A Real Life Witch Encounter

by katiem2

Is there really such a thing as a witch, do real witches exist today or did they ever. A modern day look at witches past and present plus a real life encounter.

I myself recently had a bit of a witch encounter and yet I'll get to that later, first a few bewitching details. From the dusk lit birth of the very first witch sighting they have yet to cease and can be seen still today in a variety of assortments. Do you know a witch? Are you yourself a witch? Would you know if a witch was in your neighborhood, circle of friends or watching your children?

Witches of both past and present are real (or are they) and come in all types and varieties offering assortments of witchcraft or so we've heard, read and wondered about the honest to goodness truth. Is there any truth to these descriptions of witches, I don't know as I'm not an expert yet a curios by stander. Follow along as I explore.

My Recent Witch Encounter

I was at a party this weekend where one of the guest matter of factly left the home owners broom standing alone by itself in the kitchen.

It was a rather perplexing incident that had us wondering, how did she do that?  Many knocked the broom down and found they were unable to make the broom stand on its own. After a bit of encouragement she casually walked over picked it up and set it up again with the quick flip of her wrist, in a flash it was standing on its own again, or was it?  I took a picture with my phone, the picture I took is just below this paragraph. You be the judge. I took the picture from two angles, as you can see. Plus, it's an angled broom, which I thought would make the balancing act more difficult. There was more that happened on this brisk falls evening, but first let's review a few details.


Do You Believe in Witches

Do you believe in witches or witchcraft?

Witches of the Past

Do these witches of the past still haunt the landscape of the roads we travel?

The Witches and Witchcraft

  1. The medieval witch, who swore her soul to the devil, ate the flesh of murdered infants, killed cattle and poisoned wells from which the village people drank.
  2. The country witch dwelled among the forest, flowers and animals conjuring potions and spells she sold to earn her living.
  3. The pagan religion gave birth to witch priestess who worshipped the goddess of the moon encircled in rustic stone centers settled among the stars for ample worship.
  4. The male witch practiced complicated rituals of ceremony lead by magic that summoned demons from within a triangle.
  5. The natural witch read thoughts peering deep within others souls reading their minds and telling their future.
  6. The hereditary witch learned the artful craft of charms, spells and magic from her mother or grandmother.
  7. The good witch is of white magic.
  8. The evil witch is of black magic.
  9. The modern witch returns to nature for worship, healing, balance and guidance.

Halloween Witch

The witch we see at Halloween and parties with the black cape, wart on her nose, crooked fingers and black hat riding a broom never existed.

There is no real source from which this stereotype was created it is purely a myth and has no relationship to the real witches who live and breath moving about unnoticed free to practice their craft.

Wicca Wiccan Witches

The witches of our current time call themselves Wiccans, referring to their religion Wicca.

While worship is equally given to both god and goddess of Wicca the emphasis in Wicca is always on the Goddess.

Wicca strongly attracts women because, historically, witches were customarily women.

Wicca is supremely devoted to the Goddess because Wicca is a natural religion celebrating women, motherhood, childbirth, growth, healing and nurturing. This is a very liberating practice for many women.

Wiccans of our time are good and decent humans who love nature worship the divine creative force within the feminine source of nature and all it embodies.

Wiccans are often thought to be liberated celebrating sensual pleasure, what ever this may or may not be leaves one to wonder.

Wiccans are not free from their own prejudices and hang ups as are we all.

They are convinced that their way is the right way much the same as the rest of society yet with a breeze of calm understanding free of judgement.

I've enjoyed sharing just a brief idea of Witches Past and Present Types Varieties and Assortments of Witchcraft.

Are You a Wiccan?

Do please chime in and set us straight.
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Do You Believe in Witches

What do you think to be true about witches, have you experienced a witch encounter or are you yourself a witch?
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Yes, I have evidence of witches and it goes like this
Lorelai Ignem-Loki on 11/06/2015

I am witch get rekt i do a spell every second i am magickal bitch

Updated: 09/25/2012, katiem2
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Witches Past and Present Chat

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katiem2 on 05/23/2015

I don't hang around them anymore...

frankbeswick on 05/18/2015

What makes me careful is that when you start dealing with spells, etc you enter a perilous realm in which you can come into contact with good and evil forces/powers. Christians who have reached the higher stages of spiritual development sometimes become aware not only of good presences, but of evil ones. I think that the world of spells is similar, as when you enter it you might encounter evil forces, and you might not be able to control them.

Is there any efficacy to spells? Your example seems to indicate that there can be. My personal explanation is that the efficacy of spells is through distant effects, the ability of minds to be influential at a distance, a phenomenon that parapsychologists have noted before. I suspect that intercessory prayer works in the same way, but when I am making intercessory prayer I am working solely through and in union with God and allowing God's power into my life. That's my protection.

katiem2 on 05/18/2015

Hmmmm something to think about as it seems she was showing off...

katiem2 on 05/18/2015

frankbeswick, Good point!

frankbeswick on 05/15/2015

I don't think that psychic powers make a witch, for my mother was definitely not a witch [devout Catholic] but was psychic. I think that to be a witch you have to be involved in attempts to control powers such as these through spells.

frankbeswick on 05/15/2015

Having read your articles and comments you strike me as a truthful person, so I believe your account, but I have no means of explaining it. However, I am concerned that the powers were not used for healing or positive purposes. It is the case that some witches are healers. I have no issues with Wiccans who heal. These are people whose heart is in the right place, but tricks like this broom trick worry me, as they have no positive purpose. We must beware of making contact with evil spirits, for no good comes of it.

katiem2 on 11/15/2012

Brenda, You are def in tune with your bewitching powers. :)

BrendaReeves on 11/15/2012

I must be a natural witch. I've had many psychic experiences.

katiem2 on 09/26/2012

Mike, Great to hear from you.

Roohi, Sending the most positive energy your way as you enter into white witch. White witches are good and do heal all those in their life. :)K

Roohi on 09/26/2012

Oh, well, I wish I could make that broom stand. Would really like to try and do this. But I don't think I would be able to do it.

Well, I do believe in witches. Good and bad both. Scared of the bad witchcraft, have been a victim once. Attempts at my life. I survived. God is greater than all witches.

I would like to become a good witch though. Create more happiness, peace and joy for myself and the world. Wish me luck! Or maybe some witchcraft will help?

Interesting read, Katie!

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