Cleaning Ceramic Glass Cooktops

by paperfacets

I found the solution for cleaning ceramic glass cooktops of hard to remove cooked on spots and gunk. Read about the solution in this short article with pictures.

When I read the cleaning instructions for our new ceramic induction cooktop I took note of the scratch warning and dutifully bought all the cleaning products they recommended.

After a month built up brown stains had cooked on that would not come off. The new Scotch-Brite cook top cleaner that looks like an old fashioned clothes iron was getting micro amounts off each time, but.the cleaning job was not getting done.

How was this glass cook top going to look new again? My frustration level was going up. This appliance was new and I wanted to keep it looking shiny.

Below I give my solution for removing cooked-on spots from any glass, ceramic stove top or induction cooktop.

The Kitchen Cleaning Problem

How was I to get this glass cook top cleaned and looking like new again?  I wanted to keep it shiny.

At right is evidence of my problem. Green scratch pads and vinegar was not helping. Washing with a cloth and Ajax did not help, either. 

Below I give my solution for removing cooked-on spots from any glass, ceramic stove top or induction cooktop. It took me a few weeks but I hit on the game changer.

Dirty Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Dirty Ceramic Glass Cooktop

Further Reading of the Cook Top Manual

Going back to the appliance book and reading every page I found the suggestion to use a razor blade to get stubborn spots off.

Well, to me that made some sense. The razor blade is what to use for hard water stains on porcelain and also on ceramic tile with the glazed surface.

Standard blade scraper
Standard blade scraper


I found my husband's window scraper blade holder, exactly like the one at right, and carefully scraped at the spot. An angle of about 30% is good for this because anything straighter might scratch the surface.

Leary at first but I soon found that it does not scratch. If your spot is of substantial size it will take about 20 minutes to remove it all.

The next time the cooktop needed cleaning I added the cleaner under the kitchen sink.

Since the middle of 2010, when this recommendation was written, sellers are now including the razor and scraper with the cleaning product! The brown builds fast if you use your induction cooktop everyday.


How to Clean the Glass Ceramic Cooktop

Below is a photo of my process of cleaning the big spots.

A bottle of Barkeeper's Friend and the scrapper is the fastest way to get the top back to looking new.

The very slightly raised surface of the stove with the small valleys traps cooked on particles. The Barkeeper's liquid (Bar Keeper's Powder Cleanser and Polish works well too) gets into the valleys and rubs them out with the soft grit in the product. Circular motion with the scraper going clock and counterclockwise works the best.

Any good cleaner with the help of the scraper will be the easiest method to restore your cooktop to gleaming new looks in the shortest time.

Glass Cooktop Cleaner Works Very Well

Bar Keepers Friend Cooktop Cleaner 13-Ounce Bottle

Using the Barkeepers Friend and circular motion with the scraper will clean the induction cooktop the fastest. At right is an example of cleaning at very soiled cooktop.

View on Amazon

Cleaning Glass cooktop
Cleaning Glass cooktop
Cleaned Cooktop Using Barkeeper's Friend and Razor Blade
Cleaned Cooktop Using Barkeeper's Friend and Razor Blade

BarKeeper's Friend for Cooktops is a new product and not available for my first gunk problem. 

Get a good cleaner and use it in conjunction with the scrapper for a total and fast clean up.

Cleaning the Glass, Ceramic and Induction Cooktop is Solved

Possibly, the textured surface on the induction cook top made the solution a bit more problematic.

Cleaning grease and everyday spots using hot water and soap works wonders, but the more drastic measure for cooked sugar and brown build up is an extra problem and the solution is solved.

Cleaning the Induction Cooktop

Did this solution for cleaning the cooktop help you?
Updated: 11/02/2018, paperfacets
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katiem2 on 11/02/2018

paperfacets, makes sense and it seems to me this type would be easier to clean, mine has lots of parts and pieces that have to be removed to clean, it is a pain.

paperfacets on 11/02/2018

I used to love gas, but I have found that a induction burner has very good heat control and I have less build up on cabinets and walls.

katiem2 on 11/02/2018

I don't have a glass top but I recently bought a gas convection oven, I prefer gas. I asked the salesman how to keep it clean, the best way to keep it looking new and the answer surprised me. WD40, it actually works really well, it sound bazaar but keeps my stove top looking good as new but it is not glass I saw this and it got me wondering what you used and if this method was included. It might work or not for glass top stoves, hmmmmm.

paperfacets on 07/31/2017

Thank you Cleaning lady. This stove top is about 8 years old and the surface is still shiny and has no scratches to mar the surface. Keeping it clean enhances the look of my kitchen. Since heating is directly applied through the glass the efficiency is probably better without the gunk buildup.

Cleaning lady on 07/31/2017

Really helpful. Sometimes it's a matter of time to ruin such a stove top when you don't know how to take care of the cleaning. Thanks!

DerdriuMarriner on 06/06/2017

paperfacets, What is the brown build-up from?

paperfacets on 11/09/2015

SheilaMarie, She may very well need these cleaning tips.

sheilamarie on 11/09/2015

My mother cooks on a similar stove and I'll pass on your info. Your photo shows how successful your method is. Thanks!

MBC on 10/15/2015

I don't have this type of stove, but think that many will appreciate your experience and success.

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