Wear Johnny Depp's Dillinger Fedora For Halloween

by paperfacets

Help the head stay warm without the knit cap. Look fabulous with extra framing over the eyes. Anything close too this hat is a fabulous look.

Use this information for staying warm this winter. Do you wear the long coat when out and about town? This hat is a good go-with.

A few years ago I suggested being William Blake in Dead Man for Halloween. The most popular item has been the hat. Mr. Depp always makes a stir with headgear. In "Public Enemies" he wears a standard 30's style hat, and with men's hats the slightest dent, curl or tilt is what sets the gear apart.

It is good to do a little research so you can really feel the bad guy and pull off the costume in style.

John Dillinger
John Dillinger

The Movie Hat

According to The Fedora Lounge, the movie hat is rather large, and it's worn square on Mr Depp's head.

The Fedora Lounge is a community for all things in men's hats.

No tilt or mischievous curl in the brim. It was custom made with a high crown which balances out the whole look of the big black overcoat and the wide square face.

The front retains a flat peek of about 1.5 inches between the side conclave's ovals stretching less than halfway along each side of the hat. From the front the straight silhouette of the crown should be vertical.

This hat should be felt for serious wear. A wide grosgrain ribbon with a perfect bow finishes off the hat.

This Might Work for You

This hat caught my imagination. Would not break the pocket either.

Sun Glass
Sun Glass
image from Swing Fastionista

A Still with Sun Glasses

Plenty of these sun glasses to be found on the internet. They are called tortoise shell.

Do You Know Someone Who Has Been A Movie Star For Halloween?

Public Enemies
Public Enemies
From DeppImpact.com

Do You Like to be Characters From the Movies?

Leather Gloves Can Complete The Outfit
Leather Gloves Can Complete The Outfit

I Will Enjoy Depp for Another 30 Years

I just had a rainy evening chance to see Sweeney Todd. Another Depp character easy to duplicate. All you need is a black wig to clip a stock of white hair to, classy gray pants, a vest and a very white shirt. Get the reddest paint you can find and apply to the white shirt.

Match the make up and you are Mr Todd of Fleet Street. What kind of roles will Mr. Depp be playing when he is in his late seventies and eighties? Will he be more reflective and exhibit a less boisterous outer self? There may not be a script for that kind of Depp character.

The characters in Donnie Brasco or Finding Neverland may have come close. I hope he will be the actor who does not go into retirement.

More Halloween Costume Ideas

A Johnny Depp costume for Halloween. You may already have the sunglasses. With the leisure suit you may get mixed recognition. Try the everyday wear with a leather jacket.
Johnny Depp loves fantasy fiction and one has to imagine his dressing for the roles is half the acting job. His nerdy East coast character has lots to learn in "Dead Man".
Updated: 10/08/2017, paperfacets
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DerdriuMarriner on 07/23/2022

In particular, I appreciate your breaking down how to dress like Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. It gives me an idea of how to do likewise in the other roles that beg copying for costume events like Halloween and costume parties.

Also, I like your conclusion about the roles that Johnny Depp will tackle as he ages. It looks like one of those roles will be as guitarist and vocalist.

Would you happen to have seen his riveting attire for his recent performances with Jeff Beck?

katiem2 on 10/29/2018

I love Johnny Depp but love this look a bit more... Great ideas, thanks

DerdriuMarriner on 07/10/2018

paperfacets, Thank you for the costume ideas and the product line. The coat, gloves, hat and sunglasses work for female and male costumes. It's interesting how Lucy Liu has used somewhat similar coat, glasses, gloves and hat for her "good detective" role on Elementary.

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