In-depth review of a Bushcraft Backpacking Survival hatchet

by teddletonmr

Want the best Bushcraft Backpacking Survival hatchet at an affordable price, read this in-depth review of the Fiskars X 7 hatchet before you buy.

Selecting the best backpacking hatchet, or hand axe perfectly suited for Bushcraft projects and all manner of Survival situations. Understandably have many concerned prepprers and doomers trying to decide which, if any one individual camp axe truly can, will fill all their cutting, chopping, wood splitting, and stake driving needs.
I believe we will all agree there are a few basic requirements a compact hand axe must fulfill.
First, a good hatchet must have a durable cutting edge that will hold a razor sharp edge. That is easy to sharpen in the field with a wet stone and file.
Second,, the best cutting and wood splitting hand ax must be, lightweight and compact enough to easily stuff inside a survival kit, or attach to a backpack.
Additionally, like any other high-quality cutting tool, a camp ax must feel good in the hand and easy to control to be useful.
Continue reading this indebt review of the Swedish made Fiskars X7 hatchet before you buy.

Indispensable X7 Bushcraft camp ax

Cut tar bank cord, building shelters, and easily drive stakes.

Fiskars X7 w/caseWhen carefully balancing only the head of this camp axe on my digital kitchen scales, the Fiskars X7 hatchet head, weighs in at 1-pound 2.2 ounces and the combined weight of head and handle not including the carry case is a mere 1-pound 6.5 ounces.

Made of carbon steel, harden to 55-Rockwell. The chopping portion of the X7 head has a good wedge shape for splitting firewood into kindling.

The first thing I noticed when putting the X7 in my hand for the first time. The way Fiskars attaches the FiberComp handle to the head looked shaky to me. The FiberComp handle, constructed of a plastic feeling material wraps around the circumference of the head had me scratching my head in amazement. At first glance looks as though it would break easily.

Fit, finish, and durability

Fiskars X7 head profileAfter taking a closer look at the fit and finish of the handle and blade, I noticed. The way the blade tapered. Starting with the narrowest point of the extremely sharp cutting edge, towards the thickest part of the wedge shaped head. Where it attaches to the handle, I discovered the thickness of the wedge at its widest point, shields the handle from making strait on contact with cut/split materials.

After using the hatchet myself to split seasoned oak, sassafras, and a small bit of hickory I discovered this method of attaching the handle to the blade, actually shields the handle when splitting seasoned firewood.

This type of blade to handle connection as I and the boys have discovered by beating with, chopping, splitting and prying on, the FiberComp handle is extremely durable, and when combined with the carbon steel head make the Fiskars blade and handle assembly a rock solid, backpacker’s firewood-splitting, game processing, stake pounding  performer. Easily used with one or both hands comfortably.

Fiskars X7 vs SOG camp axe
Fiskars X7 vs SOG camp axe
Photo by teddletonmr

Drive stakes make sets and process game

Fiskars X7 hatchet / camp axeThe backside of the X7 hatchet cutting edge, you will find an affective stake and nail driving hammer. That is up to the task of driving tent stakes, cracking walnuts, and process game. The weight of this hatchet works well at chopping down saplings and sharpening them into stakes on one end. The opposite end makes a good stake-driving mallet for securing snares when the need arises. You are not going to drive pole barn spikes or 1-inch wooden stakes into anything harder than rocky soils with this hatchet. However, driving your typical backpackers’ tent stakes and wood stakes use to secure snares and such, the X7 will do very well.

Sharpening in the field is easily accomplished when using a diamond-wet stone is relatively easy to hone the edge sharp enough to shave the hair off your arm, and remove the occasional nicks caused by hitting metal fence wire, rock or God knows what with a good mill file.

The Fiskars X7 is also extremely sharp straight out of the included plastic blade protector / carrier. The plastic case looks rather awkward at first glance. However, the plastic case despite the look of the thing, dose a good job of protecting the cutting edge from incidental nicks, protects against accidental injury to a person’s anatomy, and only weighs 2.2 ounces.

On the down side, the carrier only has a loop handle that makes a good handhold as long as you are not wearing heavy winter gloves or mittens. There are no belt loops or other attachment points for belt carry or attaching to a backpack.

Why you should buy the Fiskars X7

With a little effort, and a diamond-wet stone you will find this hatchet easy to sharpen in the field arm hair shaving sharp.

The low friction coating applied to the X7 hatchet carbon steel head. Helps prevent the head sticking when splitting firewood; this coating also makes cleaning tree sap, bank line tar, and other sticky substances off the blade before sharpening easier.

In my experience having field-tested the Fiskars X7 extensively in wet, dry, hot, and cold weather conditions, the coating will wear with use and still helps prevent rust.  

In conclusion, the FiberComp handle is strong, durable, and comfortable in the hand. The included plastic carrier holds up better than expected, covers the entire head from the extremely sharp cutting edge on one end to the stake driving mallet face on the other.

All this at an affordable price that makes the Fiskars X 7 hatchet the deal you should take full advantage of.

Follow the link I have included here for your convenience, to buy one for yourself, and a few for your friends.

Updated: 12/30/2015, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 12/14/2021

Hi Katie, thanks for sharing. I have collected several hatchets over the years. For the money, the Fiskars X 7 is a good value. Easy to sharpen, well balanced in the hand, work well for driving stakes.
Be well, best wishes, make it a great day...

katiem2 on 12/14/2021

Scott is looking for a god hatchet to give as a gift for a relative this year. I'll show him this helpful and informative article. Very interesting and as always I appreciate your insights.

WriterArtist on 01/15/2015

Beautiful review of the bushcraft backpacking survival hatchet with great tips and why you should buy it. These points would definitely make a camper happy and satisfied.

sandyspider on 01/15/2015

Good review on the Bushcraft hatchet.

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