What girls & boys think is the best kids’ sleeping bag

by teddletonmr

Girls & boys want the perfect sleeping bag for all their sleepovers, watching TV and playing games, fishing hunting and summer camp

As parents of four active kids, two boys and two girls, the wife and I have learned a few things about kid’s’ sleeping bags over the years, having made a few buying decisions the kids were not happy with.
First, one important thing I believe worth mentioning, if your kid or kids are anything like ours, their idea of what the perfect sleeping bag is, will differ from we out of touch with the times parents.
For instance, we found a toddler sized Spiderman sleeping bag on clearance, yea saving money is a good thing.

Kids Sleeping Bags

kids sleeping bag   How was I to know, without any warning what so ever? Our three-year-old baby girl who I might add, up until now is not afraid of anything. Now suddenly is deathly afraid of all things deemed as creepy crawler, oh yeah spiders. My baby girl simply wants something pretty, pink and fit for a princess, go figure.

Girls sleeping bags

Ok having learned my lesson with my baby girl and the Spiderman fiasco. I decided a better approach would be to involve the girl’s likes and dislikes to avoid another disappointment. What better way to find out what she would like than simply ask her what is, and not ok.

What my baby girl thinks is the best girl’s indoor sleeping bag

1. Pretty & pink princess sleeping bag, no baby stuff        

2. Soft, warm and pink

3. Inside and out made of Soft Silky material

What my baby girl thinks is not the best indoor sleeping bag

1. Ugly dark boy colors, blue, brown etc.

2. Ruff looking Camouflaged woodsy stuff 

3. Outside made of stiff canvas feeling material that looks like a dead body

* Important FYI, My baby girl and her eight-year old sister thinks it is better to shop online for girls’ sleeping bags

The best girl's sleeping bag

the best kids sleeping bags

What Boys think is the best sleeping bags

Let us face it, whether they will admit it or not, boys as men judge each other by the price of their toys. Therefor it should come as no surprise; a campout has its own set of outdoor sleeping bag requirements. Where going to their best friend’s house for a sleep over and super bowl party is more about the indoor sleeping bag that fits with their favorite baseball, basketball or football team, their school colors or hot style trend of the season. OK, let us review both, the best indoor sleeping bag for your son’s next sleep over, and the best outdoor sleeping bag for the next camp out.   

Boys indoor sleeping bag requirements

1. Their favorite team’s color and logo on a cozy warm non-waterproof fabric

2. Official teams mascot and logo on the front of the bag

3. Rectangular shaped bag with plenty of room to stretch-out

Boys outdoor sleeping bag requirements

1. Raided for temperatures in the 30 to 50 degree range

2. Easy to open and close full-length zipper

3. 33-inches wide and 75-inches long provide plenty of wiggle room

Sleeping bags the boys want

Summer camp and backyard camp outs demand a proper sleeping bag
the best kids sleeping bag

Where and how to buy the best kids sleeping bags

As parents, we want to look past all the hype, look past the fads and pick-up what we feel is best. That is Ok, things to keep in mind when buying the best indoor sleeping bag for your child’s next sleep over. Regardless their age, they want to be in style first, comfortable second. When your little woman wants to be a princess, let her. When the kids want to root for their favorite team, make it a fun time for all. When a camp out is the plan, enjoy the great outdoors.

On the practical side of things, remember to get a bag that is machine washable. Oh, by the way, for those of us that has a low water washing machine. You will absolutely need to plan on a trip to the laundry mat to get a dirty sleeping bag clean.

The amazon links on this page are kid approved; just select the sleeping bag your kids will enjoy. Click the buy button, select the free super saver shipping option, and have your order delivered to your door. Free of all those expensive delivery charges, and the hassle of finding what you need in some camping department in a big box store.

 Made the most of the good times, Mike


Mascot sleeping bags are a must have for big game sleep over

Updated: 11/19/2014, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 02/24/2012

@TerriRexon, If your boys are anything like ours, they care more about how cool their sleeping bag looks than anything else.
With our youngest son crossing over to Boy Scouts, he now wants a serious back packing mountain bag. Boys will be boys, what is it they say? You can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys.
Laying all jokes aside, here in the midwest, we find the best kids, and Scout's sleeping bags online.

Happy, sleep overs, camping and laying around the house begins with a good kids sleeping bag. ;)

TerriRexson on 02/24/2012

Very cool. My boys are going to need new sleeping bags this summer. They will be most concerned about what they look like!

teddletonmr on 02/17/2012

The wizz counter? It is always set to zero, I just thought nobody clicks the thing on my wizzley pages.

katiem2 on 02/17/2012

A very cool collection of sleeping bags. I know first hand you've done a lot of leg work for us as its really hard finding a good quality sleeping bag, the best are online. I like for my growing kids to have a good quality, well padded support sleeping bag that is trendy and appealing to them It makes me feel much better knowing they have a good quality sleeping bag sleeping away from home on a floor. Hmmm great product reviews.

I'm sharing and voting, it shows on my twitter feed and the like but not on your counter, not sure why I've posted this concern in the forum.

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