See's Candies for Easter and Spring Celebrations

by paperfacets

Each confection is worth 3 luscious taste bites. No matter where you live you can get See's Candies delivered to your door. Go to the official website for all the favorites.

When an occasion warrants a gift I will be presented with See's Candies Gold Box of Chocolate Truffles, a tradition in our house. My husband will have one truffle in an evening for a creamy treat, but mostly, I get to revel in the whole pound of luscious picks. In See's boxes expect subtle flavors surrounded by delicious chocolate with old fashion touches.

See's Candies for Easter and Spring Celebrations
See's Candies for Easter and Spring Celebrations

Create A Box Online

Custom Mix Your Own Box
Custom Mix Your Own Box

At See's

See's Candies for Easter and Spring Celebrations
See's Candies for Easter and Spring Celebrations

Reduced Shipping


Reduced Shipping Costs for certain orders. 

See the schedule at See's Online


The Perfect Box of Chocolate Truffles

See's candy shop became a tradition in our family while I was growing up in Southern California. Charles See located his product in trademark black and white kitchen-style chocolate shops in Los Angeles and the surrounding suburbs. There were not many 1950s housewives that did not stop and visit these serene and perfect candy stores.

Tradition is still the hallmark. One can still get their favorite confections of the Fifties. The number one goal of the company is to offer the exact same flavors as the original candies created decades ago.  

The strategy is working because online sales are moving up and the company adds 6-10 new neighborhood stores a year. Each visitor to a store gets a free sample. This decades old practice amounts to over a million pounds of chocolate a year given away to store visitors.  




Truffles are Available all Year Long in the Pretty Gold Box

The stores are still very traditional, but last year the LA Times featured the chocolate shop in the daily newspaper. It seems the oldest and most faithful customers are growing very old and the chocolatier is thinking about updating their image.

My Mother would buy several boxes of See's before Christmas to send to her sisters, Ruth and Violet in Minnesota. She would then wrap them in bigger boxes with additional gifts. All finally wrapped in brown paper and jute string. Those brown paper covered boxes would be piled in the dining room till she would take them to the P.O.

I hear there is a See's at the Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

There is a stand alone near my neighborhood at Lone Hill and Route 66 in Glendora.

Jelly Bird Eggs
Jelly Bird Eggs

Gold Box of Truffles

Holidays Prompt Many Additional Flavors of The Truffle
See's Candies Chocolate
See's Candies Chocolate

See's Candies Online


The photo at right has a couple of chocolates missing. That is what happens the moment this gold box is opened.

Look for the newly expanded website for buying on line. The only place to get the freshness and a shipment from their facilities. Beware of ordering from Amazon or third party sellers. 

Springtime Truffles
Springtime Truffles
See's Candies Chocolate
See's Candies Chocolate
Sherry Venegas

Have You Experienced See's Candies Truffles?

See's  LAX Airport Kiosk
See's LAX Airport Kiosk

Holiday Specialities Available Now

My Mom's neighborhood black and white See's stand alone store will be open and ready to serve the favorites for the end of the year.. The confections are so popular during Holiday it opens a few weeks before the date. Otherwise it is closed.There is easy in and out parking from Paramount Blvd on the right side, just north of Florence.

Another full time store is open all year in the mall nearby.

Look for Seasonal Specialities- White Mint Truffles
Look for Seasonal Specialities- White...

See's Fun Facts

  1. The iconic portrait of Mary See was painted by a former actress that own an art gallery and painted in a home art studio after her film career. The artist recently passed.

Read about Mona Freeman LA Times Obituary.

   2. See's Candies made Guinness World Records for biggest lollip, June 2012.

   3. A 1962 divorce in the See family was the cause of a landmark ruling about family community property.  

   4. The company's 1500 employees swells to about 5000 for the Holiday Season that starts mid-November. 

   5. The year end Holiday Season generates 80% of the company's sales. 



Mary Wiseman See
Mary Wiseman See
image: Find a Grave
Holiday tradition
Holiday tradition
Sherry Venegas

See's Chocolate Covered Truffle

Various Flavors Through the Year
  1. Almond Truffle
  2. Blueberry Truffle
  3. Chocolate Mint Truffle
  4. Cranberry Orange Truffle
  5. Egg Nog Truffle
  6. Pecan Pie Truffle
  7. Pumpkin Pie Truffle
  8. Black Forest Truffle
  9. Strawberry Truffle
  10. Deep Dark Chocolate

Some truffle specialties are made only for seasonal Holidays. Visit online often to find out when your favorites are offered.


Truffles Box
Truffles Box

Some Locations are Pop-Ups

See's Neighborhood Store
See's Neighborhood Store

Source information:  LA Times by James Peltz. Article includes many interesting pictures, historical and up to the moment.

See's Candies finds that brick-and-mortar stores are still a sweet spot

Updated: 03/03/2020, paperfacets
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DerdriuMarriner on 06/02/2017

paperfacets, Do you know what the best-selling flavor is in and outside the USA?

paperfacets on 12/03/2015

I want to get some photos of the stand-alone stores before they are all gone. Time is marching and the new Millennials respond to different decor and marketing.

ologsinquito on 12/03/2015

I grew up with these candies. They were the absolute best. I've never had boxed candies as good, anywhere.

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