8 Tips To Spot A Fake Psychic Online

by RobertKeith

Read these 8 Tips To Spot Fake Online Psychic to avoid misinformation

We would all like to get more insight into the inner workings of our lives, and a competent, compassionate psychic is one excellent way to do that. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fake psychics out there who are just in it for your money and can't provide the services that you need.

Follow these tips and you will be far less likely to be the victim of a psychic scam.

They Don't Give You Specific Information

Fake psychics will give you general information that could apply to anyone with the expectation and hope that you will automatically apply it to them without them having to do any additional work. If your psychic shies away from giving you specific information, consider it to be a red flag. Never be afraid to ask probing questions.

They Say You Were Important In A Past Life

We all love to be flattered, and fake psychics know this. Some psychics delve into your past lives, and while this can be a rewarding experience that gives you a lot of insight into your current life, it can also be a spot for fakers to try to win your trust. If a psychic tells you that you were someone important in a past life, they might be buttering up your ego rather than really reading into your past.

They Talk About Curse Breaking

If a psychic tells you that they are the only person who can relieve you of a curse, beware. Fake psychics will often use scare tactics to bully you into buying more services, and one of the biggest ways they can get at your wallet is by fabricating a curse. This is one of the most manipulative ways fake psychics use to try to scare or intimidate their clients. Unfortunately, it often works!

They Stroke Your Ego


Fake psychics might try to win you over by stroking your ego. In addition to telling you that you were Cleopatra in a past life, they could tell you that you have special powers or intuitive ability that you need to tap into. It's important to remember that real psychics deal with facts and reality, and will not stroke your ego for the sake of doing so. If you're visiting a psychic, you are probably doing so to get answers, not to be told that you're special.


There Are Lots Of Hidden Fees

Fake psychics will charge you plenty of hidden fees for their services. Nothing is ever upfront with them. Generally, these fees will come in the form of a ritual or incantation that they will say on your behalf. Sometimes, they will charge you extra retroactively and bully you into paying the fee by threatening to cast a spell or put a curse on you. Always ask about any fees upfront, and don't be afraid to push back on any charges that you do not think are legitimate.


They Tell You That They Can Change Your Life


Psychics have the power to see what's happening in your life or future, but they don't have the power to change it. They can only give you guidance on how you need to change your life for the better. Anyone who says that they can alter the course of your reality without your consent is a fraud.


They Have No References


Always check for references before enlisting the services of a psychic. Reputable psychics will have plenty of online references that you can look at to show that they are legitimate. Psychic readings are just like any other business, and anyone without references should be looked at as suspicious.


They Ask A Ton Of Questions


You should be asking the questions, not you're psychic. Any psychic who asks a lot of questions are probing for information to craft a story, not actually read your life or future. The best possible way you can ensure a legitimate experience is to go in without them knowing anything about you. This way, you can be sure that they're not working on the information that you gave them.


Follow these tips to find the best phone psychic possible!

Updated: 12/06/2020, RobertKeith
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