Did You Ever Wonder Where To Find USA Made Knives?

by terrilorah

Have you ever searched online and offline for knives that are made in the USA by American owned companies, but they were too expensive?

In my journeys to find USA made knives, I came across this company in the mid-west that not only makes knives and cutlery in the United States, but guarantees their products...for life! Not only that, but the cutlery is affordable for the average working person.

USA Made Knives

Are they affordable?

Many people say they can't find products that are Made in the USA anymore but I found a wonderful company that makes knives and cutlery that is not only affordable but they guarantee the products for life.

Who is this company? From a mid western town in Iowa and with 100 employees, Rada Manufacturing has been in business for over 6o years. They manufacture some of the best cutlery made out of stainless steel and the quality is actually unique. The greatest thing about these USA made knives are that they are affordable.

The tomato slicer, which is dual serrated and has a 5" blade can be bought for around $6. I've priced many USA made knives and always walked away because I didn't want to pay the kind of price some places asked. But, $6 for a knife that is lifetime guaranteed seems pretty fair to me. What do you think?


Would you pay $6 for a tomato slicer knife made in the USA

What Kinds of Knives Does Rada Carry?

Depending on what you want in a knife collection, Rada does have just about every single knife you can imagine. Whether you want to replace every single knife in your kitchen with American made or just pick up one or two knives that you don't have, here's a  list of some of the cutlery you will find:

  • Vegetable peeler for easy peeling
  • Stubby Butcher for prep tasks
  • Serrated slicer ideal for cutting bigger veggies and fruits
  • Old Fashioned Butcher is great for splitting and cutting meat
  • Cook's utility is just like a paring knife except a lot bigger
  • Cook's knife minces and dices veggies
  • French Chef is for serious cooks that like to mince and dice
  • Chef's Dicer will chop stir fry meats and veggies and cut through small bones
  • Steak knives come in serrated and utility style
  • 7" slicer is great for slicing meats
  • Carving Fork is great for turning meats on the grill and other uses
  • Granny Fork is a bit smaller and helps to hold meats easier
  • Carver/boner does just that, helps to carve around a bone
  • Ham Slicer can be used not only with Hams, but roasts as well as any other meats
  • Bread knife works great on hoagie buns and other breads
  • Super Spreader is ideal for the peanut butter lover and especially mayo or even to frost cakes
  • Bagel knife slices bagels, english muffins and more
  • Grapefruit knife is angled at the tip to easily seperate the grapefruit
  • Cheese knife cuts hard and soft cheese easily
  • Party Spreader is great with cheese balls

There is much, much more to tell you about but you'll have to take a look for yourself to find out what other USA made knives and cutlery Rada manufacturing has.

The Old Fashion Butcher Knife

How To Cut A Pineapple

Where Do I Find These Affordable Knives

Made In The USA Knives

If you are looking for Made in the USA knives made by Rada Cutlery, there are several ways to purchase if you don't know where to look.

  • Online website by Rada Cutlery. Just google and you can purchase from their store.
  • Look online for a local re-seller of these affordable knives.
  • Local farmer's markets. Some re-sellers have stands right in your own town where you can purchase knives at your local market.
  • Call Rada at 1-800-311-9691 to find out where to purchase in your area.
  • Email [email protected]

No matter where you look,I promise you will either find someone local who sells Rada cutlery or you can purchase right online and have it shipped to your front door!

Rada Cutlery

Amazon sells Made in USA!
Rada Cutlery Chefs Dicer, Made in USA, Aluminum Handle (R129)

Chefs Dicer with Silver Brushed Aluminum Handle -- blade 5-1/4 inch, overall 9-1/2 inch -- Chop stir fry meats and vegetables, cut through small poultry bones.

View on Amazon

Rada Cutlery Vegetable Peeler, Made in USA, Aluminum Handle (R132)

Vegetable Peeler with Silver Brushed Aluminum Handle -- blade 1-3/4 inch, overall 7-1/4 inch -- When the peeler was introduced it was an immediate hit and today remains one of t...

View on Amazon

Rada Cutlery Quick Edge Knife Sharpener with Hardened Steel Wheels (Designed for Rada Knives), R119

Two specially hardened steel wheels are positioned at the optimum angle for quickly restoring a sharp edge. All you need to do is pull the blade through the wheels a few times a...

View on Amazon

Rada Cutlery Starter Set, 7 Pc Boxed Gift Set, Made in USA, Aluminum Handles (S38)

This set includes some of our most popular items to provide a well-rounded kitchen cutlery starter set. (Regular Paring, Veg. Peeler, Tomato Slicer, Super Parer, 6" Bread Slicer...

View on Amazon

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Rose on 11/01/2013

I have some good quality German knives, but it's definitely tougher finding knife sets made in the USA

terrilorah on 08/01/2012

Thanks, I'll check it out. Maybe I can feature him on my Made in USA blog

dudette on 08/01/2012

The only people profiting from Made in China or other countries with cheap labor are the corporations. I bought a very well made hand made item for about the same price I would have to pay for made in China (as in Walmart...), and the lady told me that she still made a reasonable profit from the transaction. This writer, Paul Midler wrote a book called Poorly Made in China.... You should check it out. Eye opening experience!

dudette on 07/31/2012

Happy to find USA made items, for a change.

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