A Christmas Story Movie Leg Lamp Collectibles

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Fans of A Christmas Story have many fond memories from the movie, but the most favorite is the Leg Lamp which is the "Major Award" that is delivered to the house for the Old Man.

The holiday film A Christmas Story has become a cult classic Christmas movie. Fans of the film, based in Cleveland, Ohio visit Cleveland every year to see the locations A Christmas Story was filmed in, especially the A Christmas Story House and Museum. The house is in a section of Cleveland called Tremont, and thousands of visitors come to tour it every year.

Wouldn't You Like to Own a Leg Lamp

christmas story leg lamp

Fans of A Christmas Story have many fond memories from the movie, but the most favorite is the Leg Lamp which is the "Major Award" that is delivered to the house for the Old Man during the movie. Fans of A Christmas Story can own their own Leg Lamps in all shapes and sizes from a life size 45 inch version of the lamp, to a Leg Lamp Christmas ornament.

You can also buy strings of mini Leg Lamp Christmas lights to put around your Christmas tree.

A Christmas Story House is Open Year Round

Visitors can tour A Christmas Story house all year, but the bulk of the visitors come during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year every year.  Visitors can tour the entire house which has been restored to look exactly like it did in the movie.

In fact, the neighborhood around the A Christmas Story house is slowly being bought up and turned into a museum neighborhood by the owner of the property.  Fans of the cult classic movie A Christmas Story are all ages, and fans come to Cleveland from all over the United States to tour the house where much of the movie was filmed.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Collectibles

If you want to add to your A Christmas Story collectibles, you can purchase Leg Lamp lawn ornaments, Leg Lamp night lights, Leg Lamp keychains, Leg Lamp stockings for your mantel, and Leg Lamp t-shirts with the words "Fra-gi-le, it's Italian" quoted from the movie.

There were originally two Leg Lamps made for the filming of the movie A Christmas Story, but both lamps were broken during the filming. So no original Leg Lamps are still available even for the most avid collector.

Some of the Hiliarious Leg Lamp Collectibles

Cleveland Street Novelties 45" Christ...
Only $219.99
Cleveland Street Novelties 26" Christ...
Only $149.99

A Christmas Story Light Up Neckties

My favorite of the Leg Lamp collectibles are the light up neckties. The picture to the right does not do the tie justice, you really need to click on the link to see the clear picture of the necktie. But the Leg Lamp on the necktie does light up, and it is hilarious in person, a great gift for any A Christmas Story aficionado to wear on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

A Christmas Story Leg Lamp History and Information

For more A Christmas Story Leg Lamp history and information, follow the link at the end of this page. The Leg Lamp is one of those American cultural icons that continues to delight and puzzle people. The movie A Christmas Story is one of America's favorite Christmas movies with its quirky characters, and funny plot.

Unfortunately, most of the Cleveland shown in the movie is lost to history, but the scenes from A Christmas Story remind us of a Christmas that used to be, and make us laugh with the silly antics and lines from the film.

A Christmas Story's Leg Lamp: The Wackiest Christmas Gift
The Leg Lamp story has become almost as famous as the movie the Leg Lamp story comes from, A Christmas Story, filmed in a house in Cleveland, Ohio.The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story is one of the most iconic and recognizable movie props of all time.

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