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Along time ago I reserved paperfacets as a dot com. Over 15 years I have used the name for several online venues including, finally, a website!

It has been 7 years since I joined this online community and my goal has been to reach fifty articles. I am almost there and it is about time to craft a short bio and list of articles to put the work into prespective for myself and for those that may desire a face with the information. Please accept my humble introduction at long last.

2 Inch Gift Tags
2 Inch Gift Tags


My name is Sherry and I was born  April 9, 1948 putting me smack in the baby boomer era. I am from St, Paul, Minnesota and from the age of five I grow up in Southern California. Immediately after high school in 1966 I was hired at Pacific Telephone, now at&t, and worked there for 40 years retiring in 2008.

During that time much has transpired. I am married to Edward and have three children. Just this October, 2018 I have the happy occassion to become a grandmother for the first time to Emilio. Writing on the Internet began in 2005 and the first published posting was about paper crafting. With encouragement from a popular online community I started writing about other interests. I still know people from that first online community and that is the reason I am here at Wizzley.

My writings are about an average Western life stylist enjoying the outdoors, the garden, travel, reading and family. These articles are the next place to learn a bit more about me. Start by browsing the categories listed below starting with crafts.


Handmade Greetings by Paperfacets Available at Shabbyology
Handmade Greetings by Paperfacets Available at Shabbyology

Crafts and the Arts

Crafts and scrapbooking did not come an interest till the mid nineties. Around 2003 a craft book about tea bag folding caught my eye at a scrapbooking fair. The technique became a collecting outlet. Paper was bought and soon medallion making was in full production. Mostly the rosettes were used for greetings, gift tags and bookmarks. Since the beginning of 2017 the newst creations still being made are displayed and for sale at Shabbyology in Covina. If you are in San Gabriel Valley please stop by and enjoy this entertaining store of antiques, home decor in country, cottage and shabby chic motifs, plus pieces from the craft and artist community.

Come to the mosaic or art studio and learn many techniques to keep you creating at home and in the art studio. Open Studio located off the 10 freeway for easy commute.
Are you excited about biology? Zazzle is the comprehensive POD for Ernst Haeckel items. Get algae or any of his sea creatures on a t-shirt or other items
Art Journals would be fun to look at in 30 years. An excellent artist gift especially for those teens starting to draw and expressing with art.
Lokta is a natural for your paper arts projects. Choosing your medium to work with is fun, important, and says something about your finished project and you as an artist.
American Girl Crafts is a line of fun things to do for girls 8-12 years old. The big craft stores have special display areas for American Girl craft kits.
Vinyl blank figures for your own creating. RoseArt has made these for a few years and produce new ones for your collecting fun.


Have you heard of Gonder Ceramic Arts from Zanesville? Information and photos of a pottery collection. Lesser known and affordable. I am using them for my Forties era bedroom.
Years ago I became obsessed with Telechron clocks. I still have most of them in boxes. The desire to collect is strong and the vintage alarm clock has lots of history to admire.

Good Things to Eat

Each confection is worth 3 luscious taste bites. No matter where you live you can get See's Candies delivered to your door. Go to the official website for all the favorites.

Home Decor

Have you decided that steampunk can be an investment to actually live-in everyday? I mean putting elements into the living spaces of the home. It can be a collecting experience.
Jane Seymour floral arrangements can be saved for many years. New artificial floral designs are offered every season and holiday. Each arrangement is classic and unfussy,
All ladies want a dream bathroom for relaxing and soaking on a rainy day: before work for that matter. Here are ideas for changing your bath into the Steampunk fantasy room.


I found the solution for cleaning ceramic glass cooktops of hard to remove cooked on spots and gunk. Read about the solution in this short article with pictures.
Have you heard of induction for cooking? Would you like to get rid of natural gas from your kitchen? Do you have an old electric cooktop that needs replacing?
The cooks in this house thoroughly enjoy the induction burner for everyday cooking. A small portable cooktop for the counter or table has many advantages.
FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer is my new gadget in the kitchen drawer. The vacuum works every time I reach for it. I use it for all my freezer meats and cheeses.
Titan kitchen peeler is the only peeler I will use now. I have used the Titan peeler for over two years and it is working like brand new.
This dish mat has been in the wash many times and is still in one piece with no frayed edges. I especially like the modern technology that lets it dry quickly without smells.
Showcasing online products for starting the steampunk look in the kitchen. You will be surprised what could be incorporated into this genre.

