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Are you excited about biology? Zazzle is the comprehensive POD for Ernst Haeckel items. Get algae or any of his sea creatures on a t-shirt or other items

Do you know someone on your gift list that loves sea creatures; like seahorses, nudibranchs or brightly colored coral? The Zazzle website has Ernst Haeckel's "Art Forms in Nature" available on a whole range of products. Also good gift choices for the artist on your list.

Artists and academics are discovering Ernst Haeckel. I was first impressed by his sea creatures as art. Apparently, as I have read, he spend hours looking in a microscope in the mid 19th century.Microscopic observation and oceanic creatures was a new field of study.

Red algae from Plate 65 "Art Forms in Nature"
Red algae from Plate 65 "Art Forms in...

Wear Sea Creatures

Haeckel was so excited about the sights he was discovering that he started drawing them and hence, his legacy to the world of art science, and modern man's enjoyment.

Modern man can enjoy his images on almost anything and this page is for the Ernst Haeckel fan. His plates are can be printed on a simple t-shirt or hat. Baubles, keychains, ipad covers, and mousepads can be covered with your favorite Haeckel animals.

If you do not know Ernst Haeckel discover how you can enjoy vintage art with the Haeckel creations to browse on Zazzle. There is no shortage of the choices for Ernst Haeckel images.


Haeckel Octopus Red Postcard

Haeckel Octopus Red Postcard
by tartanphoenix

Haeckel Art Forms in Nature to Wear

Haeckel's early desire was to enter the field of art. It was natural for him to put on paper what he saw in the microscope. He first work was The Radiolaran Atlas of 1862. It showcased 35 plates and zoology notes on the skeletal structures of the one-celled animals.

The visual aspects of his first work helped launch him into household name recognition, long before the publication of Art Forms in Nature in 1898.

The plates in his first work are spheres with repetitive circles, spikes, hexagons and curlicues; a viewers first reaction is excitement. The Radiolarian Atlas is a precursor of art nouveau.

Customize on Zazzle's Haeckel Shop Has Ernst Haeckel

I have to admit that Zazzle is "Thee" place to go for Haeckel themed products, but carries all the books and some posters.

I found the biography, "The Tragic Sense of Life: Ernest Heakel and the Struggle over Evolutionary Thought" interesting for its thorough look into Haeckel and the controversies his personality, and a printing error, caused in his later career. I also enjoyed the look into the Victorian era and the Darwinism Haeckel championed his whole life. The ideas "The Origin of The Species" was a big influence on his view of the world. He lectured for scientific principles and academic thinking.

Haeckel admired the book so much he decided that meeting Darwin was essential to his own work. Where Darwin was quiet about his work, Haeckel wanted to shout and support the new astounding ideas.

Haeckel became famous and infamous. A mistake on a printed page was forever tied to his name, even though, it was corrected in the next issue of the academic work.

Customize hundreds of Haeckel images on Zazzle. Many images of been cropped from the original page groupings for zeroing on your favorite creature. Take the image and make it your own with Zazzle's editor or browse the many prducts that Zazzle artists have already created. 
The Tragic Sense of Life: Ernst Haeckel and the Struggle over Evolutionary Thought

Prior to the First World War, more people learned of evolutionary theory from the voluminous writings of Charles Darwin’s foremost champion in Germany, Ernst Haeckel (1834–1919)...

View on Amazon

Is Haeckel New to You?

Haeckel is as popular now as he was in the art nouveau era. College biology or zoology courses introduces the student to Haeckel in nearly every learning institution.

Have you heard of the artist/naturalist Ernst Haeckel?

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paperfacets on 10/07/2018

All 100 illustrated plates from Art Forms in Nature really impressed at first viewing. He really was a very good artist. He dedicated his main work to academics first. He probably realized he would make a better living for his family.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/06/2018

paperfacets, Thank you for the backstories, practicalities and products. The products all fit in with the aftermath of Florence and the prelude to warm end-of-year vacations.
What is your favorite Haeckel illustration and quote?

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