Quick & Healthy Yogurt Fruit Salad

by terrilorah

Here's a way to take a yummy Ambrosia recipe and turn it around into a healthy fruit salad recipe.

I was at work the other day and one of my co-workers brought in a delicious Ambrosia salad. Instead of using sour cream in it like the normal recipe calls for, she took a different healthy approach to it.

I tried it and loved it and I'm certain you will too.

Quick & Healthy Yogurt Fruit Salad

A super fast recipe for fruit salad
Quick & Healthy Yogurt Fruit Salad

Quick & Healthy Yogurt Fruit Salad

A Yummy Ambrosia salad made with Yogurt instead of sour cream

Prep time 5 min  -  Total time 5 min
Ingredients for 12 servings
2 Cans Pineapple Chunks  • 1 Can Mandarin Oranges  • ! bag of mini Marshmallows  • Flake Coconut to taste  • Seedless grapes about 1 lb.  • 32 oz yogurt, plain or flavored  • yogurt

Throw it all together in a few easy steps

Throw it all together in a few easy steps

Open the cans of pineapple and mandarin oranges and put in bowl. Add the grapes, which you want to wash off first. Then add the marshmallows, throw in some coconut and mix.

Next is the yogurt. Add plain or flavored, whatever you like, mix and chill and you have a tasty desert that is healthy and affordable.

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Would You Rather Eat Fruit Salad With Yogurt or the Traditional Sour Cream?

The Cost of A Healthy Recipe

How much do I need to spend to make a healthy desert?

Here's the really nice part about making a desert that is not only healthy but affordable. If you plan or check the prices in the grocery store, you can find good healthy foods that are affordable and within your budget.

The best, ideal thing to do would be to buy fresh pineapple and core it and cut if yourself, but if you are short on time, or don't have access to fresh fruits, then buy a can of store brand or any brand for this recipe. I spent $1 on each can.

Then I found mandarin oranges for .95 on sale.

The bag of coconut I already had but if you need to buy it depending on where you are in the US or out of the states, an 8 oz. bag may run you less than $2. What's nice is you don't need the whole bag for this recipe unless you are an extreme coconut lover. A few handfuls like you saw in the video is probably all you will need.

Then I paid $1 for a bag of no name brand marshmallows. Since they are being mixed in a dish, I don't believe a store brand would hurt. You'd be surprised how some store brands are pretty close to the name brands.

The most expensive thing to buy was the grapes and the yogurt. I usually look for a sale for the yogurt. But since I didn't see anything, I just went ahead and paid $3.29 for a 16oz cup of Stonefield, which is a brand I like. The store brand was about a dollar cheaper but store brand yogurt scares me because I've had some really nasty stuff before and I like what I like. It's up to you, if you like store brand yogurt, or if you like lite yogurt you will be saving even more calories and getting a more healthier desert than ever!

The grapes depend on the market. I paid about $1.49 a lb. for red seedless. There was a sale on when I stopped at the grocery so I grabbed 2 lbs. right away.

Here's the Total:

  • 2 Cans pineapple  $2
  • 1 can mandarin oranges .95
  • 1 lb bag of marshmallows  $1
  • Coconut $2
  • Grapes $2.49
  • Yogurt  $3.29

Total spent (I've included the cost of coconut that I paid at one time or other)  is less than $12 for a dish of healthy fruit salad that will make 12 plus servings. (I am confident you will get more than 12 servings, but I've got big boys that like big bowls)

I have a big family, even though hubby and I have 3 grown kids, they are always here and lookin' in my fridge! Plus, those cute little grand daughters of mine, they love deserts so $12 dollars is so cheap and affordable for a healthy fruit dish that will serve a lot of people.



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Updated: 03/31/2012, terrilorah
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wrapitup4me on 08/22/2012

I eat a lot of yogurt and fruit. This is a great salad.

terrilorah on 04/30/2012

I am getting raves from the kiddos so that is a plus! They don't even know its yogurt!

katiem2 on 04/29/2012

Yogurt and Fruit two of our favorite things, great recipe, thanks.

Donna_Cosmato on 04/17/2012

Love this idea! I'm always trying to get my family to eat more yogurt because it is such a healthy food, and getting any fruit into them is almost impossible. I'm going to try this soon and see if I can tempt them into eating some foods that are not their favorites but are definitely good for them. I love that you included the pricing information as well.

ohcaroline on 04/10/2012

Great recipe idea. I just have gotten into frozen yogurt and bought my own machine. I will be trying this recipe...as I like fruit salads.

mulberry on 04/06/2012

I've recently started using plain yogurt in a number of recipes in an effort to reduce fat. It really is a good substitute. Thanks for the recipe!

terrilorah on 04/06/2012

Mladen, I often make a similar dish with jello, pineapples and evaporated milk on holidays but I am going to do this one this holiday and see if the kids even notice.

Mladen on 04/06/2012

I love yogurt, and I use it every day. I combine it with many other ingredients. This looks delicious and I will try it. Upcoming high temperatures will ask for this! :)

Nutritionist Manchester on 04/02/2012

Yum! Looks really tasty!

Marie on 04/02/2012

Great. I love fruity salads, especially for warm weather. Yum.

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