Apple and Plum Crisp Crumble

by Marie

Apple and Plum Crisp or Fruit Crumble makes a delicious fruit dessert that is sweet with just a little tang from the apples. Crisps or Crumbles make tasty treats from excess fruit.

Are you often left with fruit that you know will go to waste? Don't throw the fruit away when you can make a fantastic fruity dessert called a Crisp or Crumble in the UK. These desserts can be eaten hot or cold and served with custard, cream or ice cream on the side.

This Apple and Plum Crisp Crumble is soft and sweet with a nice crunchy topping. You'll find plenty of crumbles, cobblers and more in the Rustic Fruit Desserts Book on Amazon.

A Winning Dessert Recipe

Wizzley Recipes Contest Winner
Wizzley Recipes Contest Winner

A Rustic Fruit Dessert

Traditional puddings are usually the best and you really can't beat a good fruit crisp crumble dessert which not only is an excellent way to use up an excess or glut of fruit but is very easy to make too - even people who don't cook can make this one as it is so hard to get it wrong!

This recipe is a twist on the traditional apple crisp or crumble as they call it in the UK. It's loaded with sweet yellow plums and a sprinkling of frozen raspberries (optional) which add a beautiful shade of red and some extra sweetness to the finished dessert.

Apple and Plum Crisp / Crumble

Apple and Plum Crisp / Crumble

A rustic fruity dessert with a base of tangy apples, yellow plums and raspberries then a sweet and crunchy topping. Delicious served hot or cold.

Prep time 30 min  -  Total time 60 min
Ingredients for 8 servings
8 oz / 225 g plain flour  • 3 oz / 75 g softened butter  • 4 oz / 100g brown sugar  • 8-10 small apples  • 5-8 yellow plums  • Handful of frozen raspberries (optional)

Step 1: Prepare your Apples

Step 1: Prepare your Apples

You do not need to use cooking apples to make a fruit crisp or crumble. Normal eating apples taste great in cooked desserts and it's always these apples that we have an excess of and therefore want to use for cooking. If you prefer to use cooking apples - do.

Peel and dice all the apples into smallish 1-2 inch pieces. Place enough water in your largest saucepan to just cover the base and pop in your prepared apples.

Step 2: Add in the Yellow Plums

Step 2: Add in the Yellow Plums

I love yellow plums because they're lovely and sweet but you could try this recipe with other plums. Fruit crisps / crumbles tend to be made from whatever fruits we currently have in the home. Yellow plums and apples are a firm favorite.

Chop your plums into small chunks and dispose of the stones. I don't remove the skin because this becomes lovely and soft after cooking anyway. Pop into your saucepan. Add a generous amount of brown sugar - about 2 handfuls.

Step 3: Cook your Fruit

Step 3: Cook your Fruit

Heat up the fruit and sugar mixture in the saucepan until everything is bubbling away and you can smell the apples. Turn off the heat, drain the fruit to remove any excess water and cooking liquid then place into a greased baking dish. My square stoneware dish is 9 x 9 inches in size.

Step 4: Make the Crisp / Crumble Topping

Step 4: Make the Crisp / Crumble Topping

Measure out your flour and place it into a large mixing bowl. Add in the softened butter and use your fingertips to rub the butter into the flour. It does take a little while but it's an easy job and you'll soon have a crumbly mixture. Add in the sugar and combine that with your fingertips as well until everything is evenly mixed.

Step 5: Bake and Enjoy this Rustic Dessert

Step 5: Bake and Enjoy this Rustic Dessert

Sprinkle the topping over the fruit base. Do not press or pack the topping down or you'll end up with a very hard topping once cooked.

Bake on Gas 4 (350°F / 177°C) for about 30-35 minutes until the topping is a nice golden brown. Ideally serve while warm with your choice of cream, custard or ice cream. It tastes delicious cold too.

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Tip For a Perfect Fruit Crisp / Crumble Topping

NEVER be tempted to pack and press the topping down on top of your fruit base. As my mother discovered, this always led to an extremely hard and unpleasant topping when cooked. Sprinkle the topping on with your hands above the fruit base. If you want to even the topping out, rake through it gently with a wide salad fork. This will keep your topping nice and crumbly and light.

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Marie on 09/03/2014

Thanks Ruth. This is the time of year where I start to make more of these puddings and especially as the weather gets colder.

RuthCox on 09/03/2014

The fruit combination for your recipe is perfect, especial with a handful of berries tossed in the mix. I will definitely be trying out your version of apple crisp!

Marie on 06/05/2013

Mmm, yes it is nice with a good vanilla ice cream. And definitely best served warm after baking. Thank you.

kimbesa on 06/04/2013

This looks really good, especially warm, with some ice cream on the side! Love those rustic desserts.

Marie on 06/02/2013

Thank you. Yes apples and pears are yummy - when I do that combination I also like to add some blackberries in too. I always keep small bags of blackberries in the freezer to use in my baking year round - just a handful of frozen ones work great added with apple and pear fruit. I really enjoy fruity desserts as you might be able to tell!

MonisMas on 01/19/2013

This is ridiculous! Ridiculously good :-) And that one bite photo makes my mounth water!

Marie on 08/31/2012

You've had a hot summer - we've had a wet one! Fruity puddings are the best. Hope your baking goes well:)

katiem2 on 08/28/2012

Oh I'm so looking forward to a change in the weather. It's been such a hot summer. I can't wait to start baking. This is very tempting. I'm going to surprise the girls with a nice back to school apple plum crisp crumble for breakfast. I can't ever get my youngest to eat more than a few bites. Maybe this will do the trick. thanks :)K

Marie on 06/01/2012

Yes rolled oats can add a chunkier texture to the topping - thats very nice too. Thank you Sheila.

sheilamarie on 05/09/2012

Sounds great! I make a similar dessert, but use rolled oats for part of the flour. I like your fruit combination. I'll have to try that.

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