Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

by paperfacets

This dish mat has been in the wash many times and is still in one piece with no frayed edges. I especially like the modern technology that lets it dry quickly without smells.

Prepara Microfiber Dish Drying Mat is better than dish towels. The picture below is a Prepara Drydock just from the washing machine. It looks like new and the anti-bacterial microfiber is as soft as when new. Putting it in the washer with a big load of clothes may have caused rollup, but the wicking foam layer in the middle came from the washer flat and ready to use.

Notice the nicely constructed piping around the edges. It looks like it will never tear apart. The latest in colors is gray.

Dry Dock Dish Mat
Dry Dock Dish Mat

Still looks in good shape after six years. Bought in 2011. There are various brands and styles of this kitchen accessory and this particular brand has given many years of service.

Drying Mat
Drying Mat

Details of My Ownership

With the Drydock air dry dish drying mat I was able rid the counter top of the plastic tray.  I thought it always looked too cluttered. Towels do not aid in drying and many times were musty.

This dry mat has three wonderful layers. The air allowed between the mesh and the mircofiber has dishes drying in no time and surprisingly the bottom mircofiber stayed dry, as well. No more moldy smell.

Put the dishes away and simply hang the unit on the towel rack. The microfiber dish dry mat is always dry and fresh to use the next time.


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New Microfiber in gray
Prepara Large Microfiber Hygienic Dish Drying Mat, Drydock in Gray

The original dish-drying mat! The only dish mat that allows 100% airflow for fastest drying results. Our patented system ensures the Drydock will be one of your most used kitche...

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Back of packaging illustrates
Back of packaging illustrates

Special Construction Makes This Mat Effective

Wicking foam is not really the standard "foam". Look closely, the middle layer is a mirco-type mesh that has a reaction to the touch as if it is foam. On the packaging it is also called a "proprietary honeycomb structure." Works good on the counter with water and air drying dishes.

Simply hang up to get it off the counter
Simply hang up to get it off the counter

Washing the Dish Mat

The sturdy construction allows the Drydock to be washed with towels, jeans and shirts. I still looks new after each wash.

Be careful not to put in the dryer. I hang it to dry. Putting it in the dryer may turn it into a wrinkled ball.

To avoid mold be sure to hung it up after the dishes are put away.

Some homes may not have as much air circulating as others. If the mat does not feel dry to the touch after an hour, or so, get if off the counter and hang up to avoid mold.

Directly from the washer
Directly from the washer

This Drydock was purchased Jan. 2011. It has gone through the washing machine dozens of times and it still looks like new with no seams coming apart. 

In 2017 it looks new and well worth my investment. I use it almost every day. 

Now days there are many products to buy. This one has someone's thought behind it. The packaging is simple and green, (they better not go to plastic) and the product is nicely sewn. I love the name Drydock. I just wished someone else in the house helped me undock the dried dishes.

New Textured Microfiber Look
New Textured Microfiber Look

No Annoying Plastic Packaging

The paperboard packaging will even go into the compost bin
extra large
extra large
Metropolitian by Prepara Large Microfiber Hygienic Dish Drying Mat, Drydock in Gray

This Listing is reduced in price, but needs to be purchased Prime and as an ADD ON. It is identical to the large shown above. This dish mat allows 100% airflow for fastest drying results.

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Updated: 11/24/2018, paperfacets
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DerdriuMarriner on 05/30/2017

paperfacets, This looks like an interesting possibility when one generates few dishes at a time, but what about family reunions like over Thanksgiving?

paperfacets on 02/07/2017

blackspanielgallery. Yes, for those using the kitchen daily for meal preparation this small kitchen accessory does solve some simple but annoying problems that the very very average householder needs to deal with. And that is cleaning dishes! Most stuff can go into the dishwasher, but some things need manual focus.

blackspanielgallery on 02/06/2017

This seems to have potential. It looks like it can really work well.

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