7 Reasons to Spray Paint a Home

by teddletonmr

Discover 7 reasons you should spray paint a home save time, money and enjoy a beautiful home in the bargain

Homeowners, renters, remodeling contractors and homebuilders all have one thing in common. We all appreciate the fact. Painting a home is the quickest best way to ensure a good return on our home-investment dollar. On the other hand, we often disagree on what exactly is the best painting method. Many choose to use a paint roller. Still others rather use a high-quality paintbrush.

Painting a Home

 Then there are those that believe a power-painter or airless paint sprayer does a better job. So what is the best method of painting a house, privacy fence and our other many home improvement projects? As you, continue reading 7 reasons spray-painting a home save time and money. I believe you will soon see the pros of using airless paint sprayers far outweigh any cons.   

7 Reasons wyh you should Spray Paint a Home

1. Save time, as we all are painfully aware, time is money. Using an airless paint sprayer such as the Graco magnum X5 efficiently sprays all latex and oil based interior or exterior paints, wood stains, polyurethane and Thompson’s water sealer.  

2. The easily adjusted pump pressure, delivering maximum 2800-psi (pounds per square inch) forces paints, stains and other coatings into cracks, crevices and uneven surfaces otherwise difficult to paint when using less efficient paintbrushes and paint-rollers.

3. Delivering materials at a rate of .24-gpm (gallons per minute), which is to say. Using a .023 spray-tip and the airless adjusted to full power. The Graco X5 airless painters will spray a gallon of material about every five minutes cutting the time we spend on any DIY painting project. However, latex paints work best when using the .015, or .017 spray tip, and the pressure adjusted to an even spray pattern.

4. Using 25, 50 or 75 feet of paint hose makes it easy to paint several rooms, large fences and decks without the need for relocating, saving valuable time.

5. Using handy accessories such as, extension wands or paint roller attached to the spray gun makes it easy to paint ceilings eliminating the need of continually stop painting in order to move a ladder, scaffold and walk boards.

6. No time wasted refilling a paintbrush or roller in a bucket of paint, or roller pan.

7. Easy clean up, Graco airless paint sprayers designed for use by DIY minded homeowners, remodeling contractors and homebuilders. The built in cleaning feature makes clean-up unbelievably easy. Cleaning latex materials from the pump, paint hose and spray gun between coats, or color changes only requires a garden hose and a few minutes.

 Simply attach your garden hose to the clean out port on the airless paint pump, next turn the water on, then switch the airless painter on and squeeze the trigger on the paint gun. Let the airless sprayer pump motor run until the water runs clear. This handy operation cleans all the paint from inside the paint pump, spray gun and paint sprayer hose.


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7 important things you should know before spray painting

1. Prep time, using a spray painter to paint the interior spaces of a home, will require a bit of prep-time. Mask off, and cover with drop cloths, or plastic sheeting, doors windows and anything else you do not want to paint by mistake. Ok, granted that is a good habit to get into anytime we paint the interior or exterior surfaces of a home.

2. Remove all ceiling fans. Wall and ceiling light fixtures prior to painting this step will make life much easier. While you are at it, take care, remember all the switch and receptacle covers along with the light switches and electrical, phone and cable TV or internet receptacles from the boxes in the wall, and cover them with a plastic bag.

2. Batching the paint, when you will need more than one gallon of paint to finish your painting project, combine the individual gallons of paint into a larger five-gallon bucket and mix well prior to painting. This will help to eliminate color variation problems from one gallon of paint to the next. Oops, that is another good habit to get into, regardless of what method we use to paint a home or other DIY home improvement project.

3. Airless paint sprayers work best when plugged into a good non-GFCI 20-amp circuit of 120 volts of electricity.

4. To ensure safe reliable operation of an airless paint sprayer, use a good outdoor heavy-duty 20-amp rated extension cord. 

5. Hold the spray gun a constant 12 to 16 inches away from the surface you are painting, this will help to maintain consistent coverage.

6. Overlapping each successive spray gun pass, by a third the width of the spray pattern, will help eliminate holidays, AKA uneven paint coverage.    

7. Remember, surface preparation is the key to a great looking paint job. Do yourself a huge favor. Take the time to caulk along moldings, trim pieces, and receptacle and switch boxes. This step will make the job not only look better. It will seal energy wasting air leaks. Patching then sanding all those unattractive nail holes humps and bumps in the drywall before painting will go a long way to achieve that professional look everyone will appreciate.

Spray paint your home and DIY projects and reward yourself with the time & money you save. Teddletonmr

Set-up, Use and Cleaning a Graco Airless Paint Sprayer is quick and easy

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