8 Important Things Every Small Bedroom Needs

by RobertKeith

A small bedroom can bring new challenges into everyday life, from having trouble finding clothing storage to difficulty decorating

A small bedroom can bring new challenges into everyday life, from having trouble finding clothing storage to difficulty decorating. However, it can also eliminate the need for extra "stuff" and help you narrow down your belongings. If you're looking to keep balance in your small bedroom, then the 8 most important things you'll want to have can be found below.

1. Under the Bed Storage

Don't let the space underneath your bed go to waste! You can keep everything from off-season clothing to extra linens and towels right underneath your bed. Simply put everything you need in slim plastic containers and create a label to place on the outside. Whenever you need something, it will be as simple as grabbing the right box. 

What's even better is the fact that if you decide to move, you'll already have your things packed and ready to go. Click here to moving quote and you can anticipate how much it will be to move all those storage bins out. 


2. A Room Divider

To help separate different spaces in your room, especially if you don't have a dedicated closet, room dividers are a must. These come in a wide variety of colors and styles, with some being larger than others. The best part about room dividers is that they will fold up flat for times when you don't need the divider present. 

3. More Light

When a small bedroom has limited light, it will seem even smaller and closed-in. To avoid this feeling, add as many lights as you can. If natural lighting isn't an option, floor lamps and wall lamps are excellent alternatives. If possible, try to find dimming lights that allow you to move between natural light and warm light. This can help ensure you have the right setting for the time of day you're in your bedroom. 

4. Warm Touches

Don't let storage frustrations take away from designing your bedroom to be comfortable and cozy. Warm touches can make all the difference with the look and ambiance in this room. Start with a nice textured rug in a creamy white or any very light pastel color. From here, you can add in floor baskets, fluffy pillows, and soft blankets as you find them. 

5. A Big Mirror

large mirror will reflect light to help make your bedroom look bigger overall. Most people will place one of these vertically on their wall for maximum coverage and reflection. However, if you want this for getting dressed, then you may want to get a large floor mirror instead. 

6. Double Hanging Racks

If you're limited on space where you can hang things up, invest in either a double hanging rack or a double rod for your existing hanging rack. Both will give you space to hang your things on the bottom of the rack where there's normally nothing. This is great for shorts or other smaller items that don't need a lot of vertical space to hang. 

7. Shelving

Shelves can give you a chance to decorate without taking up a lot of floor space, which is already limited. Shelves that have hooks on the bottom are especially great because they will hold belts, handbags, scarves, coats, and other items that would otherwise take up a lot of cabinet space. However, try to limit how many shelves you have on your walls, as too many can make you feel closed in. 

8. Storage Ottomans

In addition to being stylish, ottomans make for excellent places to sit when you're putting on your shoes. To make this piece even more functional, look for one that has storage inside of it. You can use this for clothes, accessories, pillows, or anything else you need to have tucked away. While you can put one of these next to a chair, if you don't have space for additional furniture, then simply put one at the end of your bed. 

Making Your Small Bedroom Work

With the items listed above, your small bedroom will be a space that you genuinely enjoy spending time in. In fact, you may forget that space is limited when you implement one or more of these into your room. From functional shelving to a nice ottoman, everything can be personalized to your taste and style of room.

Updated: 05/26/2018, RobertKeith
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