A Philadelphia Eagles Christmas

by sockii

Celebrate the 2018 Super Bowl Champions with cool Christmas ornaments and tree decorations.

It seemed like a forever out-of-reach dream to most Philadelphia Eagles fans: A Super Bowl victory. But finally, at 2018's Super Bowl LII, that dream became reality! It was one of the most intense and nail-biting Super Bowl's in history, and I don't say that just as a major Ealges fan myself. Of course the city of Philadelphia and surrounding area celebrated the victory against the Patriots with a parade and party like no other.

The 2018-2019 season may not have gotten off the greatest start so far, but that doesn't mean us fans aren't still crazy for our team. In fact I predict there will be plenty of fans looking to show off their team pride like never before with their Christmas decorations this year. There are certainly lots of new ornaments out commemorating Super Bowl LII and the game's heroes. You can also find tree toppers, lights, and more for your holiday decor! These decorations would be great for your own Christmas tree if you're a fan, or the perfect gift to give to your favorite Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Let me share some of my favorite decorations available, along with some fun videos and facts about the team.

Superbowl LII Commemorative Ornaments

Never forget the year—and the Super Bowl—where the Eagles won it all playing against longstanding rivals the New England Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady! This ornament features a unique design similar to that of the Eagles' Super Bowl victory ring. Limited edition, it's sure to be a great collectible and gift to give to a super-FAN.

Here are some more great ornaments to mark the Eagles' first Super Bowl victory. The Hallmark oval ornament features Eagles' colors and logo, while the clear cut glass ornament comes in a lovely gift box and is laser-engraved. But for sure you can't miss the Nick Foles ornament, to remember our Super Bowl MVP who led the team to their amazing win.

Most fans were ready to throw in the towel when our primary quarterback, Carson Wentz, suffered a season-ending injury in week 14 playing the Los Angeles Rams. But after a rocky start, Foles managed to lead the Eagles through the playoffs and Super Bowl with some bold plays and great moves—none perhaps more memorable than the now famous "Philly Special"!

"You want Philly Philly?"

Traditional Style Eagles Ornaments

Colorful blown glass ornaments are always a solid bet for your Christmas tree. Let it shine and sparkle in Eagles' colors of green, silver and black!

Happy holidays...with the Eagles! These traditional-style round, glass ornaments are great for someone who wants to show some Eagles-pride this Christmas...but maybe in a subtle way? Build a collection with these Christmas-y designs. The 2018 ornament can also be personalized, great for gift-giving to your favorite fan or fan-family.

Shatterproof ornaments are a good bet if you've got little kids in the house...or maybe pets that like to swat at (or even climb?) your Christmas tree.

This Eagles' fan went all out decorating his house leading up to the Super Bowl! But you don't have to be quite so hardcore of a fan to enjoy some team-inspired decorations...

Fun-Shaped Eagles Glass Ornaments

Heading out to the Eagles game? Don't forget your hat and hoodie! These fanciful ornaments from Old World Christmas are just perfect, and so unique! You'll definitely delight an Eagles fan with these and they'd be fun for any fan's tree.

Stocking? Check. Helmet? Check. Football? Check.

These "essentials" are need a place on your Eagles-themed tree, and they're delightfully represented by these ornaments from Old World Christmas. The mouth-blown glass is all hand-painted, making them truly worth collecting and treasuring.

Another Eagles Christmas Lights Display

Yep, here's another all-out display of Eagles pride for Christmas! But even if you aren't up for a major lights display, you can still keep the Eagles spirit going throughout the holiday season with some of the ornaments and decorations featured here.

10 Fun Facts about the Philadelphia Eagles

Are you up on your team trivia and history?
  1. The Philadelphia Eagles were established in 1933. They were meant to be a replacement for the bankrupt Frankford Yellow Jackets football team of Northeast Philadelphia.
  2. The team was named after the Blue Eagle, a symbol used in the New Deal stimulus package after the Great Depression.
  3. It took until the Eagles' third Super Bowl appearance for them to win a game: in 1980, they lost to the Oakland Raiders and in 2004 to the New England Patriots. (That's why beating the Patriots in 2018 was such an especially sweet victory!)
  4. The team's official colors currently are "Midnight Green", black, charcoal, silver, and white. Before then, the team colors were Kelly Green, Silver and White.
  5. Due to the loss of players to World War II service in 1943, the Eagles temporarily merged, for one season, with the Pittsburg Steelers. For that year they played as the "Steagles".
  6. Eagles fans can have a bit of a bad, rowdy reputation. Indeed, when they played at Veterans' Stadium, the "700 Level" was known for being the home of the most hostile and difficult fans and the name is still used on fan sites and web communities today.
  7. Veterans Stadium actually had a jail on the premises, to deal with rowdy fans, and this was carried over to the Eagles' new home Lincoln Financial Field upon its opening. However, the Linc's jail was done away with in two years after its opening.
  8. Some of the most famous and legendary Eagles players include Bill Bradley, Troy Vincent, Jon Runyan, Brian Westbrook, Ron Jaworski, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, Brian Dawkins and Chuck Bednarik.
  9. "Swoop" has been the team's mascot since 1988, when he replaced the previous mascot "Blitz".
  10. The Eagles' greatest rivalry to this day - at least if you ask most fans - is with the Dallas Cowboys. (We don't tend to like the New York Giants very much, either...)

Other Cool Eagles Ornament Shapes and Styles

Footballs, sweaters and miniature license plates!

This one really looks like a tiny football with its leather-style appearance and raised stiching.

Philly Eagles Ornament Multi-Packs

For doing up a larger Christmas tree

These LED ornaments light up and sparkle! Set of 6 that will really brighten up your tree.

Putting Together an All-Eagles Christmas Tree?

A few tips and design ideas

Stick with that silver, green, black and white color theme. Why not a silver artificial tree with green lights and garlands?

Use some plain green, white and silver ornaments to mix in with the Eagles-themed ones.

Skip the star on the top of the tree, lest people mistake you for a Cowboys fan!

Search for some bald eagle ornaments to mix in with the official "Team" eagle designs.

Try your hand at some crafty, handmade ornaments - or photo-frame ornaments featuring pictures from days at the game, tailgating, or perhaps old ticket stubs from your collection.

Christmas Tree

More Ideas for Bringing the Eagles to Your Holiday Decorations

Check out the DIY links here for some crafty projects using Eagles ornaments...or making your own!

Philadelphia Eagles Ornament Wreath - Create a decorative wreath from green, silver and Eagles ornaments!

Eagles Football Ornaments - Cute craft projects kids can enjoy making, too.

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