Fresh Saver Handheld Vacuum Sealer

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FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealer is my new gadget in the kitchen drawer. The vacuum works every time I reach for it. I use it for all my freezer meats and cheeses.

The FreshSaver handheld vacuum sealer saves me money and keeps my freezer organized. Being the careful spender, I want value from every purchase. Grocery shopping becomes the focus of money being used wisely.

Dividing up the buys from the meat counter is very important to save money and not waste expensive meat I bring home. Buying bigger packages when on sale is a good strategy for saving, but two people to cook for means small portions are best.

Using the quart size freezer bags works and a handheld vacuum for ridding the bag of air is the answer for keeping those meat servings fresher and easily visible in the lower freezer drawer of the refrigerator.

Be sure to date what is bagged for easy freshness reference.

Ham Saved in Freezer Bag

Lentil Soup with Ham
Lentil Soup with Ham

Fast Lentil Soup

Today I picked a 1/2 lb. slice of thick ham left from January in a vacuum bag. Add bay leaf, thyme, carrots, onion, garlic and garden picked parsley and I had a pot of soup simmering in no time.

The only stable I did not have on hand was the celery.  With crackers or a couple slices of lightly toasted bread and we had a satisfying fresh meal.    

Make The Freezer Organized with FreshSaver Freezer Bags

Daily meal choices are easier if I have protein stored in the freezer and ready to use. A two serving freezer bag of chicken breasts at a glance makes for instant ideas for dinner. Same with two or three thin sliced pork chops. I think back to what 2 or 3 recipes I've made and dinner is half planned. Check the pantry and the cook has a carbohydrate and a vegetable ready to eat.

I recently read in my NatGeo magazine a interesting tip. The Society is focusing on food this year and the tons of waste produced each year. Of course, we have heard how much the super markets dump because of bruised produce. One tip suggested was buy from the market's deli made foods such as salads and vegetables because they can use those unsightly items you do not want to bring home. I found the market's mashed potatoes are very good. Pair these deli items with the protein you have frozen.

For two people it is so convenient to have a half pound of mashed potatoes ready to use in the refrigerator. Cheesy broccoli is good too.



Some Advantages of the FreshSaver

  • The FoodSaver system is easy to use and fits conveniently in a top drawer with the quart bags I use the most.
  • The fist sized vacuum is rechargeable and the unit includes a small recharger.
  • The bags are sturdy, thick gauge and the plastic zipper grips solidly. The vacuum works easily and the suction is fast and firm.
  • A white strip for easy labeling and dating.
Store the FreshSaver in the Top Drawer
Store the FreshSaver in the Top Drawer

Where to Find the FoodSaver FreshSaver

Target is a good neighborhood store to buy the unit and the bags. I like to check if they are for sale online and then let the checker in-store know and ring up the sale price.

I used to own the Debbie Meyers hand-held for a long time but the rechargeable feature of the FoodSaver unit is many times better. Going to Target or ordering from their website is too. Last time I needed bags I got a sale price at Target online and all I had to do was goes to the store and pick it up at the service counter. 

Browse Rakuten too.


FoodSaver FSFRSH0051 FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing System, White

Food prepping ahead of time means less time spent in the kitchen and more time to enjoy with family and friends. Slice up an array of deli meats and cheeses for a party platter,...The charging unit is included with this unit.

View on Amazon

I Bought My Unit at Target

Try the local Target first
Updated: 09/15/2017, paperfacets
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DerdriuMarriner on 05/22/2017

paperfacets, What is the recharge time, and how long do the batteries last?

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