Buy Past or Retired Annual Swarovski Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

by paperfacets

Are you missing a year of the Annual Limited Edition Swarovski Snowflake for your crystal ornament collection? Shop on line to get the Swarovski annual ornament you want.

Here is your guide to finding the Swarovski star or snowflakes you do not have. Complete your collection before Christmas comes around. has many of the years available and I organized a shopping guide to make your search easier. Some offers have the free shipping for $35 dollars or more, a plus during the Holidays.

The perfect gift for Her or Mom.

Sometimes It Is Better to Shop Early

The Limited Edition Annual Swarovski Ornament is crystal clear and sells for between $50- $98 every year at hundreds of department and collectible stores world wide. One year, in the early 90's, our Macy's ran out and my husband scrambled to find one for me and one for his mother-in-law. Now you can shop online for them too.

Past or retired years are sold for those that need the years that are missing from their collection.

I searched the Internet and have listed the best sites below for you.

Amazon sellers have retired snowflakes and I have seen some good offers there. Check Amazon first then see if the other online stores can best it.

Find Retired Limited Edition Swarovski Snowflakes

Click to Amazon to see all the Swarovski Orns Offered - There are more than six.
Swarovski Annual Edition Christmas Ornament 2006 837613

"Snowflake in faceted clear crystal; Blue satin hanger band, small silver-coloured hanger and tag with engraving 2006; Available during 2006 while stocks last. Designer: Anton ...

Only $65.00
Swarovski 2003 Annual Edition Ornament

Swarovski 2003 Annual Edition Ornament Description: Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition Christmas Holiday Star Snowflake ornament for 2003. It comes complete with original outer ...

Only $99.00
Swarovski 2004 Annual Christmas Snowflake Ornament

The 2004 Ornament is designed with 11 star-spikes with a large center piece. The center piece has an opening in the center. The ornament consists of 13 faceted crystals. A ...

Only $60.00
Swarovski 2002 Annual Ornament

"Swarovski 2002 ornament Size 3 x 3"" Description: This beautiful Swarovski 2002 Annual Snowflake ornament design is reminiscent of a peaceful snowy day. With 162 facets, the ...

Only $121.00

Swarovski, 2007 Annual Edition Large Christmas Star Ornament, Reference #872200. Brand new, mint condition in original box with certificate. Retail Price is $70.00.

Only $70.00
Swarovski 2008 Annual Limited Edition Snowflake Ornament

Swarovski, 2008 Annual Christmas Snowflake Ornament, Reference #942045. Brand new, mint condition in original box with the certificate. Retail Price is $75.00. Dimensions: 2 ...

Only $89.99

Image of a Few of My Annual Swarovskis

Collecting Past Swarovski Limited Edition Ornament
Collecting Past Swarovski Limited Edi...
Swarovski Annual Edition 2015 Crystal Star Ornament

Festive and glamorous, the latest Swarovski Christmas Ornament, annual edition will literally become the Star of the holiday season. The authentic design is beautifully executed...

$79.00  $38.99

View on Amazon

Swarovski 2016 Annual Edition Ornament, Snowflake, 25th Anniversary Celebration

Now in its 25th year, Swarovskis beloved tradition of creating an Annual Edition Ornament continues with this stunning new snowflake design. Sparkling in clear crystal, it comes...

$79.00  $59.00

View on Amazon

Swarovski Annual Edition 2014 Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Commemorate the year of 2014 with an elegant limited-edition crystal snowflake ornament from world-renowned Swarovski. Highly anticipated each year as the holidays approach, the...

Only $75.00

View on Amazon

Swarovski X-Mas Annual Edition 2016 Crystal Star Ornament - 25th Anniversary

Festive and glamorous, the latest Swarovski Christmas ornament, annual edition will literally become the star of the holiday season. The authentic design is beautifully executed...

$79.00  $39.87

View on Amazon

Swarovski 2013 Annual Edition Crystal Star Ornament

Commemorate the year of 2013 with an elegant limited-edition crystal ornament from world-renowned Swarovski. Highly anticipated each year as the holidays approach, the annual cr...

Only $39.09

View on Amazon

Swarovski 2011 Annual Edition Crystal Snowflake Ornament

Elegant clear Cut crystal 2011 ornament from Swarovski comes with a silver-tone tag and white satin ribbon

Only $75.00

View on Amazon

Online Sites to Buy Retired Annual Swarovski Editions

Retired Dated SW Annual Ornaments
An easy to view site for dated Swarovski Annual Edition Snowflake

Offical PDF by Swarovski
This doc has the snowflake starting in 1991. Can't argue with a company PDF

How to Display Swarovski Christmas Ornaments

There are many options when it is time to display the stars. I have mine on a smaller entry tree with lights. Mother has a smaller table tree with white lights. She adds fluffy cotton to the top of the branches and the ornaments pop and stand out more. The sparkle is dazzling.

Stringing them to hang in the front window would work at my house because I have west facing window. The rainbows they throw on the walls can be enjoyed every afternoon before the night falls.

I have displayed them on the entry chandelier which caught the eye everytime the house was entered.

This is the first time I have seen the stand.  Two loops: one for the star and one for the Little Star.

Crystal Ornament Upclose
Crystal Ornament Upclose
Sherry Venegas
Swarovski Christmas Ornament, Home Display

The perfect place to hang your Christmas ornaments! This attractive silver-tone metal display is stylishly embellished with an accent in clear crystal and can be used all year ...

