Titan Kitchen Peeler

by paperfacets

Titan kitchen peeler is the only peeler I will use now. I have used the Titan peeler for over two years and it is working like brand new.

The blade is still sharp and peeling is as easy as the first day I used it for dinner potatoes. I hold the veggie down, whether it is hard to peel sweet potato or easy peel zucchini, and slice down always making sure my fingers stay out of the way.

No extra pressure is needed for getting clean fast work completed.

This duo pack comes with the julienne slicer, as well. I do not go for fancy presentations, but I have used the julienne look many times since I have this in the drawer. I have used the thin slices of carrots in salads, Mexican red rice, sandwiches and soup. Cucumber is another veggie that is good julienne in salads and sandwiches. Use this tool for paring only a portion of the vegetable on the outside for decorative effect.

These suggestions I now use weekly because it is so easy with the Titan and I do not have to clean a processor when done, just put the stainless steel tool in the dish washer.

I have both peelers in the travel trailer, and my husband will always say okay if I ask him to help with the mashed potatoes.

Do You Enjoy Food Preparation?

Do not get this efficient kitchen tool near your fingers because my daughter did slice off half her finger nail to the tender nail bed. It took several months for her to get a complete nail grown back. She did say it didn't hurt at all when it happened. It was so fast. She got throbbing the next day, though.

p.s. Only the very young person in our house had an accident, so don't be afraid to try this in your kitchen.

Chayotes Are Hard to Peel


This fruit is difficult to peel because of the shape and also because it gets slippery once the fruit is exposed. No problems now because each slice grabs easily and removes just the right amount of peel.

Chayotes Are Hard to Peel
Chayotes Are Hard to Peel
Sherry Venegas

Two Package Options

Here are the two options at Amazon,com. There are different prices, checking them all out will get you the best price. Some have Free Shipping, some do not. I do know you will have this sharp tool for a long time and your investment will pay for itself.

Titan Peeler TTPLR Slicer & Peeler

This revolutionary peeler has dual-action, double-sided stainless steel blades that cut going up and down-slashing peeling and slicing times in half! With the Titan&#153, you ca...

View on Amazon

Trademark Titan Peeler Plus Julienne Tool and Slicing Board

The ultra sharp blade is constructed of 100% stainless steel and each blade has dual action motion to help cut peeling time in half. You can peel in any direction.

View on Amazon

We Found Out How to Use the Slicing Board

To be truthful we found the blue slicing board in the trailer our last trip and were wondering, what the heck it was. I found out you use it as a slicing tool for fast slices.

This video is short. (The shorter the better, I think.) It shows how to put the Titan on the slicing board. I love using it on the hard block of Parmesan cheese we keep for salads and pasta dishes.

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DerdriuMarriner on 06/06/2017

paperfacets, What kind of cleaning and maintenance does the slicing board require?

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