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Jane Seymour floral arrangements can be saved for many years. New artificial floral designs are offered every season and holiday. Each arrangement is classic and unfussy,

A few years ago I became aware of Jane Seymour Botanicals. Botanicals means realistic, gorgeous, stems, crafted into stunning artificial floral arrangements for decorating your home. Browse the creations.

For my mother's 90th birthday I gave her the peach roses, densely stuffed into a clear round glass vase. Faux water gives it a truly realistic look. I include pictures below. She has displayed it for three years in her livingroom.

Floral Arrangement Website Launched in 2011

Enjoy Jane Seymour Botanicals in Your Home


For hundreds of years the flower has been written about and put in poetry more than most natural earthly wonders. Colors, shapes and variety have intrigued before the garden was invented.

In the 18th and 19th centuries the world was explored and floral beauties brought into the greenhouse or arboretum. To be sure, chances of seeing the most exotic world varieties one needed to visit a Society's or collector's ornamental gardens. Only the well off enjoyed the flowers in their homes as centerpieces.

I am not belittling the humble wildflower bouquet or the arm full of roses from the home gardener. All flowers have subtle beauty.

I do not know when flower worshipers started making and mimicking flowers. Probably the poor souls that could not travel to see the start of bloom in spring or the glory of the poppy field after a rain.

Bringing the artificial flower into the home probably had it's first boom in the 1950's. I remember the big array of metal baskets at the dime store that my Mother would browse to buy stems to make her plastic flower arrangements. Since the 1970's most artificial flowers are made of polyester fabrics that are dipped in gelatine to stiffen it.

Choices in fabric texture, color, stem parts and assembly are the components that can make an artificial stem realistic and exquisite. Jane Seymour Botanicals has found the right ingredients to make the arrangements in her collections.

Images of Floral Under $200

There is a wide range of choices on JS Botanicals. Here is a sample available under $200 on Amazon. These realistic and artistically designed floral arrangements can be viewed from anywhere in your room.

If you take a moment to compare Jane Seymour's arrangements with others on the Internet you will see the difference. Even the leaves are true to life and help make each creation a stunning piece.

There are many centerpieces under $200. Many orchid choices too.

Under $200

Silk Orchid Phalaenopsis Bowl 11'' White
Silk Orchid Phalaenopsis Bowl 11'' White
Two other versions; one 19"

Under $200

Silk Flower Arrangement
Silk Flower Arrangement
match blue flowers with any color
match blue flowers ...
match blue flowers
match blue flowers
yellow with blue flowers
yellow with blue fl...
match blue flowers
match blue flowers

Enjoy A Floral Arrangement in Your Home

Jane Seymour flower arrangements are a pleasure to view.

Color and shapes of the flower world will brighten up your home decor with ease, and I might say, with instant charm.

Display a simple flower arrangement on a writing desk or a large faux flower arrangement as the centerpiece of the feast table. Your floral home decor will look stunning. The colors are glorious and each floral arrangement is simple, beautiful and looks so authentic.

Artisans carefully make the permanent botanical arrangements by hand. From the rose and orchid, to the lily and lilac, you will have fun browsing for your next floral to put in that special place in your house.

Enjoy Jane Seymour Botanicals for days and days, and bring out your floral arrangement when the season is just right for sunny cheer. An investment to use again and again.


All photos are from Amazon site, except where noted.

Ebay Has Jane Seymour Botanicals

Compare Prices Before You Buy

Present for My Mother's 90th Birthday


My Mother was very impressed with her surprise package. This flower arrangement is sold as measuring 11x11x12 inches. It looks full and fills an end table nicely with just a small figurine as compliment.

She was a little questioning about exactly what the flowers were made of. The flowers seemed like paper to her. She knew they were not silk. 

My Mother's arrangement at right.


A Purchased Jane Seymour Floral Arrangement
A Purchased Jane Seymour Floral Arran...
Garden Flowers 26" blue
Garden Flowers 26" blue
garden flowers
garden flowers
blue flowers
blue flowers
anemones 23" purple
anemones 23" purple

View the Video Below

The video below shows that a white fabric is used and each piece is hand painted. Whatever the fabric is and the paint the petal have a crisp touch. Every petal is hand curled and individually applied to the mounting. Each flower is made to not fall apart. 80's era silk flowers were parts that were assembled like components. After time the little plastic pieces would crack or split and your flower would fall apart and pieces would go missing. Leaves and flower petals are made to stay together in the JS designs. It is a new technique for artificial flowers.

How the Flowers are Made

These Beautiful Arrangements Will Last

Save the shipping box and store each year after season. Please take note that some arrangement selections offer free shipping. If you are looking for more than centerpieces search the site by color, flower or collection.

These beautiful arrangements will last for a lifetime of enjoyment.


wreathvaseHygranga wreathJS

Magnolias by JS Botanicals

The Magnolia for Home Decor

Magnolia blooms and leaves make beautiful flower arrangements for after the Holiday season.

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VioletteRose on 12/10/2014

Beautiful floral centrepieces, the blue garden flowers look stunning!

Angel on 03/20/2012

These are all so beautiful. I am in the process of moving to a new house and would love one of these for my new dining room! May have to come back and check them out after we move. Thanks for sharing such great floral options!

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