Only $24.00

Do you collect Swarovski Annual Christmas Ornaments?

No. "Don't get me started."
MBC on 12/15/2015

I try to keep a feng shui about things.

Jojo on 11/25/2014

@Marion... they are worth what joy they bring you!

Yes, I started them in.....
jordi on 04/11/2016

I need the 2001 ornament and change it with the 1997 ornament

lisa s on 03/23/2016

I think I have 1991 or 1992 forward. Also have many other swarovski memories ornaments; love my bird and squirrel so much

bob on 01/14/2016

Started in 1997 and was able to purchase 1996 inexpensively - now looking for older than 1996 is prohibitively expensive!

Matthew on 01/12/2016

My dad has got my mom every one since 1991 for there anaversery

Jenny on 01/02/2016

started in 1995. Display them on a special small wire tree at Christmas time. I'm hunting 1991-94. Very expensive now. Maybe when I win lotto.

Susan on 01/01/2016

1994 - I received it as a gift and have continued purchasing each year up to 2015. I would like to find for years 1991, 1992, and 1993. Does anyone know if the boxes ever had "Holiday Ornament" on them, as opposed to "Christmas Ornament"? Three of my earlier ornament boxes have "Holiday Ornament" but everything else on the boxes is same as all later boxes which have "Christmas Ornament".

paperfacets on 12/30/2015

Hi Christian Meilinger,
Amazon and ebay have new listings every week. especially near the end of the year. Also look for deals just after the Holiday. Instead of putting them away again someone may decide to lighten their household.

Christian Meilinger on 12/17/2015

I am looking for snowflakes from the year 1991 to 2000, I discovered the snowflakes in 2001 and I buy one or 2 every year. I needed some time to find that there are 9 stars missing in my collection and hope I can find the missing snowflakes.

mARION on 06/23/2015


Susan on 06/18/2015

My husband bought my first one in 1998 for our first Christmas and has bought me one every year since.
If you break one, you can take them to a Swarovski shop and they may be able to repair it.

Little Star Swarovski

If you do not have a collection started of this crystal ornament you may consider the new Little Star. Just as eye catching but a bit easier on the pocket.

Past Little Star/Snowflakes

Swarovski Crystal 2010 Annual Little Snowflake Ornament

The 2010 Little Snowflake is a fully faceted clear crystal ornament crafted of fine Austrian crystal by Swarovski. This ornament is a two year limited edition, retiring in 2010....

Only $45.00

View on Amazon

Swarovski Crystal 2011 Edition Little Star Ornament

The Swarovski 2011 Little Star ornament Christmas ornament. Swarovski's Silver Crystal is noted worldwide for its purity, brilliance, refractive qualities and collectible proper...

Only $49.00

View on Amazon

Swarovski Annual Crystal Ornament

Is this ornament a snowflake or a star? I was surprised that the company has the Little Star. We have called them snowflakes for years.

Each ornament is included with a two box keepsake in a triangle shape. White outer box and the dark blue inner box, molded to hold the years uniquely shaped snowflake. A white satin ribbon is tied on for hanging.

Past years have a dark blue satin ribbon. My purist sensiblities kicked in when I saw Mom had changed her ribbons to Christmas green, but I decided that was okay. She enjoys them very much on display in the livingroom and at 90 years old she still puts them up. Enjoyment is the real reason to collect.

Get Your Swarovski from eBay

How to Buy Retired Swarovski Limited Edition Ornaments on eBay

A quick guide with tips on how to get your ornaments on ebay. I have found that most people get their collection additions on Amazon. If you are comfortable with ebay good deals are available. Ask the seller now good the packaging is and compare the shipping with Amazon.

Many families use ebay to sell the family collectibles and asking the right questions about the item will assure you that you will be getting a perfect item.

One writer in the comment section above has found the boxes she needs on ebay. During estates sales or reorganization the boxes get separated never to be matched up again with the ornament.  It is possible to find the box only.

Updated: Dec. 30, 2015, paperfacets
Thank you! Would you like to post a comment now?


Laura on 01/04/2016

Looking for the large ornaments for 2000 and 2001.
Contact me at

Marion on 02/13/2015

I understand even years are snowflakes odd years are stars. Or maybe the opposite.. Has anyone else seen or heard this?

Paul on 02/12/2015

What year did they start selling the little snow globe ornaments?

Beverly on 01/06/2015

Looking for 2002 and 2004 contact me thank you

VioletteRose on 10/31/2014

The Swarovski snowflakes look too beautiful!

Paula Fernandes on 07/18/2014

Sharon, if they are still available, I would be interested. Could you send them to India?

m newman on 03/02/2014

i have a full set of christmas star ornaments 2000to 2010 they are all boxed in their original packaging with their certificates, there are 11 in total, they have been looked at then put back in boxes, if anybody is interested in buyin g them please contact me at

paperfacets on 12/10/2013

Linda, our earliest is 1991. It is packaged in the triangle box and is labeled Giftware Suite. We have a Giftware Suite for 1988 and 1989, but they are not the snowflake or the star and they are in square boxes. At this time I do not know what the 1990 looks like.

Linda b on 12/09/2013

I'm interested in adding to my collection. As far back as the first one in 1991?

Sharon on 01/19/2013

I have three stars to sell but don't have the boxes for them. They are from 1992, 2000 and 2003. Does anyone have suggestions for the best place to sell them and how to find out what they are worth,

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