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This handheld electronic game is from vtech, a company that has been around for decades. Engage your toddler using sounds and songs with alphabet based learning toy.

It is essential to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to speak as soon as possible. Alphabet activities is a good start.

I remember learning the alphabet at about five years old. I was slow in learning to read because I developed a lasting fear of reading aloud in class. I only remember the awful anxious pit of worry in my stomach as my turn came closer and closer. I avoided speaking up in grade school classes and that fear followed me through high school. A sorry state to be in when it is time to decide for college or a career.

A preschooler can have fun with the alphabet with the VTech Alphabet Apple game. Early learning builds confidence and courage too, because when something is learned the child feels they are good at something. Parent and child have time for eye contact and vocal interactions. Much needed skills for entering school.

Here are some details about an alphabet game for preschoolers 2-5 years old.

Alphabet Apple
Alphabet Apple

VTech Has Made Electronic Toys Since 1980

Vtech started with a device called Lesson One as their first micro-chip game in 1980. The company now releases more than a hundred learning games every year. Many present day parents had VTech toys when they were growing up.

This game has had many small revisions and is still available. The company is still in existence.

Letter by Double
Letter by Double

Alphabet Activities for Preschoolers

Alphabet Apple is a carry around apple shaped electronic game for the preschooler in your family. It has a handy handle for little hands. Each letter is a light up button that has its own music tune and animal. Besides the letters the preschooler learns about animals and is entertained with 29 musical songs.

The device's sound system has a soothing child's voice and the songs are not too loud or aggressive.

The additional feature is time learning and a play clock to help with that. Eight modes of play and activities, such as spelling, letter phonics, and memory games. Animal sounds for each button.

Owning such a game for a toddler or new baby offers time with sharing and personal contact. Eye contact and parental vocalizations are the first experiences a child needs for happy and full social development. 

VTech Alphabet Apple

Vtech Alphabet Apple Take a bite out of learning with the Alphabet Apple by VTech! Eight learning activities teach letters, spelling, time concepts and so much more. With light-...

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Be Sure You Buy for Age and Learning

Some reviewers mentioned this alphabet game was too confusing for a one year old and if your preschooler already knows the alphabet they may not be interested in this VTech toy. Keep that in mind when choosing your learning alphabet game.

Nothing is worse than a purchase that stays in the toy box or on the shelf.

Apple Alphabet
Apple Alphabet
Lights and buttons
Lights and buttons

Try Ebay

If you do your homework, have EBucks, and asked the seller pertinent questions deals are offered at Ebay. Also beware that there are older versions of the Alphabet game.

Does this help with shopping for the preschooler in your family? Try VTech Kids, Amazon and Ebay for the best deals.

Share the Letters with Your Toddler

My younger children grew up in the eighties and nineties, and though, I bought computer games for typing and math, I am not sure the games helped or not. I do know they are both very computer and electronic gadget literate and they both got through college.

My son was always cool to activities trying to make fun of school related things. I found out later, when his was an adult, he thought it was some kind of trick to make him work. Oh, well, the secrets of resistance.

Have a electronic learning game experience?

Brief Video of Alphabet Apple Sounds

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DerdriuMarriner on 07/10/2018

paperfacets, Thank you for the product line. Preschools in the area are starting their fall enrollment push with advertisements about computer and Spanish language classes for two-year-olds. The assumption is that that age group already knows how to read, if not print and write. Was your reluctance to read and speak out loud with groups eliminated or lessened with college years and professional life?

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