The Fall Season

Halloween is as big as Christmas in the US for consumer spending. People spend on decorations, costumes, food and parties. Entertainment is growing with Halloween themed big screen movies coming out every year. Pop up stores for Halloweeen are more emorous than for the year end Holidays.

The day is more for adults now. We do not even get trick-or-tweeters in are neighborhood. The decorations and the whole fall season is still a favortie time of the year for me.


A Johnny Depp costume for Halloween. You may already have the sunglasses. With the leisure suit you may get mixed recognition. Try the everyday wear with a leather jacket.
Johnny Depp loves fantasy fiction and one has to imagine his dressing for the roles is half the acting job. His nerdy East coast character has lots to learn in "Dead Man".
If you know someone that loves the quirky or is into cult type movies, this is a good one to view for Halloween party night. Here is some party suggestions.
Help the head stay warm without the knit cap. Look fabulous with extra framing over the eyes. Anything close too this hat is a fabulous look.
Whimsical Halloween home decor decorations by Patience Brewster. She introduces a new design each year for Halloween.
It is fun to see a whole field of growing pumpkins. I have a collection of fakes to decorate with. One year I enjoyed taking photos and playing with the images.
Pumpkin Collecting
Pumpkin Collecting

Toys and Books

This handheld electronic game is from vtech, a company that has been around for decades. Engage your toddler using sounds and songs with alphabet based learning toy.
Vinyl blank figures for your own creating. RoseArt has made these for a few years and produce new ones for your collecting fun.
Art Journals would be fun to look at in 30 years. An excellent artist gift especially for those teens starting to draw and expressing with art.
On vacation I discovered a series of books about the WorryWoo. The books are instantly recognized as for kids, and the monsters help toddlers solve those little nagging questions.
This set of castle building blocks for toddlers and older is making a big hit with parents. The only problem most mention is the box of 75 blocks is too small.
The electronic baby bath toy for 9 months and above is called Pour and Float Froggy. This frog does everything but ribbit. Lights, music, water fountains. Battery saver built in.


Are you missing a year of the Annual Limited Edition Swarovski Snowflake for your crystal ornament collection? Shop on line to get the Swarovski annual ornament you want.
Hints on finding and displaying your Frosty Friend ornaments. Create a table top scenic winter playground.
A short guide for information on using the top auction site for acquiring Swarovski limited edition holiday crystal. Get last year's if you forgot it.
Handmade glass Made in Poland Holiday ornaments is Patience Brewster's work for 2012/ 2013. Extensive collaboration with glass blowers brings out her unique details for painting.
Audubon Calendars are gorgeous and with a purchase funds go directly to wildlife concerns. Local chapters all over the U.S. help educate young people and bring enjoyment to elders


Five books of interesting people. Some you may of heard of, some not. All these biographies were interesting and certainly satisfied all my urges to always read something new.


Give these plastic toothpicks a try. They are easier to use than floss and the plastic floss holders. Ridges help rid plaque on tooth next to the gum.
A foot sander for cracked heels. After a few weeks all callused areas are soft and smooth. Now use a good foot cream.
Our yards are as important as the inside of the house. Add some natural accents to the landscape with artificial rock. Place the new rock wisely. If you get it wrong move it again
A game that has been in production for a few years. The original was introduced in the 70's by colorform. This version is good for winter entertainment and relaxing.
I like wearing the tee because the fabric has a little stretch so I feel no binding between the shoulder blade and the sleeve. I wear them with skirts or pants and mix and match.

Travel and Camping

A Marriott Vacation Club destinations review about Timber Lodge, South Lake Tahoe, California. I had the pleasure of staying there October, 2015, the first time in 20 years.
Try this vacation spot for dry RV camping and tenting. Trout fishing is good and it is usually sunny and warm with fresh mountain air.
Here is research on moraines because we camp on top of one of these formations every year. Stunning photos to bring the area into full perspective.
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paperfacets on 11/27/2018

Hi Derdriu, I have not done paper making myself, nor have I witness it in person. There is so much available that I mostly buy what is out there on the market. it is easier than printing my own and more cost effective than buying ink and making sure the prnter is working okay.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/27/2018

paperfacets, Thank you for the biography! I've read all of your articles, except this and the one above it on books for toddlers, where I'm headed now!
In another direction, have you ever made paper or witnessed paper-making?

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