someone who makes you sad or upset and extend the message to them. You can then end by extending the message to the whole world.

4. Use a Timer

A lot of people also find meditation more enjoyable and easier to fit into their life by using a timer. You can set a timer on your phone, beginning with even 5 minutes, or you can make it more social with Insight Timer, an app that helps you find support for your meditation. You can see when and where your friends are meditating and join them, or connect with other people who are getting into a great habit, too.

5. Hand Movement Meditation

Do you find meditation challenging when you have nothing to do with your hands? If so, this is the style for you. Have you noticed that sitting for a while with nothing to do makes you feel itchy? That's because scratching activates areas of your mind associated with compulsion and pain management. Hand movement meditation gives your hands something to do with slow, mindful motions.

6. Guided Meditation

A lot of people just starting out with meditation -- as well as those who have been doing it for decades -- enjoy using guided meditation, or guided imagery. This type of meditation is like meditating with a guide. Audio programs usually have gentle nature sounds or meditation music accompanied by gentle narration designed to transport your mind to a peaceful setting or address specific problems, whether it's weight loss, forgiveness or spiritual connection. This style might be right for you if find meditation is challenging because you can't clear your mind, you don't know where to begin or you have a specific challenge in life you want to address.

7. Try Outdoor Meditation

Some people like to incorporate meditation into something they already enjoy, like the outdoors. Kayak meditation has become really popular over the last few years although you can try it anywhere. Maybe you'll enjoy taking a walk to clear the mind or sitting still in your favorite park to become in tune with nature.

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GermanUtopia on 05/11/2013

Good tips! There are many ways to meditate - and many meditations can be integrated in the daily life, for example in a break.

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