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by paperfacets

On vacation I discovered a series of books about the WorryWoo. The books are instantly recognized as for kids, and the monsters help toddlers solve those little nagging questions.

What is the WorryWoo? It is a series of books by Andi Green of some worrisome moods. Sometimes there can be frightening or puzzling emotions stuck in a kid's head, like a monster waving in front of all else that is happening.

Worry monsters are about that new school or meeting a new babysitter, and a read with one of these book monsters can help little minds through the troubling event.

All the WorryWoos are colorful monsters by Andi Green, an artist living in New York City.

Young Toddler's Emotions

The WorryWoo characters are drawings that Andi Green has made all her life. The worry monsters were made public at an art exhibition some years ago.  A suggestion sparked a project and the WorryWoo book series came into being after many years of work and, well, I would think a little worry.

Human feelings, and the fact they can become Monsters, if you are not attuned to their needs and solutions are what the books are about.

Seven WorryWoo books and cuddly plush dolls help the little story lovers master the everyday emotions that sometimes grow too big.

Who knows, there may be a Worrywoo someday for all moods known to child and parent too.


Traveler Becomes Curious About The Books

WorryWoo Books for Sale
WorryWoo Books for Sale

Monsters Are In Book and Plush Form

Read About them at Amazon Books
Don't Feed The WorryBug (WorryWoo Monsters)

Meet Wince, The Monster of Worry, and his number one nemesis, the WorryBug! In this engaging follow-up to The Monster Who Couldn't Decide, Andi Green has created a whimsical adv...

View on Amazon

The Very Frustrated Monster (WorryWoo Monsters)

From The WorryWoo Monsters Series: Why me? and It s not fair! are favorite phrases used by Twitch, The Monster of Frustration. Though Twitch tries very hard to get everything ri...

View on Amazon

The Monster Who Wanted It All (WorryWoo Monsters)

From The WorryWoo Monsters Series: Zelly, The Monster of Envy, wants EVERYTHING... especially if it belongs to someone else! From his clothes to his toys, he s never content wit...

View on Amazon

WorryWoo Plush At Highway Food Stop
WorryWoo Plush At Highway Food Stop

Discovering The Books At Anderson's Split Pea Soup Restaurant

I noticed the monster books at a restaurant stop along Hwy. 5 in the middle of California. (That means in the middle of nowhere.)

Anderson's Split Pea Soup is famous to the CA traveler who likes to go back and forth between North California and South California. The original roadside eatery is on Hwy 101 and there is one on Hwy 5. Hwy 101 was a north-south road far before Hwy 5. Hwy 5 was completed for full border to border traffic in 1972.

Green soup may be a big worry to a toddler, but Mom can buy one of these WorryWoo books as she leaves, and make everything okay by the time the family destination is reached. Reading to young ones in the car has them strapped and attention focused on Mom and Dad in front. The restaurant had a perfect idea for diversions in the car.

After some Internet exploring I found out the author's subject is in demand with young parents seeking answers to their child's many questions about emotions.


Anderson's Split Pea Soup Restaurant
Anderson's Split Pea Soup Restaurant
Anderson's Split Pea Soup on Hwy 5, CA
Anderson's Split Pea Soup on Hwy 5, CA

WorryWoo Plush and Canvas to Go With

WorryWoo Monsters - Nola, The Monster of Loneliness (NP01)

Need a hug? So does Nola, the first character of the WorryWoo series. The heroine of The Lonely Little Monster is a twelve inch green plush who sports a playful tail and mane. W...

Only $24.95

View on Amazon

Wince - Monster of Worry

Wince, The Monster of Worry can't stop worrying! His worries are with him wherever he goes. If you have ever worried about anything, then maybe you can help. His big floppy ears...

Only $24.95

View on Amazon

WorryWoo Monsters - Rue, The Monster of Insecurity Canvas 8 x 8 (RC02)

Rue, the irresistible monster of insecurity hides behind flowers because he thinks he's different. He doesn't realize that his unusual features make him interesting. He thinks t...

Only $49.99

View on Amazon

If your child has a special favorite, Andi Green, author and artist, has the wrap around canvas to hang in the comfy bedroom because all things can be safe and non-worrisome:  8X8 or 12x12 sizes.

The Official Monster Website Offering A Little Help

Official WorryWoo site has apps

Andi Green posts wonderful everyday reminders and colorful art work.

Official Twitter for Worrywoo Books 

See big beautiful colors on Google image search

Google Images of WorryWoo

Elmer Books for children are about being different. By author David McKee.

Elmer Books

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/15/2014

paperfacets, It can be reassuring for children to find comfortable ways to understand worry monsters. Andi Green's worry monsters are completely comforting.

Marie on 05/31/2014

I love the idea of this - children have their own worries and insecurities and it is so nice for a set of books to help them with this.

WriterArtist on 04/09/2014

I haven't read a WorryWoo book but the themes are fascinating. I like the idea of answering all the woes and queries that a kid may face in the form of stories.

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